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Developed By Atomic Productions (Version 8.2)8th of November, 2017. (100% Clean – Tested).

Download VirtualDJ latest (v8.2 build 3967) for professionally creating audio tracks and videos or mixing the existing ones to a high definition outcome.

VirtualDJ 8.2: Product’s Review:

   Technical Details 
 . Nomenclature: VirtualDJ.
 . Genre: Audio & Video Mixer.
 . Updated On: 6th Of November 2017.
 . Developer: VirtualDJ.Com.
 . Version: 8.2 Build 3967.
 . Compatibility: 32 & 64 Bit.
 . Operating System:  Windows 10/8/7.
 . License: Freeware.
 . Setup Size: 37.7 MB.

For professional editing or mixing digital audios and videos, a white-collar program always stood as a requirement, while the VirtualDJ has manipulated the needs of the industry immaculately. The program has been around for almost 20 years and has provided multiple transitions for securing the top spot on the list of most influential and impacting DJ software ever developed for mobile, Windows or Mac devices. The latest version is a bit different from the previous releases in the concern that it’s oriented to provide a platform that brings a firm crossfading technology with the support of four decks accompanied by the pre-existing imaginativeness to properly utilize the components like pitch-control, filters, and limiters, etc. The internally organized sound-engine seems kind of much organized and optimized as well, to deal with modern beats and reshaping them to improve tunes and that is one amongst those eminent features which exists as a flagship to the product. The trend of using the Vinyl and CD’s has almost faded now, and digital playback seems around for many years and is a mandatory requirement for nearly every industrious DJ, hence the Virtual platform on the backend of the hardware that mixes, edits and kneads various effects on tracks is almost obligatory. VDJ’s version 8.2 introduces a plethora of improvements and enhancements ranging from the deck quality, an efficient sound engine and high-quality sound processing with internal sampleRate adjustments. There subsisted many virtual voice controlling programs around the industry which may provide the required sound effects and specialized in sampling the audios that got processed through their handling engines, but the compatibility of the program with DJ’s hardware always stands as a pertinent question. VDJ operates as a mainstream software in the concern and provides a perfect harmony with all modern equipment oriented for audio and videos playback professionally.

What’s New & Revamped With VirtualDJ 8.2:

  • Wide-Range of Effects.
  • Play Samples Simultaneously.
  • Customizable.
  • Thousands Of New Skins.
  • Smoother Audio & Video Transitions.
  •  Little Heavy On PC Resources.
  •  Interface Looks Like A Mess.
  •  Not An Easy One For Novice Users.
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The new exclusive feature “SandBox” stands out as a considerable improvement since the inception of the product. The brand new concept offers more flexibility in terms of processing the track that is being mixed while playing another track for the possible adjustments. The “SandBox” brings a multitude of work possibilities, while you are hassle free in finding the entry and exit points for the sounds being played or mixed. Another feature that has been successful in getting the attention was, the refinement in adjusting the sampleRate for experiencing the crystal-clear audios or high-definition videos. But a special care is to be taken while fixing this module. Usually, 44100 and 48000 at max is enough to go for MP’s and Videos respectively, which avoids the degradation of the output quality. The browser in VirtualDJ 8.2 has brought a revamped look and a refreshing way to access all three zones. Side viewing the virtual folders is even simple to experience, while the lists like Karaoke, Automix, and side list are easily switchable. Although the v8 broadly keeps the old look but not in full, there are some vital additions like the dark color contrast, floating casement to access the several effects listed under the window. Version 8 also specializes in quickly applying the specific effect to a particular deck or a master output. The sturdy interface of the program escorts some enhanced built-in editors including the Automix, video, sample bpm, tag, POI and track editor. The track editor is a significant improvement, which delineates an easy and approachable way to edit the tracks, removing the unnecessary or copyrighted part and in some instances to increase the length of the track by appending them. Unlike the predecessor versions, VDJ 8 lets you adjust the multiple samples on various videos or audios on the depot to lace them up in the library, even when they are undergoing transitions.

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VirtualDJ 8.2: Product’s Salient Features:

The program doesn’t only specialize in playing the mixed audio tracks, but the videos and Karaoke may also be enjoyed on a big screen in clubs, bars studios and on other occasions. Consider visiting through the pertinent features of the product below.

  1. Comes with the surfeit of effects.
  2. Mix, edit and play any sound, beat or video, proficiently.
  3. Multiple samples can be played simultaneously.
  4. More editors included.
  5. Friendly UI to access most common configurations, quickly.
  6. Stretchable and resizable skins.
  7. Suitable to play favorite tracks and remixes in clubs, arenas and sports grounds.
  8. Compatible with plug and play all latest DJ equipment.
  9. Accessible four decks.
  10. Track editor to clean unnecessary lyrics and the part desired.
  11. A perfect companion for digital music needs.
  12. A choice for home music enthusiasts as well as professional DJ superstars.
  13. Even more….

Our Suggestion And Verdict About VirtualDJ 8.2:

Version 8.2 of the program ushers a bridge between conventional playback system and the most modern audio, video, and karaoke transitions. With VDJ v8.2 a lot more is possible in terms of quality outputs and serves as a faithful companion for professional disk jockeys. Amazing new beats can be created, and the old ones may be mixed while the sound processing system dealing with multiple audio effects simultaneously under the beat-grids, slicers, beat-aware and loop rolls, etc. Creating precise audio and videos is entirely possible with the latest release, and it brings more stability and innovation concerning in-depth audio-awareness and a wide range of DJ controllers. Further, there are multiple add-ons available and are accessible from the official portal to extend and customize the VDJ to your own liking, which comprises, different skins, variant plugins, and even more effects.Hence, it deserved to be given a try.

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How to Download VirtualDJ 8.2:

The latest version setup installer for VirtualDJ 8.2 can be downloaded by giving a click to the button below. The setup is suitable for both 32 and 64 Bit system architectures.


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