How to Create a YouTube Video with DemoCreator Screen Recorder

By: Jav Zeb Iqbal.
Last Updated: December 26, 2020.

YouTube has been a globally used application. People worldwide entertain themselves by watching, liking, and sharing different content on YouTube each day. Many people serve as YouTubers to engage the audience with their engaging and productive content.

YouTube is used for multiple purposes: watching videos, sharing useful and creative content, uploading videos, live sessions, creating channels to engage viewers to get more subscribers to earn money. The subscribers get a notification for upcoming content for the subscribed channel. 

People make YouTube videos to share their experiences, ideas, thoughts, and life. In this way, they get subscribers for the content they upload; as the likes and subscribers increase, their revenue increases.   

Understand YouTube equipment for beginners:

As a beginner, you should have an interaction with sound equipment that will be beneficial for you to gain success: 

  • Microphone

To improve the quality of your content, if it includes audio, you must use a microphone. It will enhance quality by reducing noise.

  • Screen Recorder and Video Editor

To make your YouTube video attractive and creative, you need to use various software for screen recording and video editing. Choose a tool that has built-in features of editing, recording, and sharing. It helps you save time, increase productivity, and finish your task using a single device. For multiple parts and an available tool, you should use Wondershare DemoCreator.

  • Lighting

For better results and output of your YouTube video, the lights play a vital role to make the content appealing. When you record a video with a camera, the light’s effects should be accurate as it will create a massive difference in your appearance and the quality of content.

  • Camera or Webcam
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To enhance the quality of the video, an external webcam is a better option with low cost. Mainly the in-built webcams have a poor-quality resolution that affects the video content adversely. The Position of your camera is also significant. It should be correctly placed.

Record your screen 

Screen recording has been very influential in making YouTube videos because it helps you convey content accurately to your audience. For this purpose, you need to select a screen recorder software with innovative features that will provide ease to record, edit, or share your content.

You can make the tour video more attractive, engaging, and creative, depending
on your requirements. 

The recording process varies; either Your recording can be as unpretentious or composite using the proper software. A screen recorder for pc allows you to record your videos, add graphics, texts, and music to reach a broad audience.

You need to follow few steps to record a video or screen using Wondershare DemoCreator:

You should open the Wondershare DemoCreator software on your device. It is ready to capture your screen as you click on the DemoCreator screen recorder.


  • To continue recording or editing, you must customize the application settings.

  • Mark the area of your screen that you want to record.
  • After choosing the screen recording area, you have to select a few options to be included; a webcam, microphone audio, and system audio.

You can choose the setting options for the parameter as; a microphone or a webcam.

  • You can also opt for Screen Drawing Tool which is available to you with a single slider present at the lower end of the screen recording window as follows:

  • You can also do the Spotlight feature in real-time with the Spotlight button available within the menu bar of the Screen Drawing Tool as follows:
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Edit your video 

There are multiple features available on the DemoCreator screen recorder to edit your video content to make it look more fetching and inspired.

  • You can Trim your video content using DemoCreator video editor.

It enables you to emend the mistakes and errors by cutting that part from the video

  • To add extra or relevant information by adding titles, transitions, annotations, and stickers.
  • You can put an introduction of your video using caption effects.

    To make it more transparent and understandable, you can add subtitles to your video content.
  • For entertaining purposes, you can add music or put a voiceover with the DemoCreator screen recorder app. And also, you can alter your audio within the timeline of this editor that includes Fade-in/Fade-out functionalities out of so many audio editing options as follows:

  • You can also opt for the Fast Export option which is available to you right within the Import section of Wondershare DemoCreator interface as follows:
    With this option, you can easily export your videos directly to your PC without any hassle. 

Exporting Video on YouTube

Exporting and uploading a video on YouTube is an easy task. You have to follow the steps below:

  1. After editing, you can click the Export button at the upper right of the editing interface.
  2. Select export to YouTube.
  3. Sign in to your YouTube account, write the Title, Description, Tags, select Quality, Category, and Privacy.
  4. Then click Export, you will submit your video to YouTube. You can also export video with the formats like MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, GIF, MP3 by clicking Export to Local.


YouTube allows dealers to upload unique content for their targeted audience to like, share, and consume useful video content. To present unique and creative content on YouTube, you should have access to a screen recording software to enhance the video content by editing and recording.

For this purpose, DemoCreator is the best option for you to use to edit content and record screens with audio/video. It is accessible free over the internet. You need to install it on your devices for better interaction with its user-friendly interface. 


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