Linux Operating System

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Download Linux operating system ISO (32-bit, 64-bit) for PC, dual boot it along with Windows OS, and embrace the next generation gaming, browsing, data security, and office productivity by experiencing an improved performance in an unmatched ambiance.

Editor’s Note: For a system administrator, working on Linux OS will be an enormous breakthrough because there will be no more daily sluggish server. In fact, this OS can be called “set it and leave” as there is only one service on the server which needs re-configuring, restarting and upgrading, the rest of the server won’t be tampered with. Desktop or server, if the ZERO cost can’t win you over maybe, you should think to have an OS that works faster and perfectly for as long as you use it. Its security is a huge advantage over another operating system because the user won’t have issues with viruses, malware or random computer lag. Is it that stable?  Yes, It is.

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Linux Operating System: Product’s Review:

   Technical Details 
 . Nomenclature: Ubuntu Desktop Edition.
 . Genre: Operating Systems.
 . Updated On: 25th Of January, 2018.
 . Official: Ubuntu.Com.
 . Version: Ubuntu 17.10 (Artful Aardvark).
 . Compatibility: 32 & 64 Bit.
 . Operating System:  ………
 . License: Freeware.
 . Setup Size: 883 MB &1.47 GB (64-Bit).

Linux is everywhere! From smartphones to supercomputers, home appliances, cars and it’s been around for years (since the mid-90s) and has hit a user-base that sweeps companies, industries, and continents. Most of the supercomputer making gargantuan scientific success and the internet have Linux as the sky behind their stars. It always stands to be the most dependable, efficacious and secure operating system to improve user experience with their personal computers both at home and work. Just in case you are done up with windows lag and macOS is shallower, maybe is the high time you turn side to a savior called LINUX. It is quite just the crowning when talking about open source software. Which flavor is to be opted for is certainly a pertinent question, rather repaying on some enterprise edition which requires a certain level of dexterity, it’s better to rely on Ubuntu which is a hugely appreciated and most famous part of the Linux distributions over the years.

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The Core components of Linux Operating System?

  • Open-Source.
  • Pre-Installed Applications.
  • Better Performance.
  • More Secured.
  • Smart OS Based Search.
  •  No Default Support For MP3s.
  •  No Lifetime Support For 17.10.

Applications: Linux surpasses other OS being a home for thousands of handy software that can be easily installed depending on the type of task you want to execute.

Bootloader: This the magic wand behind the boot process of your computer.

Daemons: This is the big guy behind the background services that kick off during boot or after you dive into your desktop.

Graphical Server: The powerful sub-system which shows the graphics on your screen and it is either called the “X” or X server.

Kernel:  This seems to be the powerhouse of the system as it handles the memory, CPU, and other devices.

Desktop Environment: The piece of the riddle that the users interact with is the desktop environment, and the available ones include GNOME 3, Unity, KDE Plasma 5, Cinnamon, etc.

The Shell:  This is a command process that enables the user to control the computer through commands put into a text field.


Take a minute to know Linux OS Distributions:

  • Debian

This is also referred to as Debian Linux/GNU because most of the primary OS tools come from the GNU Project. Even some other popular distributions are grounded on Debian, including Knoppix, distro Ubuntu, Linspire, etc.

  • Fedora

Red Hat backs fedora and just in case you are interested in testing with the prominent technologies, Fedora is the perfect pick because the release cycle is very short and it has the habit of including the latest technology packages/software in its distribution.

  • CentOS
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To optimize the little resources your organization/company has and at the same time still relish all the benefit of the red-hat distribution, CentOS is the way out because is wholly grounded in Red-Hat enterprise Linux.

  • Red-Hat

This is apparently for an organization that is buoyant enough to spend some dollars on getting the red-hat support and is a perfect choice for a team that runs mission-critical software.

  • Ubuntu

For a vast number of the user, Ubuntu is there ducky Linus operating system distribution because it can be used both at home and work. Well, this is actually cushy to use, and it’s geared toward newbies and not the experienced users.  The following three editions are available on Ubuntu; Server Edition, Desktop Edition and Notebook Remix

  • Others are Arc Linux, SUSE, Deepin and Linux Mint.

Each of this Linux distribution has a different take on the desktop, some cop out for very contemporary user interfaces (such as Ubuntu’s Unity, Fedora, Debian and Deepin’s Desktop), and whereas others wedge with a more old-fashioned desktop environment, i.e., SUSE which utilizes KDE

Let’s take a glimpse of the essential contours of this dandy OS:

  • Live USB/CD

Nearly all the distribution of Linux operating system has Live USB/CD feature to help user test the OS before opting for it.

  • Graphical user interface (X Window System)

It is true that Linus is a command line operating system but not a complete truth because Linux has suites which user can install to give the OS a graphical look like Windows.

  • National keyboards Support

The keyboard can be tailor-made to suit your language alphabet; it is used worldwide, so it is available in multiple languages.

  • Software Support
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Linux has its own application storehouse where users have entrée to thousands of application that they can easily download and install just by putting in command in Linux Shell or Terminal and interestingly, it can run Windows applications too (so you can still relish your ducky apps if you are dropping Windows for Linux).

  • Portability

This is one of the main lineaments that put Linux on the front page, not in the form of smaller in file size or being able to be placed on a flash drive, memory cards or CDs. Portability here implies that Linux and its application can run on different types of hardware.

Download Linux Operating System For Desktop (PC):

Download the latest of the Linux flavor “Ubuntu Desktop Edition” for both 32 and 64-bit system architectures. Choose the appropriate option below and proceed with the download.





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