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Developed By Canonical Group Ltd (Version 17.10)19th of December, 2017(100% Clean – Tested).

Download Ubuntu desktop edition latest version (17.10) ISO (32-bit, 64-bit) for PC, and clasp the next level of gaming, browsing, and office productivity.

Ubuntu Desktop Edition: Product’s Review:

   Technical Details 
 . Nomenclature: Ubuntu Desktop Edition.
 . Genre: Operating Systems.
 . Updated On: 19th Of December, 2017.
 . Developer: Ubuntu.Com.
 . Version: Ubuntu 17.10 (Artful Aardvark).
 . Compatibility: 32 & 64 Bit.
 . OS: ………
 . License: Freeware.
 . Setup Size: 883 MB &1.47 GB (64-Bit).

Ubuntu is the world’s most famous desktop flavor of Linux OS, and with its newest short-run support release, it seems Canonical want to keep an unfaltering clasp on the name. Ubuntu 17.10 (Artful Aardvark) scores an all-new chapter in the operating system’s existing affluent history. Ubuntu may be experienced with both Mac OS and Windows platform by giving them a dual boot but before giving it a go, it’s pertinent to check the features brought by the new release, finally allowing users to lay their hands on the most contemporary and most transformed version of Ubuntu. The Artful Aardvark is one of the most contentious works Canonical has developed in years, and this is undeniably an unwavering, solid and peachy release. One of the perceptible changes in this latest release is dumping Unity for GNOME Shell; this might be a dandy move to some people while some might hate it. Well! It’s pertinent to mention here; the support for this edition is until July 2018, so for those who wish to be served for long should go for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.
Even though Unity was a conspicuous UI, it was actually created exclusively by Canonical, and to thinking of it, Unity 8 (With Mir) was far-off from becoming mature. However, many users have been yearning for it for a very long time while they didn’t even get any success in getting a full-serviceable and a functioning release of it. Therefore, wedging with Unity for the next three or four LTS releases wouldn’t in anyway carry Ubuntu anywhere. Well, it’s quite a hard decision for Canonical to let go off everything they’ve worked on for years.

  • Open-Source..
  • Pre-Installed Apps.
  • Open-Source LibreOffice Suite.
  • More Secured.
  • Even Smarter Searching.
  •  Advanced Games Can’t Be Played.
  •  No Default Support For MP3.
  •  No Lifetime Support For V17.10.
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In the new release, it seems the Ubuntu team worked very hard to retain the Unity experience possible to the extent they can, using GNOME Shell. In order to make this a success, they’ve shaped the eminent Dash to Dock elongation for GNOME shell, meliorated and gave it out again as “Ubuntu Dock”. In the regular user configuration files, it’s not installed as a standard elongation but instead as a system-wide Debian suite. Even with all these, there is a kind of irregularity when talking about the application drawer button which was there at the top left side of the launcher, but it’s now at the bottom left. The downside of this change is that a regular user may find it difficult to adapt.
Another new thing that came with this version is that Ubuntu 17.10 default display server is now Wayland (where supported) for both upgrades and new installs. Changing from the bequest Xorg display server to Wayland is a Brobdingnagian change, but there is possibility user won’t notice any serious differences while working with Wayland which is indeed a dandy thing. Though the callow tech is growing at a time, as Canonical’s assurance to make it default certify user may encounter corner-cases, bugs or other matter. This may happen when Wayland on a hardware, trying to play a high-resolution game or launch an antique application, or when certain input devices are attached.






Ubuntu Desktop Edition: Product’s Salient Features:

  1. Home of Apps
    Relish the Ubuntu’s spontaneous interface, it is secure, speedy and having thousands of handy apps to choose from depending on what you want to do. Indeed, Ubuntu got your back!
  2. Browsing
    Well-known for strong security and a flash speed, Firefox plus Ubuntu make cruising on the web a gratifying adventure. It also includes Opera, Chrome and other popular browsers that are available on Ubuntu Center.
  3. Videos
    You can watch all your ducky videos on Ubuntu with video player apps and you can also redact movies with PiTiVi while you watch them with Movie Player or add OpenShot from Ubuntu Centre.
  4. Email
    Having Mozilla’s well-known email application, the peachy thunderbird meaning that user will have speedy entrée to their email. Remarkable thing is that it has nothing against any email services be it Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft Exchange, IMAP or POP etc.
  5. Gaming
    From Nestopia to TurboGrafx, you’ve got stacks of games that can keep you lockup for hours if not days. Thousands of games are available on Ubuntu, including titles Steam platform and Unity. Select from the plaudit titles such i.e. Football Manager, Civilization V or Borderlands and so on.
  6. Pictures
    Ubuntu is free-apps-packed, ensuring you relish the redacting, managing and sharing your pictures and it supports pictures taken with any type of device or camera. The user can easily and swiftly import, redact, organize and view their photographs and they can share their ducky photos on popular social networks and site.
  7. Canny searching
    With the help of smart filters, it makes it cushy and faster for users to find needed content whether from the web or stored on their computer. Put in any inquiry into the dash home for smart scopes server to give you the categories of the content that is most pertinent to your search and it studies user’s past searches to give relevant related items.
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Our Suggestion & Verdict About Ubuntu Desktop Edition:

Ubuntu is secure, fast and a dependable platform for Linux enthusiasts, where thousands of applications are like Telegram, Gimp, Twitter, Firefox, VLC, LibreOffice and many other available by default. The efficient LibreOffice is amazingly simple and is privileged to create professional documents at your fingertips, where the documents from the Word format, Excel or PowerPoint can be edited and viewed, quickly and with ease. Further, Ubuntu has made images and pictures organizing, look extremely easy, where there is a variety of free apps like Gmip, to manage the media with a fantastic support. Similarly, the Ubuntu’s software center is loaded with plenty of great apps that have made this platform really easy to live with. So if you are looking for a secure, reliable and an efficient Linux flavor, Ubuntu would be a great choice to opt for.

How To Download Ubuntu’s Desktop Edition:

Download the latest version of the Linux flavor “Ubuntu Desktop Edition” for both 32 and 64-bit system architectures. Choose the appropriate option below and proceed with the download.

                                                                Ubuntu 32-Bit


                                                                Ubuntu 64-Bit

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