How to Write A Perfect Essay Fast?

By: Jav Zeb Iqbal.
Last Updated: June 01, 2021.


Writing an essay might be a daunting task. Most students get stressed when they see thin deadlines for their assignments. To eliminate this stress, they have to make sure to write fast essays. This article will shine light upon some tips on how to write a good essay fast. 

Research with Ruthless Efficiency

The most important part of writing an essay is the research. Many students start writing their essays because they are overwhelmed with pressing deadlines. In this rush, they forget to do the essential thing, research.

If you want to write an essay fast, research with ruthless efficiency. Making an essay without any research is like firing a gun without ammunition. Try to spend as much time possible, spending time on the internet for research.

You might think of this as a waste of time, but trust me, it will help you in the long run. 

A student with complete research on an essay topic can write the essay ten
times faster than someone with no research. Researching your essay is not
a difficult task. You can go on the internet and find relevant examples
and hypotheses for your essay paper. 

If you want to dig in deeper, you can find books from a library for your research paper. Note down all your points and relevant arguments on a piece of paper. You can use them while writing the essay. 

It’s not just enough to conduct much research; make sure your work matters. Try to find the most credible and authentic resources for your essay. This might take up a little more time than expected, but the output will be excellent.

A quick essay must not turn into something rubbish for the reader. It’s your job to ensure that the information is authentic and unchallenged by professionals. 

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If you still find it challenging to write an essay on short notice, you can always hire a writing service.

They have experienced writers who will take your essay to the next level. For instance, is one of the most well-reputed writing services of all time. It has the best writers from all over the world to look after your assignments. 

Plan Your Time

Whenever someone asks me how to write an essay faster, I always tell them to plan their time accordingly. College students are always on a time crunch.

They have to manage their studies and extracurriculars in a way that nothing gets affected. Among this anarchy, they might lose focus from their assignment essays.

College assignments are significant because they have a part in your final grade. Planning your time will help you complete everything according to a schedule and reduce the chances of falling behind. 

Planning your time is not a herculean’s task. Just go on a paper make yourself a schedule. Most people prefer dividing their day into different parts to maximize efficiency.

You can also make an excel sheet for this purpose. An example of a schedule is given below.

  • 9-10 Am: Breakfast
  • 10-11 Am: Choosing A Topic For Your Essay
  • 11-1 Pm: Take  A Break, Hangout With Friends
  • 1-3 Pm: Conducting Research On Your Essay
  • 3-6 Pm: Going Out To Play With Friends
  • 7-10 Pm: Write The Essay
  • 10-11 Pm: Proofread, Edit, And Submission

If you want to know how to do an essay fast in one day, the above schedule might save your life and grade. Try to follow this schedule to maximize your output. 

Focus on Quality Over Quantity

The answer to how to write a college paper with short deadlines is simple, never comprise the quality. Students are tempted to produce substandard essays because they are in a hurry.

Never compromise your quality to increase the word count of your essay. You might get fewer marks for not meeting the word count requirements, but an extended essay that makes no sense will get you an ‘F’ grade.

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Try to keep your arguments on point. If you try to mix in random information unrelated to the essay, the professor will see your lack of effort and grade you accordingly. 

If you want to improve the quality of your writing and learn how to write an essay, work towards improving the quality of your writing. You might also get a great deal of help from online samples of essays with the same topic.

Try to keep a proactive approach towards your research, automatically amp up your quality of writing. 

Read Your Essay Question Carefully and Answer It

An easy way to write an essay in a hurry is to read the question before writing carefully. Most people see the ticking clock and start the essay without reading the prompt. An essay prompt helps you understand what is required by the professor.

Try to give it a good read, and make sure you address all the questions and guidelines in your college essay. 

If you fail to read the essay question, you might end up writing something opposite to what is required.

Most students fail to understand the question, and they start the writing process. Make sure you don’t fall in their line and take your sweet time to read the guidelines. 

Make the Introduction and Conclusion Solid

If you want to know the secret recipe on how to write a last-minute essay, today is your lucky day. First impressions always last. Try to start your essay with a dazzling introduction.

This will motivate the reader to further dig into the essay. Use strong words and captivating vocabulary in your essay to grab the reader’s attention.

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Once you have him under your spell, no one can stop him from reading your entire essay and giving you a decent grade. 

Don’t Forget About Revision

No matter how experienced a writer is, proofreading is most important for your essay. Since your essay was a last-minute one, you are prone to make some mistakes that might ruin your essay.

Try to re-check the entire essay to identify and amend the mistakes in your writing. This won’t take much of your time, but at least you will be satisfied that your work is error-proof. You might also take help from proofreading applications to pace up your work.


Writing a fast essay might seem like a difficult job, but being stressed about it will get you nowhere. If you still feel that crafting an essay in a hurry is out of your domain, you can always look for essay help. Many writing services will take this burden off your chest. Happy Writing!


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