Hackathons – A Cost-Effective Solution for Selecting Employees

By: Jav Zeb Iqbal.
Last Updated: May 18, 2020.

Business organizations are evolving with the changing time. Modern technology has radically revolutionized every business industry. Every type of business arrangement requires a special IT department that can help an organization in its modernization and up-gradation process. The department requires employees who are proficient and certified in various coding languages that can help in developing special software and complex programs.

Software developing companies and web design institutes required the employment of workers who can help in developing of complex coding programs with efficiency and speed. It becomes very crucial for organizations to employ the ablest employees who are proficient and possess the necessary coding capabilities for developing complex programs and procedures.

To select the best employees, organizations can employ various methods. Traditional interviews and paper-based exams prove to be redundant in such cases. Therefore, organizations have to employ a more reliable and more efficient recruitment program for selecting coders and programmers.

Hackathon is such a solution that can accommodate the business organization to pick the best employees for their complex and important positions. It acts as an online coding challenge in which individuals can participate to show their coding skills and capabilities.

Organizations can themselves create a special coding challenge that requires
completion of a particular problem within a specified period.

Hackathons served as a great way for selecting employees for necessary programming job positions in an organization. Apart from selecting employees, hackathons also prove helpful for motivating and educating employees with the development of new and better coding programs.

Participation in hackathons serves as a great medium for identifying those employees who proficient enough to take important positions are requiring entering of complex coding structures. There are various benefits of organizing hackathons. Some of these benefits are listed below:

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Recruitment Employees

Hackathons prove to be a great medium for selecting Employees for various propositions. Selecting employees by making them solve a complex coding problem within a specified period helps business organizations in selecting the best employees who are capable enough for solving future coding problems.

Hackathons also prove a more efficient and better mode for recruitment of coders and programmers as compared to traditional modes of selecting employees like interviews.

Identification of Employees Capable of Taking Higher Positions

Hackathons organized within an organization help in identification of those employees who are better in decision-making and solving complex coding problems. This helps business organizations as they can promote that individual to ensure better workflow and profitability within an organization.

A Solution to Given Problem

Business organizations can also organize hackathons to solve a complex coding problem. Various individuals from within and outside the organization can participate in such hackathons which helps business organizations to come at a solution for a complex coding problem with ease and speed.

Business organizations can arrive at a solution to a given problem by organizing hackathons. Many individuals participate in such coding challenges which help organizations for developing better programs and arriving at revolutionary ideas for better profitability.

Various companies are engaged in providing their services for organizing hackathons within and outside the organization. These companies provide the necessary platform and assistance for making hackathons a success.

Mettl is one such company which is known for providing special Hackathon management programs and platform. They provide necessary services that help to simplify the process of organizing and scheduling a hackathon. Many services are provided by the company which includes the following:

Provision of an Interface and Platform for Conducting Hackathons

The company provides a dedicated and efficient platform that can help business organizations in conducting hackathons with speed and efficiency. The organizers get complete flexibility as they can take control over the whole process of scheduling as well as management of the Hackathon.

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Furthermore, the interface is straightforward to understand for both organizations and individuals who are interested in participating in online hackathons. One can easily customize the online interface to suit his or her needs depending upon the type and nature of the Hackathon.

Provision of Live Updates and Scoreboard

Organizers of hackathons receive live feed and updates regarding the performance of individuals. The interface even provides a live scoreboard and leadership board which can help organizers in selecting the most becoming employee for a particular job position. Every single move of participants in hackathons can be analysed and assessed using the online interface available for use by organizations and participants.

Automatic Grading of Individuals Based on Their Performance

Individuals who participate in hackathons can be analysed without requiring any kind of human effort. The online interface and hackathon software automatically grades’ an individual’s performance. The selection committee can keep a complete track record of submissions, individuals’ performance and scores that they have earned through their performance.

Assistance from Professionals

The company employs a skilled and efficient support team that helps business organizations in conducting the hackathons with complete efficiency. Necessary support and assistance is provided on time to make the Hackathon a success. 24×7 Support is provided to organizations that are interested in conducting hackathons for both selecting employees and making them capable of handling future responsibilities.

The company provides an efficient coding assessment platform that is proficient, cost-effective and helps in selecting the best employees who care and can become capable of handling complex coding challenges in the future.

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Large corporations and companies have started to imply this mode of recruiting employees and finding freelancers who can help in the completion of a particular project. Apart from organizations, schools and colleges also organize hackathons to motivate students to take up Job positions as a coder or programmer in an organization. Colleges can employ such methods as a model for assessing employees and grading them based on their performance.

Coding simulators and hackathons serve to be the most cost-effective and efficient mode of arriving at novel solutions for business problems. Every organization in the 21st century requires help in terms of information technology.

Machine learning and web design are some areas which require the employment of skilled coders and programmers. Hackathons serve to be a great way for the recruitment of best employees with comfort and productivity.


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