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Google has become a part and parcel of our life. Google has become the gateway to every aspect and mode of communication of the internet. Now many people think that Gmail has replaced the fax but the use of fax is increasing day by day. 

Now you might be thinking that for sending a fax you have to set up a modem, a bulky fax machine and a landline connection to your computer. Well, that is not required for faxing in the present world. Faxing is no doubt an analogue platform and Google a digital search engine but faxing is still possible through the internet.

You just need a third party to convert those analogue signals into digital signals. That is not a complicated process as you may be thinking. You just need an online faxing service for this process which does not require any landline connection.

How Google plays a part in sending fax online

Google has made faxing possible via Gmail and now to match the modern standards it is even possible to send a fax from Google drive. You cannot send digital documents directly through telephonic signals. For this, an online faxing service is required.

This online faxing service acts as a virtual fax machine which transforms
the digital signals into analogue signals and does the cumbersome work of
faxing for you behind the scene. You are just a few clicks away from sending
a fax through the internet.

Now as you can use Google on your phone you can send a fax directly from your smartphone, laptop, and PC. Just an internet connection and an online fax service are required. Here you will know about the online fax service you can use to send fax online from any platform to almost anyone.

CocoFax-online fax service

CocoFax has established itself as the most efficient online faxing service. Now with CocoFax, you don’t have to fidget over the fax machine and a new telephone connection. CocoFax provides Google fax free service free of cost via email.


CocoFax has the feature of fax to email and email to fax. This makes the faxing process even more hassle-free. With this feature faxing is just like sending and receiving email. Unlike the conventional methods, there is no need to keep your PC on all the time. Almost instantly you can send and receive the fax

You can send convert email to fax with a fax machine but for that, you still need a telephone connection. You need a lot of work to do in this setting to work.

Features making CocoFax user-friendly

CocoFax provides you with a free fax number as you must know that a fax number is mandatory for sending and receiving a fax. It works like an email ID. You can use CocoFax free of cost for a month. to further use it you have the freedom of choosing the plan which is suitable for you.

CocoFax has large storage capacity and an end to end encryption of documents is also promised. Now you don’t have to worry about the breach of your crucial documents. Apart from being reliable, feasible and economical it allows faxing via email, web browser and from Google drive as well. You can use CocoFax to conveniently fax via email.

You can send multiple documents of different formats. CocoFax merges them and sends them as single fax. Without using any hardware or software you can always read your faxes in your inbox on the go.

How to send online fax via email by using CocoFax

Faxing via email is like you send the normal emails. The difference is that you have to enter the fax number instead of the Gmail id of the recipient.

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Follow a few steps and learn how to send and receive fax within minutes.

Step 1: first of all search for the official web site of the program on Google and sign up for their free trial. You can use it for 30 days. After clicking on the free trial option a new window will open. Here you have to choose the fax number. You can use it free of cost for one month but to make it permanent you have to upgrade your plan.

In the next step, you will be asked of your personal information and the email ID you want to use to send and receive faxes from the people.

Step 2: After the signing up is complete you have to open the Gmail account and there you will see the option of ‘compose new email’ click on that.

Step 3: a new window will open. Now, this is where you have to draft your fax. Make sure to fill in the mandatory fields correctly.

To field: in this field, you normally enter the email id of the recipient, now you have to enter the fax number of the recipient. This fax number is followed by the ‘” for example if the fax number is 123456 you have to enter [email protected]

Subject field: it is optional. You can enter the main heading of the fax here.

Email body: this field is also optional. You can make this as the cover page of the fax.

Attachment: now in this field you can attach the documents you want to fax. If they are in hard form you can convert them into digital form by scanning it with a scanner or by taking pictures with your smartphone. You can attach multiple files here.

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Step 4: After reviewing the fax click on the ‘send’ button.

CocoFax will receive the fax and convert the digital document into analogue signals and send them via telephone line down to receiving a fax machine.

On successful delivery of fax to the recipient, you will receive the confirmatory email in the inbox. In case of a delay, you will be notified of the problem.

Receiving the fax via email through CocoFax

People can send a fax to you by using the fax number supplied to you by the service. You will receive the fax automatically in your inbox. They are within your reach anytime anywhere. You just have to open your inbox and there you will find all the faxes sent to you.

In Brief:

It is possible to send and receive fax via email in the present day. With CocoFax you can achieve this with little money and within almost no time. CocoFax provides you with a whole set of features making it the world-leading service. 

You just need a CocoFax account, email id, internet connection, and a fax number. With them, you can send fax all around the world with just a few clicks.


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