Legit Ways To Download Office 2016 & 365 For Free

Variant free and the legit ways to download MS Office 2016 and Office 365 are here. Get your hands on this brand new collaborative Office suite, now.

Microsoft Office Suite: Reviewed:

Under Microsoft’s productivity slot, MS Office is one amongst the most collaborative programs ever developed to cover the contextual drafting, slides creation, charts designing and many other different purposes that are ought to be served by built-in features accessible with MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher and OneNote. It’s being little tricky to choose what exactly suits your document processing or related needs, if the expertise for each program is not accessed in a technical way. Variety of versions are available at the Microsoft’s online store to meet the needs’s for an individual (Home user, Student) or an organization in an ample way. For home users with basic needs Microsoft comes up with “Office Home And Student 2016 for PC and Mac users, along with Office 365 Home and Office 365 Personal, While the best suited editions for Business community that demand’s Cloud based functionality for file storage, document sharing and Business Emailing, are comprising the, Office 365 Business, Office 365 Business Premium and Office 365 Business Essentials.

After getting introduced with the available versions, the aspect that is to be considered is, the purchasing of Office editions, whether for household purposed or for carrying on business operations, either way, it seems little expensive but you’ve got plenty of options to use them for free and in a legitimate way. Yes, it sounds like saving you a good cash money, but one might be experiencing the reduced functionality along with number of apps tending to be locked on expiry of the evaluation or a trial period. This scenario purports the availability of Office functionalities for your standard project with average requirements. The First way to get this task done is through, “Microsoft’s Online Applications” this slot kept adding more and more apps oriented to be used online. It’s quite easy to do that  scroll down to list of available apps and try clicking the “Start Using The App” button, however a sign in is required from School Account or with a Microsoft’s account. This way a free of cost and a familiar Office experience may be accessed, which is definitely enough to cater average document creation, editing, presentations sliding and newsletter designing needs. Before stepping in to other ways that can grab you free and a genuine access to Office Apps, let’s show you a Cheap Office deal where you can purchase “Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus” on discount and just for $33.9 or go for MS Office 2016 (Home & Student) Just for $36.5, instead of regular price which is 150 bucks.

Secondly, Multiple Office apps are available for Android devices and also for iOS that let you experience the standalone Office applications on your phone, but never to forget that these apps are not oriented to provide the programs with full-fledged 365 features and still you need an internet connection to nudge them online. Nevertheless, having the programs you already know and with an intention to use them for ordinary tasks like writing a Resume, a cover letter or slides preparation is a big achievement, especially when it’s free of cost. Thirdly, “30 Days Office 365 Trial” is another possible way to make use of all desired applications seamlessly on Mac (5 Macs), PC (5 PC’s), Tablets and Phones. This trial will also be including a 1TB of online storage and different plans for individuals and for corporate usage, but there is a time constraint. Fourthly, to get benefited from “Microsoft’s TechNet Evaluation Center” where the 60 days evaluation on 365 Pro Plus, Visio Professional and Project Professional is available with all features on the programs but yes, only for 2 months. Lastly, a gift by Microsoft for Students and Teacher’s from different schools, where they are eligible for 365 suite for Education Purposes and the suit would be including Class room learning tools by Professionals, Excel, PowerPoint, Word and OneNote. Do remember that this isn’t a trial version at all.

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To summarize the positioned product, there are some striking points that are required to be gone through for once, before engaging yourself in new ways brought by the latest editions.

Office 2016 & 365 Suite: Salient Features:

  1. Plenty of options to get it for free i-e an evaluation signup or a trial copy.
  2. Exclusively built business insights.
  3. OneNote to capture, store and organize classroom works.
  4. Adding animations, images, videos and different transitions is possible, in a professional way.
  5. Editing, Analyzing and Presenting the documents, leading from Windows to iOS and Android devices as well.
  6. Bringing the individuals (Students, Teachers, Businessman) in a collaborative learning space.
  7. Professional tools by experts to sparks student’s class work ability.
  8. Next-Generation mobile features.
  9. Virtual labs to enhance experience.
  10. Variety of suits to be chosen from.
  11. Improved security and compliance tools.
  12. Smoother upgrade.
  13. Even more…..

Pertinent Product Details:

  1. Review Updated Here On: 1st of July, 2017.
  2. Product’s Nomenclature: Microsoft Office 2016.
  3. Posted Under: Office Tools.
  4. Editions Available For Free Usage: 2016 and 365 (Trial).
  5. Developer’s: Microsoft.
  6. System Requirement: 1.2 Ghz Processing with 2 GB RAM, 1280 x 800 Screen Resolution & 3-4 GB disk space.
  7. For Students & Teachers: For School Leaders & Students No-Trail & Accessibility to fully featured product.
  8. Important Programs: PowerPoint, Project Visio, OneNote, Word, Excel, OutLook, Access & Publisher.
  9. Mobile Optimization: Available.
  10. Online Availability for Apps: Yes.

Our Verdict/Suggestion About The Product:

Getting hands on MS Office is quite easy, even for free, if you want to give the programs so related, a try before spending some bucks. Office is readily available across your devices with advance features and with a more collaborative approach. Microsoft has kept it simple to give a special relaxation to individual students and teachers from specific institutions, to get a no-trial copy of the 365 suite with  special tools to improve the class works. Further, the online availability of free office programs is also a great step by Microsoft, that has created a facility to access all apps on the go, without missing a beat. Still if you persist to use the fully featured, editions with no time constraint relating the license expiry, then do consider spending some cash or go for discounted deals. Learn more about Exchange Online Migration and SharePoint Migration.

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Download Link: MS Office 2016 Pro Plus:

In addition to Microsoft’s official product page, one may download 2016 Pro Plus Edition by accessing the download button provided below.


                                                  MS Office Pro Plus 2016 32/64 Bit

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