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Deep Freeze Enterprise and Standard Free Download latest version setup for windows 8 and Windows 7. Ultimate protection for your operating system to keep it safe from unnecessary changes.

Deep Freeze Product Review:

Deep Freeze is an important utility software that keep’s your core operating system files undisturbed after every computer restart. While dealing with hard drive, deep freeze keep’s it intact and free from any malicious files as windows files are restored to, when they are put in action with deep freeze. Best thing to be talked about is, multiple options to customize settings easily to meet user needs. There is a solid blockage for freezing state to be considered as vulnerable, just because of maintenance options which you experience with deep freeze. There may be little understanding with the settings, which if you are identical, you would probably fall in addiction to this amazing product.

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Flexible options are being provided to mold the functionality, as deep freeze comes with individual drives freeze option. So if drive “C” is to be put to freeze, only the content of this drive will be restored every time system gets a restart. An important thing to remember is, as drive “C” is put to freeze, so any thing installed or saved in any directory or folder belonging to operating system or “C” drive would not be found saved after a restart. So keep your important files in drives which are not frozen.

Usually we have seen due to power interruption if PC gets a shutdown without applying a proper method, sometime in such a scenario window files may get disturbed and you may also lose operating system. Deep freeze prevents OS to apply any changes in case of any contingency or viral attack.

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Deep Freeze Free Download for PC

A password may be setup to administer the user panel only by single person. Still if there is a need to save anything in frozen drive, by providing your password boot may be thawed on next restart. This would let you deal with the specified drive any there is no frozen mode in action. Again after the second restart every thing is going to be same as frozen mode. So a little bit technical but fruitful for longer term.

Deep Freeze Free Download

Deep Freeze may not be chosen as an alternative to standard antivirus solution, because deep freeze is not specifically designed to fight any kind of virus rather, objective is to freeze the drive for any specific point. So a combination of deep freeze and antivirus comes handy in terms of comprehensive security for your work place. below we list some main features of product.

Deep Freeze Salient Features:

  • One Hundred percent guaranteed workstation recovery.
  • Supporting multi-boot conditions.
  • Easy in installation and application.
  • Options to freeze any specific drive only.
  • Password protection to protect UI for any unknown changes.
  • Thawed options to release any specific drive for on restart.
  • Scheduling options to control the maintenance panel the way you ever wanted.
  • Applicable to multiple hard disks.
  • Advance look.
  • Even much more…

Deep Freeze Free

Deep Freeze Important Details:

  • Product Name: Faronics Deep Freeze.
  • Product Genre: Utility/Maintenance
  • Setup Size: 39.0 MB.
  • Version Category: Enterprise and Standard.
  • Updated here on: 22, September 2015.
  • Product Manufacturer: Faronics.
  • Setup Name:
  • Compatibility: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP.

Our Suggestion about Deep Freeze:

Deep Freeze keep’s your operating system or drive data safe from any accidental loss or deletion. Even in cases of viral attacks and invasion by malicious files, A single restart would be enough to bring back your system just like a fresh workplace. So a test to this product would be a great idea.

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How to download Deep Freeze:

Click the download button below to download deep freeze just in a single click.

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