Top 3 Best Blogging Tools for Newbie Writers

By: Jav Zeb Iqbal.
Last Updated: October 27, 2019.

Writing content is an art and you have to be imaginative and artistic to create amazing content but that’s something quite conceivable without having the head in the clouds. Although it takes a lot of creativity, passion, and effort to write a good comprehensive piece of content.

In the 21st century, the value of written content increased with the headways in information technology and eCommerce.

In the recent decade, the trend of marketing through blogs is rock high. Many online businesses stress on high-quality content and blogs for digital marketing of their services and products. A lot of IT firms look for talented writers and bloggers and invest in them to enhance their businesses.

Bloggers and blogging matter a lot, these days. A blog or written content enables you to share details about your ongoing project and passion you have placed in the project. You can also tell people how the ultimate result of this project would make their lives better.

Another purpose of blogging could be spreading knowledge about various experiences like travel, interior designing, food, and many others. Blogging also helps various types of learners to learn about stuff relevant to their study. In short, blogging helps a variety of people for various purposes.

Top online bloggers are one of the most effective influencers online who possess the capability to influence the minds of a lot of people and make anything a word of mouth through their content. Many writers and bloggers who are new to this field always look for some help to up their content writing or blogging passion and they make use of numerous high-grade tools and one amongst those is the plagiarism detector.

In this article, we will discuss some really useful tools which would prove useful for bloggers and writers to create amazing and effective content. These tools are listed below:

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Google Analytics

There are loads of reasons, why bloggers need to use Goggle analytics. Google web analytics is a free web-based analytics service offered by Google itself. It is one of the most popular analytics tools available currently.

It gives you very valuable insights from the web which could help you to strategize about the success of any website either it is an eCommerce website or a blogging website. It helps people to understand whether their website is achieving its goals or not?

Google analytics could really help bloggers in monitoring the success of their blogs. The bloggers need to observe a few metrics to get knowledge about the success of their content. Just filter the Google analytics service for your blog on any website and then observe the metrics given by Google web analytics.

You can track the number of page views, unique page views, average time on page by visitors, and bounce rate to figure out the success of your blog. This would also help you in enhancing the quality of your content to improve the metrics.

Google web analytics also helps you to calculate the number of organic
visitors.This tool can help you a lot in the overall improvement of content
and blogs without paying a penny.


One of the most common problems with content creation is plagiarism. Plagiarism means theft of content, expression, or idea of someone else to create own content. This plagiarism can be really harmful to any blogger’s rating.

Google is taking plenty of action to prevent plagiarism and lowering the rank of websites with plagiarized stuff. In this type of situation, it is really important to take necessary precautions for the prevention of any unintended plagiarism too.

Many writers use plenty of plagiarism checkers to get rid of plagiarism in their content. The main purpose of a plagiarism checker is to filter the content which matches a lot or very closed to content already present on the web. There are two types of tools available online to check plagiarism.

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You can either pay to check plagiarism or use free online plagiarism comparison tools. One type of plagiarism checker could only be used after paying for it while others are available for free. We would recommend the use of plagiarism checker by to spot plagiarism in any content.

It is one of the most accurate plagiarism comparison tools available for free. You can also use a premium package with some really useful additional perks. This premium package is available at an affordable price tag.

The premium package would, besides, provide you with a problem-free use of other necessary tools like grammar checker and paraphrasing tool. This would really help you in enhancing your plagiarism-free writing and other relevant skills.


Sometimes bloggers have to write regarding a picture. This is common with bloggers who write on current affairs. They have to discuss the context of the picture and the reasons for its popularity. Precise information about the focal point of the image should be understood before writing anything about it.

This calls for thorough research on the web. Bloggers describe the details about the image and discuss their perspective regarding the image under the spotlight. To do all this, the bloggers have to search by image to obtain relevant information. The process of searching by image is called “Reverse Image Search”.

  • Reverse Image search is really useful for the following purposes:
  • To locate the source information of an image
  • Searching duplicating content
  • Obtaining information and data regarding unidentified products and persons in the image
  • Searching for high-quality versions of similar image
  • Spotting fake images

For this purpose, various websites and search engines offer the feature of reverse image search. Google, Reddit, and some other platforms are an example. There are some tools online which provide accurate results for reverse image search. One really useful tool to search by image is available for free on many portals.

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You can find this tool by clicking on the reverse image search option present on the website. You can obtain plenty of information and relevant content by using this tool.

The Take-Away

Bloggers also need various tools to improvise their content quality, get rid of plagiarism, and enhancing the metrics of the blog page to get more out of their creative content. We have discussed the use of some helping tools for this cause. We hope you would use these tools to heighten your rating and make your mark on the web.

We wish you luck for your future blogs, always remember creativity is the key!


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