What Does It Mean If My Xfinity Router Is Blinking Blue?

By: Jav Zeb Iqbal.
Last Updated: December 30, 2021.

The Xfinity box is a new kind of invention in technology that provides the full advantage of the Xfinity cable TV series with advanced features, where you can watch your favorite movies and TV series on your smart TV with the help of this Xfinity box device.

This is packed with a wide variety of features which make you get a wonderful TV watching experience to be a more convenient and comfortable one. Also, this device will take you to a whole new world of entertainment and it makes you spend the whole time watching the Xfinity TV shows and not the local cable TV series.

The Xfinity cable box contains a blue light indicator where this light
turns into the red color when the main power supply is in off state and
it remains to be solid blue light when you are watching the TV series 
broadcast in the Xfinity cable box. 

However, when you are seeing it flashing the random occasions then it means that you will or will not be getting the TV broadcast service and following the few things which would help you to get to know completely about the Xfinity TV box

Some reboot option or if the Xfinity TV box trying to get the signal

Well, there is a chance that you might not be getting the proper or right signal to your Xfinity TV box also your TV broadcast would be getting interrupted due to some kind of issues.

According to RouterCtrl.com, you might also be noticing that the indicator blue light blinks every few moments every time when you are switching on your Xfinity TV box and the Xfinity cable box takes about 1 to 2 minutes to get stable. 

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So, when the indicator light blinks during the middle of your TV broadcasts then it means that the issue is going to be troubleshoot in a few minutes of time, and after rebooting the Xfinity TV box and there are no other kinds of issues to be identified. 

So, it is your responsibility to check the Xfinity box and its light
indication in order to take the necessary steps and action so that you
can make the immediate decision and action to get rid of the issue and
to solve the problem that was found in the Xfinity box. 

But in general, the blinking of blue light states that the device has to be rebooted for getting the updates and after performing this action the Xfinity box gets started to function normally. 

What it does mean is that blue light blinks when there is no broadcast service

  • There are several issues that are out with the Xfinity TV box such as when you are turning the Xfinity box on and the light keeps on blinking for a long period of time.
  • The second case is that the indicator blue light starts blinking at the middle time of your TV broadcast then you could not able to see anything on your TV screen where this should be cleared for the proper functioning of the Xfinity TV box to watch TV series. 
  • The second case can be of little bit alarming one but it is a very important thing that you need to get resolved from these issues for the proper functioning of the Xfinity TV box. 
  • If the indicator light keeps on blinking continuously after getting started with the Xfinity cable TV box and still the light blinking then you will need to check with the issue manually by turning the TV box off by pressing the power button and just give a try to know whether the light gets turned off. 
  • In which you can also try this when it happens during the middle of the TV broadcast or if you are playing the TV series where this would work correctly for you in a number of cases when you are facing the blue light blinking issue. 
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If your TV broadcast does not work properly after having tried several times even with manual restart then it is the best choice to contact the Xfinity support team and they will provide the right and perfect solution to solve your issue also assist you with the issue through their right solution. 

There might be some out of thinking on the other side or there will be some issues with the service provider so Xfinity support would be offering you the right solution where it will be helping you to get rid of the issue. 

Try to have the regularly scheduled updates to avoid the blue light blinking

The Xfinity TV box development team is providing their customers with regular and routine updates which are provided by the Xfinity support team and developers and it is very important to have the updated version in the Xfinity box as this TV box runs in software.

These updates take a minimum time and that is why they should be scheduled for the up-gradation at a regular time interval. 

The best and right time to do these updates on the Xfinity box is during the nighttime as the bandwidth will be less or minimum and you will not be watching any kind of series or movies on the TV.

It might take some prolonged time to get updated and to notify this the indicator light keeps on flashing during the entire update process so, it is very important that you need to update your Xfinity box for the up-gradation and make it run on the latest version of the software. 

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When you are following the above things and taking care of your Xfinity software up-gradation and other requirements then you can get rid of the blue blinking issues also you can enjoy your happy times by watching your favorite series on the Xfinity TV box being at your home. 


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