Why does the Insta Highlights Cover Matter?

By: Jav Zeb Iqbal.
Last Updated: August 03, 2022.

Instagram is a popular platform to promote your business and engage your community. But to get better performance, you should manage your page masterfully. One of the aspects to consider is setting the highlights or actual stories.

Even the aspect of their appearance matters, so here we clear up why it is so significant and how it is better to set highlights cover for Instagram.

The function of Instagram highlights

Actuals of an Instagram page serve various needs. It depends on the page, but if it’s about an online shop, for example, Instagram highlights consist of:

  • Relevant and necessary information. You can often find information on return and exchange terms, working schedules, delivery terms, and other organizational issues. 
  • Helpful info. How to care about products, size tables, related products, or services — can be presented in the page highlights.
  • Interesting videos and photos “from backstage.” It’s a regular practice to show what the production process looks like (if it’s a page of leather goods, for example). It raises the audience’s interest and makes your brand more open, which people usually like. 
  • Community engagement stories. Questionnaires, polls, special offers, preference surveys, etc., often appear in highlights as post duplicates for people to find them easily. 
  • Available products and catalogs. Thus, people use highlights instead of paper magazines, which is a comfortable way to present the assortment. 

Usually, page owners combine these options to help the audience keep oriented if they don’t visit the website. But to keep these stories well-organized, you need some visual aid — covers.

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How to make them with VistaCreate?

Covering for Instagram highlights should be simple but distinguished, so creating them won’t take much time if you have a concept. Though, even if you are confused about it, you’ll find a source of inspiration. 

To create a set of covers:

  1. Follow the link above.
  2. Scroll the templates library to choose one or start from the blank sheet.
  3. Add the objects and text if needed.
  4. Download or post directly from the app.
Here you are! An easy-to-use VistaCreate interface allows you to spend
your creative time with pleasure and causes no trouble about adding
your custom elements or setting the format you prefer.

Instagram highlights are a significant part of a page organization. Covering images can come in handy to make an overall look and simplicity of perception better. With VistaCreate editor, you can realize your ideas easily and fast and make your best variations of desired pictures!


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