Top 3 Tech Trends Shaping The Future Of Online Relationship Industry

By: Jav Zeb Iqbal.
Last Updated: March 01, 2021.

Signing up to a dating site in 2021 will provide singles with a vastly different experience from the one they would have had even five years ago.

This industry has been driven by tech innovations from the get-go, with webmasters and designers constantly looking into ways of improving functionality for customers.

Here you are going to find the three top trends that will determine how virtual relationships are set to evolve based on thorough research conducted by the online relationship experts from

Internet of Things

If you haven’t encountered the so-called ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) before, this is a concept you will be hearing more about in the future. This refers to a network of objects that are becoming increasingly linked due to the convergence of various technological advancements. An obvious example of this would be a ‘smart home system.’

This is where components such as lighting, home security, heating, and so on, can all be controlled centrally. You can adjust your central heating or cooking times remotely, by interacting with the appropriate app. Where online relationships are concerned, the IoT will have a considerable effect.

Just as the hardware currently exists to analyze everything from sleep
patterns to fitness, your favorite dating app will be making careful notes
about your temperament. 

Is this the stuff of ‘Big Brother’? Hardly. That was an allegory about totalitarian state control. Where the online relationship industry is concerned, the IoT is all about enhancing user experience and making matchmaking as convenient as possible.

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Virtual Reality (VR)

VR technology has been around for some time and is already an integral part of the gaming industry, where specialized headsets can introduce incredible levels of realism.

Chatting with someone via texting or conversation relayed by the camera on your laptop or smart device is one thing. But consider the possibilities when you move from ‘two-dimensional’ screen contact to the truly immersive experience offered by donning a VR headset? VR will create incredible vistas where you and your partner could meet.

You could watch the sun setting over the Caribbean, or participate in a spacewalk. If you’re the least bit apprehensive about connecting with other site users, this will present the opportunity to get to know someone from the security of your home.


The future of the online relationship industry will become ever more influenced by the amount of data supplied by individuals. While there has long been a co-relation between intimacy and privacy on dating sites, especially where public-facing profiles are concerned, most people interacting in this environment are keen to maintain a degree of secrecy.

(This is especially the case where members have signed up to a website because they are looking into the possibility of arranging affairs.)

The moment anyone signs up to a website, they require to supply all sorts of information – from basic details such as their age, physical attributes, income levels, the type of partner they are hoping to connect with, and so on, to more in-depth data they won’t be so aware of.

Increasingly sophisticated software will analyze how they are using their site membership, what sort of transactions they get involved in, what sort of queries are they popping into their search forms, etc.? Where algorithms would once have been devoted to matching users based on compatible features, in the future, they are likely to become far more proactive.

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Artificial intelligence will be able to provide behavioral insights, enabling direct suggestions to be made about possible date locations or activities.


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