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By: Jav Zeb Iqbal.
Last Updated: February 13, 2022.

In 2017, as a result of 2 years of work on the project, the DAI stablecoin appeared – a stablecoin pegged to the US dollar. In order for the Dai rate to always be equal to the US $ 1, it was necessary to create a decentralized governing body.

It was the Maker platform, or rather, MakerDAO (DAO – Decentralized Autonomous Organization). Stablecoin was implemented based on the Ethereum blockchain. The Maker (MKR) cryptocurrency was released to meet Dai’s objectives. Thus, 2 types of tokens are issued on the Maker platform:

  • Dai (main);
  • MKR (providing).

How to exchange Maker for Bitcoin

Are you looking for an exchanger to exchange crypto coins conveniently and hassle-free? Our exchanger allows you to exchange Maker for bitcoins. Our MKR to BTC exchanger offers the opportunity to buy cryptocurrency with maximum profit.

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How to exchange MKR for BTC?

To exchange Maker for Bitcoin, you need to go to the exchange page:

  • On the exchange page, the coin you wanted to exchange and the amount.
  • Select a coin to buy.
  • Enter the address of the wallet for crediting crypto coins.
  • Then deposit coins for the exchange.
  • The platform will find the most lucrative MKR to BTC exchange offers and the exchange will be completed.

Graph of the exchange rate MKR to BTC in real-time

Before you request an exchange, make sure that the mkr to eth exchange rate is right for you. To do this, use our schedule. On the chart, users can see price changes in real-time; check the current price of BTC and MKR. You can also choose the option to view price changes in the current period of time.

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With the help of the chart, clients can familiarize themselves with such important details for trading as:

  • The number of coins in circulation for Maker and Bitcoin. For MKR, the number of coins in circulation is [coin1_сirculating_supply] USD. For the short name coin2, the number of coins in circulation is coin2_circulating Supply USD.
  • The maximum number of coins: For MKR, the maximum number of coins is 1,005,577 USD. For BTC, the maximum number of coins is 21,000,000 USD.
  • The change in the price of the token over the last day in percentage terms is 2.14% for MKR and -3.44% for BTC.
  • The token price change over the last week is 9.9% for MKR and 2.67% for BTC.
  • The crypto exchange online – rate for MKR to BTC as of 08.02.2021 can be found here.

This information is needed in order to determine the current trend in the market and make the right decision. This is necessary for successful trading. Also, each user can check whether the specified coin can be mined and whether it is worth the resources spent.

Maker 2021 Forecast and Project Prospects

Maker Perspective In 2021, cryptocurrency Maker is experiencing high growth in interest from investors, thanks to the rapid development of the DeFi sphere.

For a long time, the platform ranked first in terms of the number of frozen funds, but in June 2021 it was overtaken by other projects. So, according to the DeFi Pulse service, Maker takes 4th place, behind only Aave, Curve, Compound.

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