How to Read Cheating Spouse Text Messages for Free

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Last Updated: April 23, 2020.

Modern communication systems serve as the quickest way of sending and receiving messages. You can exchange videos and pictures to people sitting at another corner of the world. Keeping the convenience of the latest technology aside, it is also the root of many problems.

You must be worried about your spouse if he is always on messages. His deepening involvement in social media and late-night notifications must be disturbing for you. But due to the security lock of his phone, you would not be able to check his activities. 

Well, we have your back. This article will show you a more relaxed method to catch your spouse red-handed while cheating you. You can grab some proofs and show them up when needed. Just stay with me till the end.

Monitor Cheating Spouse’s Activities Secretly

You cannot ask your husband on his mobile phone. Everyone is concerned about privacy nowadays. So, how would you read his messages without unlocking his cell phone’s security code? No need to worry. Spying applications are there to help you get out of this matter.

The latterly introduced mobile phone monitoring applications have made spying
possible even from the other corner of the world. You don’t have to get his phone
in your hands now and then to read the messages. Overflight applications have
introduced remote monitoring mechanisms.

Keep reading to this guide about spying to know about a portable secret agent. 

Spyier, the Ultimate Spying Solution

Spyier is a well-reputed spying application in the market. To get familiar with the cutting-edge technology of Spyier, you should visit Spyier right now. There are millions of Spyier users worldwide with the same assurance and affinity about its useful services.

Spyier is the top-notch application to introduce advanced spying ways. It is a reliable solution to read your spouse’s messages as your personal data is never saved to Spyier server. There is not any chance of privacy theft as this program is highly concerned about customer’s information security. 

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International media channels have featured Spyier as the best spying solution including Life wire, Forbes, PCMag, New York Times and CNET. With the help of the app, you can track all sent and received messages to your husband’s mobile phone without being noticed at all.

Read Cheating Spouse Text Messages for Free with Spyier

Spyier comes up with 100% working features which help you to catch cheating spouse text messages easily without any technical expertise. Just follow this step-by-step guide to spy on your spouse remotely.

Step 1:

Go to the official website of Spyier and create your account. Enter valid information to sign up for free with Spyier.

Step 2:

To select a subscription plan, you should choose the target device first i.e., either Android or iOS. The basic working mechanism of Spyier for all operating systems is the same however the difference lies in the installation process. 

  • Spyier for Android devices

To spy on an Android device, you should get the target device on your hands at least once. After installing Spyier, it hides the icon from the app drawer by removing its traces. You don’t have to access the target device now and them because the later spying process is remote.

  • Spyier for iOS devices

iOS devices support the remote installation of Spyier using iCloud credentials. You just need to get his iCloud login id and password to install Spyier remotely. Spyier obtains information saved on the target device by synchronizing with iCloud.

Step 3: 

Finish the Spyier setup wizard to start the spying process. This will open the app’s dashboard. You can select the desired application for spying remotely. The control panel has a list of tabs to be selected from accordingly with your monitoring concerns.

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Android Keylogger

Spyier keeps a detailed record of all the keystrokes of the target device, Just enable the keylogger feature and all the key presses made by your spouse will be logged to your dashboard. It includes his text message typing, his login credentials and much more.

Android keylogger does not generate notifications to keep the monitoring process secret. You can use this information to log in to his social media accounts easily. 

Stealth Mode

The latest technology of Spyier allows it to work in stealth mode. It vanishes from the target device like it was never being there. You can spy stealthily as your husband won’t be able to find out Spyier in the app list.

Spyier could be viewed in the installed application list with a secret code that no one can crack. It takes less than 2MB space and doesn’t halt other processes by running smoothly in the background. 

Why should you choose Spyier?

Spyier is an all-in-one spying solution which helps you to keep an eye on all of your husband’s activities secretly. The friendly interface of Spyier is designed to help novices to get the information easily. The list of benefits that it brings for you goes long but here we will discuss a couple of them.

  • Social Media Spying

After getting started with Spyier, you can track all social media accounts running on your boyfriend’s mobile phone. You can check his recent posts, the hidden comments, and his private conversations effortlessly.

  • Monitor iMessages and SMS

Spyier comes up with many built-in services for your ease. You can read your boyfriend’s text messages and iMessages from a distant place. Grab your handheld devices and catch him red-handed while chatting with someone else.

  • Check Call History

Spyier allows you to check his call logs easily. You can see the contacts saved to his mobile phone and the recent numbers he has contacted. You can also track his most contacted numbers with the program.

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  • Real-Time Location Tracking

Spyier helps you to track the places which have been visited by your boyfriend recently by marking them. You can also track his real-time location on the map to check out where he has been hanging out.

  • Check Installed Applications

You can check the applications installed on the target device. Just navigate to the application list and all the applications installed by your spouse will pop up there. Not only this but you can also access those apps to check his messages. 

  • Preview Browser History

Spyier offers the facility to track the recent searches made on the target device. You can remotely check his browser history whereas your spouse will not get any idea of being monitored.


Spyier would help you to find out the reason why your husband is glued to his cell phone round the clock.

You can use this application without any guide due to its intuitive interface. Spyier is an ultimate solution for spying on someone with completely functional features.


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