TeamViewer 13.1.1548

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Loading... Developed By TeamViewer GmbH | (Version 13.1.1548) | 22nd of March, 2018 | (100% Clean – Tested).

TeamViewer 2018 version 13.1.1548 (setup for Windows PC) is a profoundly optimized collaboration platform which is oriented to remotely access a PC, arranging online meetings, transferring huge files with great speed and for remote presentations.

Editor’s Note: TeamViewer’s newest release is a bettered and an amazing way to stay connected with your loved ones, students, and workforce, even though they are far away. Close the distance and share the groovy moment with family and friends as it is happening. Files with gigantic size can be shared in a New York Times, confabulate effortlessly, keep your boss in touch as the project is going, get your team involved even when they are scattered across the globe and more.

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TeamViewer 13.1.1548: Product’s Review:

   Technical Details 
 . Nomenclature: TeamViewer.
 . Genre: Desktop-Sharing.
 . Updated On: 22nd Of March, 2018.
 . Official: TeamViewer.Com.
 . Version: 13.1.1548.
 . Compatibility: 32 & 64 Bit.
 . Operating System:  Windows 10/8/7.
 . License: Freeware (Non-Commercial).
 . Setup Size: 19.42 MB.

The feel is always aesthetic when you can control something from afar without having any physical contact with it. Talking of remote control software, TeamViewer is the most popular leading remote access program in the industry, and its functionality is a ground-breaking one. With a forefront technology, effortlessly command your PC at home even when you are right there in the office sipping coffee. The program gets linked to any PC and server within a twinkle of an eye, giving the user to remotely access and control the PC. For the computer savvy in the family or the tech guy in the office, you definitely can’t afford not have this remote control software on your workspace. Are you going on vacation? Or you are out of town, and your tech skills are needed at home or in the office, TeamViewer is the only shot you’ve got to fix whatever issue the PC has, even without catching a flight down to the station. Really simple! Through an almighty firewall, speedily take absolute charge over a computer anywhere on the internet, any day any time! Engrossingly, no qualms for the user concerning installation processes because the program necessitates no extensive installation process, it is called “employ it fast and secure.”

  • Highly Secure Connection.
  • Speedily Setup a Meeting.
  • Suitable for Remote Presentations.
  • Collaboration on Video Calls.
  • Works Behind Firewall.
  •  Has Some Stalling Issues.
  •  Requires A Strong Internet Connection.
  •  Both Parties Must be Using Same Versions.
  •  Expensive Licensing for Commercial Usage.

TeamViewer (the spick and span version 13.1.1548) with heightened multi-user assistance is really an ingenious tool for trainers that had a lot of apprentices in different places, no more spending hard-earned money on trips just to take or attend a coaching class. This program’s newer version with an enhanced quick-support experience is capable and efficient enough to help the user conduct their training sessions on the internet as their trainees watch their trainer’s desktop. A better way indeed to become professional about your work. Holding a successful and productive meeting just got exciting and more natural. Stop spending much money and time trying to gather teammates, coworkers, employees or clients in a Conference room, TeamViewer is available to provide for you a virtual conducive conference room to hold your meeting even when all other participants are in their various places. Make professional and successful presentation by showing your desktop to the client, employer, team or even your boss.

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What’s New in TeamViewer 13.1.1548?

  • Having a contemporary spic-and-span design on the interface, previous user’s love seems to have increased by 100%. The new look simplifies multiple windows and the necessary handy tools into single cushy-to-use.
  • Recent and the intimate connections list to keep the desired ones, always on the go.
  • This latest version comes with ADC (Active Directory Connector) which is very helpful when the boss is not available to send a piece of information around or organize a scheduled meeting, so the registered fellow can take the initiative and do the necessary things to boost the productivity of the company.

TeamViewer 13.1.1548: Product’s Salient Features:

  • File Sharing

TeamViewer comes with file transfer tools which capacitate user to copy a file from/to another PC without using a drive or disc. Experience an enhanced way of sharing data with family, friends, confreres, team, coworkers, etc. without the file being contaminated or the PC being attacked by terrorists (viruses).

  • HSS (High-Security Standard)

The program features the same security standard used by HTTP/SSL to ensure data channel is completely secure, especially for the commercial version of the software.

  • Remotely Control PC

With TeamViewer 13 the user can remotely control any PC anywhere once there is an internet connection, plus no installation needed, just run the program on the two PC involved.

  • Remote Presentation

Presentation of proposal, service or product just got more comfortable with this handy-dandy tool. Without leaving your comfort zone, make impressive presentation live from your screen.

  • Hold Online Meeting

Keep the work flowing in your company by holding online meeting even when the stakeholders in the company are not together under a roof. As the CEO or the Manager of the company, reduce your stress and increase the company progress by sending relevant information around and holding essential meetings; TeamViewer!

  • Go Pass Firewall
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One of the significant problems that are mostly encountered by remote control programs is hitting firewalls and blocked the port, even the NAT routing for local IPs isn’t excluded but thanks to the powerful software that makes routes for itself to ensure all the connected computers are connected.

Download TeamViewer 13.1.1548:

Download offline setup installer for TeamViewer version 13.1.1548 (suitable for both 32-Bit and 64-Bit system architectures), here.


                                                                           TeamViewer Setup

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