How to Choose an Aim Trainer? 

By: Jav Zeb Iqbal.
Last Updated: September 18, 2022.

If you are into first-person shooter games like Call of Duty, Apex Legends, or Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, you should feel the need for an aim trainer. If you have never played a first-person shooter game before, you might need the support of an external aim trainer. 

There are plenty of aim trainers available over the internet, starting from 3D Aim Trainer, OG Aimtrainer or Aim Lab. Currently, OG trainer is the top-notch aim trainer that has helped thousands of amateur players with its training program. 

How to choose an Aim Trainer? 

You are determined to improve your K/D ratio, so let’s get it!

Plenty of aim trainers that can help you with your aim training are available on the internet. When choosing the best aim trainer, you need to determine the specific game you plan on using the trainer for. 

Pro players have a beautifully built gaming pc that looks beautiful,
and the system is a real beast. If you own such a system, you can
choose the high-end aim trainers. Hard-core players use aim trainers
like Aim Lab. 

If you like competition, you would certainly need an aim trainer to help you with shooting when playing the actual game. 

Our Recommendation: OG Aim Trainer

And if you wish to have a reliable aim trainer with an extensive collection of training courses that improve your accuracy, you should start with a.k.a OG Aim trainer. 

OG Aim Trainer will help you work on the fundamentals of fps games. It will help you master your aim skills and develop your game sense. 

Once you have mastery over your aiming skills, you can further learn new skills such as target switching, strafe aiming, tracking down moving targets, recoil control, and facing real scenarios. 

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Not just this, OG Aim Trainer can also help you with real-time reflex training, and if you take some effort and start practicing daily, you will surely improve your aim. 

It also gives detailed data on your accuracy and reaction time, which you can use to enhance your skills even further. 

If you think the aim trainer is the only software you need to advance your skills, this is the tip of the iceberg. There are a lot more factors that affect your performance. 

Mouse Sensitivity and Sense 

The thing that is even more important than any aim trainer is your mouse sensitivity. It is one of the most important factors that can enhance one’s performance when adjusted or hamper one’s performance when not paid attention. 

When it all comes down to FPS, aiming, adjusting, or re-setting your mouse sensitivity is important! It is a fact that no one can get better at aiming and shooting overnight.

You will have to do a lot of trail-error until you find the most
natural setting that gives you proper and total control. For this,
you need to adjust your mouse DPI. 

First, choose our base DPI range anywhere from 400 to 800. Second, try this setting in one game, be it a single-player fps game or a multiplayer fps game such as Call of Duty: Warzone, Rainbow Six Siege, or Apex Legends, and check how this sensitivity work for you. 

Keep altering and testing DPI until you find the most natural control. Once you have the right DPI, you will work on EDPI. DPI or Effective Dots per Inch will help you generate the same control and feel in multiple games

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Here is a trick to finding your suitable DPI. If you are overshooting your target that could be of high sensitivity settings, bring the sensitivity down. Low sensitivity settings could be up if you think you are undershooting your target. Push the sensitivity up. 

Game Sense and Techniques 

Using an aim trainer like Aim Lab will help you hone your tricks and techniques and develop your game sense. 

When it comes to aiming techniques, there are two types of shots – flick shots and tracking. Flick shots are about flicking the gun’s crosshairs on your target and then returning to your neutral position. These shots are commonly used for one-shot rifles such as sniper rifles. 

Another skill is tracking. Here, you will have to keep your crosshairs over your target as they move. This trick is very much useful for automatic weapons. 

It is recommended to keep your gun’s crosshairs wherever you are expecting an enemy. Anticipating your opponent’s movements is the key to any shooter game. You will develop this game sense through daily practice

If you are not in a fight, you should hold your crosshairs right at the corners where you see a chance of encountering an enemy. And when you move about, try snapping your crosshairs to the next corner and keep tracking while you go up. 

Daily Practice 

Aim training is not something that one can do once in a while. You need to practice it daily. They say practice makes perfect. And that is true. The more you play, the more skillful and advanced you become, and you will develop a better game sense. 

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Aim training will teach several trick shots, which are difficult to master at once. Stay committed and practice aim training to boost your fps skills. 


Now that you know which aim trainer can help you master your skills, what are you waiting for?

The aim has standard or low system requirements, but it needs a stable internet connection as you run it on your pc. Using aim will enhance your aim and is certainly the best bet for aim practice. 

Get along with the hardcore training sessions and see yourself master your skills through performance tracking. 

Good luck!


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