Why You Need a Microsoft Excel Training Certification in 2024

By: Davd Zeb Cr.Last Updated: June 21, 2024.

No matter how many new programs Microsoft introduces, one of its best offers will always be MS Excel. Excel has become indispensable for nearly every business sector, including HR.

Accountants and financial institutions love Excel because of its inherent computing and analytical features. Thanks to its formulas, Excel allows them to manipulate vast amounts of stored data with little to no error. Also, extracting duplicate data is made easy with Excel, which makes any working day that much less stressful.

If you work with Excel every day, consider getting an MS Excel Training Certification. Adding this achievement to your resume will open up many doors you may have previously thought permanently closed.

Here are just some of the reasons you should train further in Excel:

You Will Become Highly Employable

Employers typically look for a range of skills in job candidates. These include leadership, creativity, and problem-solving abilities. However, they also zero in on practical skills, of which Excel is often a must-have.

Getting Microsoft Excel certified proves you can use the program for much more than just setting up rows and columns. Certification means you can create pivot tables and do conditional formatting to analyze massive data sets.

Beyond your technical abilities using Excel, being certified shows employers that you want to manage data responsibly. Considering that most businesses cannot do without data, this is a huge advantage over other candidates.

You Will Have More Career Opportunities

You will never have to settle for the first job you get again. With an MS Excel certification, you can apply for high-paying jobs with excellent long-term prospects.

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Microsoft Excel certification is globally recognized, so you can also apply for relevant jobs internationally. These jobs may include financial analyst or data analyst positions, typically with better pay and benefits.

Your resume will stand out as it makes its way to HR departments and hiring managers. Having an Excel certification can almost guarantee you at least an interview. However, this does depend on the job you apply for.

You Will Have More Time as a Freelancer

If you run freelance for big companies, being certified in Excel will save you valuable time. You will know how to manage and analyze data quickly using the most important Excel functions. If you need to present findings, you can do this using graphs and charts within Excel.

Microsoft backs this time-saving benefit. It was reported that Microsoft-certified professionals are 20% more productive. Even better, certified employees earn up to 15% more than those without a certification.

Improved Data Analysis and Presentation

Analyzing data and presenting information is important for freelancers and large corporations. Certified employees within these organizations will use advanced Excel functions like data visualization and statistical analysis. This helps to present actionable insights from raw data.

Marketers also use Excel and can benefit greatly from certification. If they know the ins and outs of Excel, they can use it to identify market trends and uncover customer behavior patterns. With this information, they can make better decisions based on the evidence in their spreadsheets.

Moreover, marketers can use Excel graphs and charts to explain trends and patterns to stakeholders.

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Better Problem-Solving Skills

Excel training can also help you improve your existing problem-solving skills. When you work through your Excel course, you must solve real-world problems. This will help you develop different approaches to data and information challenges.

At the same time, enhancing your problem-solving skills will benefit you in all aspects of your life, not just work.

Learning New Software

Getting certified in Microsoft Excel focuses on one program. However, the skills you learn throughout are highly transferable. You will learn how to set up complex formulas. Using Excel’s advanced functions will soon be a breeze.

After your certification, you will find it easy to learn other software programs. This type of adaptability is crucial, especially considering the pace at which technology evolves.

Microsoft Excel Certification Is a Long-Term Investment

Getting Excel certified is an investment in your future career prospects. As Excel evolves with new technologies, you can adapt your skills to fit the job market. This will ensure that your skills stay relevant in the long run.

Excel is so much more than just another software program. You can use it to improve your productivity. It enhances your credibility as a job-seeker. And it makes you a valued asset to any business.

So, take your existing Excel skills to the next level by getting certified. The reward is so worth it.

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