Top 5 Photo Editing Apps for Android

By: Jav Zeb Iqbal.
Last Updated: 26th of  May, 2019.

Whether you take photos for business or fun, posting them on social media straight from your smartphone gallery is not very effective when the pictures you’ve clicked don’t appear appropriate even after several attempts.

You may not like the brightness, colour contrast, tone, orientation, or want to add something to make the photos look appealing. That’s when photo editing apps kicks in to rescue you. They pack a lot of features and are on par with lightweight desktop editors. A visually impactful photograph is worth more than a thousand words, which is why you need a reliable image editing app.

Finding one is not an enigma, but the overabundance of photo editing tools is what causes headache to smartphone users. Choosing an image editing app for Android that will tick all your boxes is surprisingly hard, but, hopefully, this article will help you make the best pick.

The following are the most liked and favourite image editing apps developed for Android.

Not only do they offer impeccable tool kits for adjusting brightness, contrast, and other requisite environments that make a great photograph, but they also boast gorgeous filters and additional features for all photography types, from simple selfies to intricate landscapes.

Needless to say, they are all easy and fun to use but to start off on the right foot, let’s get into more details.

Photoshop Express

1 Photoshop Express combines a clean and minimalistic UX with a powerful editing dashboard that feels comfortable to amateurs and professionals alike. If you need a quick fix, it allows you to add a one-touch filter and instantly share the image on social media.

Currently, the app includes more than 80 professionally-looking filters, and it’s a no-brainer applying them in a glimpse.

For novices who prefer a DIY approach, Photoshop Express offers basic tools for cropping, rotating, and more, as well as a myriad of effects and frames. More advanced features are led by the app’s Image Rendering Engine and Perspective Correction for skewed photos. 

Once you’ve finished editing the photo, save it to the device, upload to Adobe Creative Cloud or share it via a social app. Everything is composed with as much care as you’d assume from a renowned brand in the field of photo editing.

Professionals will appreciate that photos can be edited and imported in RAW format.

And, although it’s such a powerful tool, Photoshop Express is entirely free to use.

Want to Try Photoshop Express? Download From Here.

Fotor Photo Editor

2 Fotor Photo Editor is a much more popular choice for Android users in pursuit of a perfect, stress-free Instagram photo. This app automates most of the editing process, allowing amateur photographers to achieve a polished look without having to wax the image themselves.

However, that doesn’t mean that Fotor lacks some impressive features.

In addition to its instant Enhance functionality, stunning filters, and cool effects, this image editor also boasts a wide range of customizable settings for contrast, exposure, brightness, and more. All of them are made user-friendly to cater to the editing needs of nonprofessionals.

And unlike many others, Fotor packs a ton of fun collage templates, too.

Want to Try Fotor Photo Editor? Download From Here.

Google Snapseed

3 Snapseed is a robust image editing app for serious photographers.

Designed by Google, this no-charge, ad-free image editor redefines the term “feature-rich” with around thirty different varieties of tools. Snapseed doesn’t make it particularly hard to master these pro tools either, as it relies on instant fixes such as Glamour Glow or Retrolux.

The interface may not feel as fun as in other apps that target Instagram users, but it certainly earns bonus points for being simple and easy to navigate. Snapseed offers a substantial number of filters, accompanied by quirky effects for adding drama or making the photo grungy.

Using a selective filter brush, you can also edit only a portion of the image.

Like Fotor, Snapseed allows you to save customized presents that you can quickly apply instead of having to edit every photo from scratch. When done, you can export a RAW DNG file in a JPG file, post it directly to social media, or save it with Evernote, Keep Notes, and more.

Want to Try Google Snapseed? Download From Here.


4 AirBrush is another obvious choice for tireless selfie-takers who prefer having an all-in-one solution for creating likeable photos. Magic filters are the app’s key selling point, packed with convenient retouch tools that erase pimples, whiten teeth, and elongate the figure.

Unlike some other apps, a dozen of Makeup filters with blush, mascara, and more are available for free.

Other tools are basic rotate, crop, enhance, and blur functions, though AirBrush Pro includes a few unique ones that are not available for free. As expected, this Instagram-ready app is a go-to source of lush filters even in its free version, with social sharing options on a click.

For extra convenience, the built-in camera is included as well.

AirBrush loses points for in-app purchases and ads, but it’s brilliant nevertheless.

Want to Try AirBrush? Download From Here.

Toolwiz Photos

5Toolwiz Toolwiz boasts the same pros and cons list as AirBrush, with an in-app camera and in-app purchases attracting some users while disappointing others. But as long as the ads are not a deal breaker for you, this genuinely comprehensive image editor will serve you more than well.

Trumping even Snapseed, this is the most feature-rich photo editing app on our list.

In its Pro Editing dashboard, Toolwiz offers seventeen essential tools, from cropping to layering. There are ten more toning tools in a separate package and just as many specialized ones for tweaking portraits. You can also add text, stickers, frames, textures, and texture layers.

When it comes to filters, effects, and artsy tools, Toolwiz is even more generous.

Amazing Prismart effects, seen in no other image editing app, are tarnished only by in-app ads that load for every effect you try on. Nevertheless, the selection is so broad and unique that you won’t mind suffering through this nuisance. Besides, you can remove ads for $2.

Toolwiz comes with a face swap feature, layout templates, pic strips, and slideshows, too.

Want to Try Toolwiz? Download From Here.

Edit Your Photos Safely

These are the most recommended and best photo editing apps for Android with tonnes of cool features and tools to enhance images. These apps are slightly different from each other and offer a wide range of photo effects and filters for editing pictures with customizable functions.

Toolwiz Photos might be a suitable choice, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll love it as much as we do. Our honourable mentions go to YouCam Perfect, Bonfire Photo Editor, Photo Effects Pro, Pixlr, and Vimage, but whichever you choose, don’t forget to edit your photos safely while having a backup copy intact.

Further, when downloading and using photo editing apps, make sure to get your whereabouts and internet traffic protected by a VPN. That way, nobody will be able to track you down or access your smartphone gallery without your consent.

Also, keep your Android locked and encrypt all the photos you don’t want to share.

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