How to Install ACMarket on Windows or Mac:

By: Jav Zeb Iqbal.
Last Updated: September 29, 2020.

Are you using the AC Market Appstore on your Android device? Did you know that you can now use it on your Mac or Windows PC? It is supported on OSX and Windows XP or higher, so read on to see how to get it.

How to Install ACMarket on Windows or Mac:

You will need an Android emulator for this, Nos Player or BlueStacks are two of the best:

  1. Download Nox Player or BlueStacks onto your computer
  2. Download the ACMarket APK file
  3. Open the emulator and leave it to set up – you will need a Google account to sign in
  4. Once it is done, type ACMarket into the emulator search bar and click on the result
  5. Wait for it to install, and ACMarket is yours to use.

How to Use ACMarket on Mac or Windows

  1. Open the emulator and click the ACMarket icon
  2. Pick an app or game and click on it
  3. Click Download and wait – when it is installed, the app is ready to use

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions about ACMarket:

What is ACMarket?

ACMarket is an unofficial Android app store that gives you thousands of apps and games. All of these are free but are not allowed into the official Android app store due to policy restrictions.


Is ACMarket Free?

Yes, 100% free. You don’t pay anything to download ACMarket nor to use any of the apps or games included in it. However, to do this, the developers do include some ads in the app.

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Is it Safe?

Absolutely. Millions of people use it every day, downloading from thousands of games and apps. A secure server is used for downloads, and the app is kept updated to ensure any issues are dealt with, and it stays safe.


I Have a New Computer – Will This Affect my Warranty?

No, it won’t. It is a legal app to use, as is the Android emulator, and you don’t need to modify anything in any way that may contravene your OS security. You can delete it if you need to return your computer for repair.


Fixing ACMarket Errors

ACMarket errors usually only occur on mobile devices, but, on occasion, you may be unlucky enough for an error to happen on your desktop. That error kicks up an error message telling you the package cannot be parsed.

There could be a few reasons why you get this message. First off, the APK parser must be able to read a string of characters, symbols, and/or digits buried in the app code; if the string isn’t grammatically correct, the parser can’t read it, and the error is thrown. Other reasons for the error include:

  • Incomplete file or bad Download
  • Incompatibility with your computer or OS
  • Security settings on your computer may be getting in the way of the Download.
  • Corrupted file

While this sounds technical, it really is quite easy to fix, so start with the first method and work through until the error is fixed on your system:

Method 1: Check Manifested ACMarket App APK File

This file is created when you modify or customize the ACMarket file to your requirements; for example, you might opt to modify it, so there are no ads. If you do this and save your changes, the manifest file is created, and that could be what has caused the error. So, if you have modified your file, follow these steps:

  1. Find the APK file on your computer and open it.
  2. Find a file named andriomanifest.xml and open it.
  3. Change all the settings back to default and save it.
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Also, check the file name – did you change it from the default name? If you did, that could also cause this error. And finally, if you are experienced at coding, take a quick look at the app code to see if you can spot any errors.

Method 2: Corrupted File

If the APK file you downloaded was corrupted, then that will cause the error. The simplest thing to do is delete ACMarket from your computer and start over. Make sure you only download from the official sources as these files have been checked and are clean.

If you opt to download from another source on the internet, you may be risking all kinds of trouble, and not just error messages.

Method 3: Security Settings

Before you download ACMarket, temporarily disable your antivirus and give your firewall permission to allow ACMarket. Alternatively, just disable the firewall but make sure you enable it and your antivirus once ACMarket is successfully installed.

ACMarket has been popular with Android users for some time, and now you can take full advantage of it on your Mac or Windows PC. Download it today and see what you think of this cool alternative app store.


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