CCleaner Professional Free Download Setup

CCleaner Professional Latest Version Free Download Setup. With this single click download option, you can download CC Cleaner Pro to cleanup your PC within seconds.

CCleaner Professional Product Review:

CCleaner is a utility to cleaup computer’s registry, temporary files and other junk data to maximize CPU perfromance and keep your “C” drive quick and error free. A lot of files get saved in computer along with other installation packages and via web browsing, without user’s permission. CCleaner comes handy when its about removal of such hidden files which a user can not locate so easily. Manual removal of such junk files is not an easy task, in process you may remove your operating system file, so let CCleaner do this for you.

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New version is equipped with many features including, optmization panel for faster computer performance, Comprehensive data protection, Complete cleaining process and real-time monitoring to keep an eye on disk space usage, surveillance on behavior of files and registery content. CCleaner Professional is easy in installation and usage. UI is with simple and blessed with multiple scanning options. Major reasons for slowing down your cmputer are not hard to guess with CCleaner professional. Unwanted internet files, browser cookies, cache and other dumps are for nothing but just to give you a bad browsing experience and an idle PC. So CCleaner is mandatory for almost every computer.

CCleaner Professional Free Download Setup

You never know while browsing cookies get saved and cache becomes merged with browser and hence effecting your web surfing negatively. Its often seen, that “C” Drive is getting lesser in size even without any instllation or data saved, this is just beacuse of such invader files which you never wanted to reside inside your computer. Locating such files, one by one, would take hours and still won’t worth as not every one is such an expert to differenciate junk and OS files in a glimpse. CCleaner does all this maintenance and fixtures quite intelligently with quick speed.

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CCleaner Professional Free Download

CCleaner Pro version comes with built-in advance features to customize cleaning up process the way you ever desired. There included an additional settings tab to control cleaner functions according toneed. Exclude and Include setup would let you configure which portion is not desirable to be scanned and which should be. Similalrly optional panel would also let you configure the cleaning up for the files by specifying a time period. CCleaner keeps up with real-time monitoring ensuring data protection and prompt for unwanted files.

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CCleaner Professional version is intended to keep and optimized setup for your windows to run faster and hard drive free from extra space consumption. Some important features of CCleaner are given below.

CCleaner Professional Salient Features:

  • Simple UI with clear options to opt for registry or drive cleanup.
  • Optimizes OS to run faster.
  • Suitable for online security.
  • Effective removal of cookies and cache.
  • Unwanted installation files can be removed during scan.
  • AntiMalware cleaning feature included.
  • Cleaning up resident files consuming disk space without permission.
  • Effective for cleaning browsing history from root.
  • Prompt error reporting
  • And even more…

Our Suggestion about CCleaner Professional:

Its not a recommended practice to remove files manually which are consuming your disk space. Manual deletion of such junk files might result in losing some important OS files, resulting in windows disorder. CCleaner professional not only cleans up extra files but ensures smooth running for an operating system and also serves a valuable choice to fix registry realted errors.

CCleaner Professional Important Details:

  1. Category: Utility
  2. Product Name: CCleaner Professional.
  3. Setup Name: ccsetup509pro.exe
  4. File Size: 6.35 MB
  5. License: Trail Version
  6. Official Website: CCleaner Official Website.
  7. Compatible with windows 7, windows 8 and windows 10 as well.
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How to download CCleaner Professional:

Click the link below to download latest CCleaner setup in a single click.

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