AirDroid Parental Control

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AirDroid is one of the most reliable and trustworthy parental control applications which helps users remotely control and manage individual devices, files, media, and SMS notifications effortlessly right from your iOS device.

Editor’s Note: A robust and easy-to-use screen-sharing and controlling program that offer full visibility and control of the device which you intend to “have a check” in a remote manner. With enhanced personal productivity the latest AirDroid assists a user in remotely controlling and managing individual devices, their files, and SMS notifications effortlessly right from your iOS Device. Parental Control and Monitoring of your Children’s Mobile activity through the AirDroid Parental Control UI leads the concerned parents to actively monitor and manage their children’s devices. One can easily track their children’s location, check their daily online routine, and schedule their screen time preferences & apps.

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AirDroid Parental Control: Product’s Review

   Technical Details.
 . Title: AirDroid Parental Control.
 . Genre: Utility.
 . Updated On: 28th of July, 2022.
 . Official:
 . Version: 1.0.0.
. Editor’s Ratings:
 . Compatibility: 32 & 64 Bit.
 . OS Support:  Windows/Mac.
 . License: Paid.
 . Setup Size: 113.1 MB.

AirDroid is one of your best mobile device management suite which offers real-time parental control and practical file transfer remotely on the device being controlled. Mirror the remote screen, and manage SMS & notifications right on your iDevice. AirDroid parental control makes work and life more efficient by favoring the concerned parents. Furthermore, AirDroid Parental Control is one of the most reliable and hardy Android device management and location tracking application which offers many core features for parents in need. Unquestionably, it allows you to manage and administer the way your kids use their smartphones or tablet devices and protects them from the evils of the virtual and real world. With this all-amazing app, you can easily put some constraints on your
kids’ screen time by practicing the application blocking, remote monitoring, screen mirroring, location tracking in real-time, sync notifications & procuring instant SMS data. Moreover, you can receive comprehensive daily event information, which will help your kids to adopt good digital habits and refrain away from bad ones. AirDroid Personal and premium is the good-to-go solution for managing your kid’s phone quite safely and without disturbing the system’s programs. In a nutshell, this app offers many practically oriented features including file transfer, screen mirroring, remote control, and receiving SMS notifications right from your device – and surprisingly all of that can be done with just one AirDroid app.

Helps Parents Keep Their Kids Safe

This Powerful tool accompanies amazing features whereby it is divided into parent end and kid end, the parent end calls AirDroid Parental Control (iOS+Android version), and the kid end calls AirDroid Kids (only Android version), other features are as follows:

  • Compatible with Many Platforms.
  • Recognized by Media & Users.
  • Comprehensive Parental Control.
  • Fast & Safe in Operations.
  • Offers Effective File Transfer & Management.
  • Real-time Remote Control & Screen-Mirroring.
  • Free Version Offers Very Limited Features.

App Blocker & Scheduling: Blocking any unsafe and distracting applications on your kids’ smartphones is much possible now.

Sync SMS & Notifications: Receiving the applications notifications from your kids’ phones, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, TickTock, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

Screen-Mirroring: Get the shared screen from your kids’ phones, which can stop them from potential risks in real-time.

Offers Screen-Time Control: Set the screen time restriction and manage how much time kids can spend on their phones every day.

Regular Activity Report: Get the daily activity report of the kids’ usage and check which apps they use most and the app’s installation.

Free Updates & upgrades: Free lifetime software upgrade is provided for paid users.

AirDroid Parental Control

DownloadAirDroid Parental Control
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Program Details
Setup Name AirDroid_Parental_Control.
Source From Official.
Size on Disk: 113.1 MB (113,571,200 bytes).
Compatibility iOS 10.0 or Later.

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