WPC School Management System 1.1.0

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WPC School Management System 2018 (version 1.1.0) is a desktop-based application which is freeware yet a practical software with an intuitive interface to manage your school or college by maintaining the records for students, teachers, results, accounting and the courses offered.

Editor’s Note: WPC SMS 1.1.0 is a beforehand program which comes with a fundamental management system that will unquestionably cut the cost and save the time of maintaining the record manually. The application is equitably advantageous for parents/guardians, teachers as well as the school management authorities, with no certain drawback the program is definitely a Yes to go for.

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WPC School Management System 1.1.0: Product’s Review

   Technical Details.
 . Nomenclature: WPC SMS.
 . Genre: Management System.
 . Updated On: 5th Of June, 2018.
 . Official: WebForPC.Com.
 . Version: 1.1.0 (Beta).
 . Compatibility: 32 & 64 Bit.
 . Operating System:  Windows 10/8/7.
 . License: Freeware.
 . Setup Size: 148.61 MB.

What comes to the mind for the first time while contemplating about the school management system, definitely heaps of papers, right? Well gone are the days, where teachers had to show up with considerable registers to mark attendance and count the days manually by spending hours at the end of the session, pretty tiring for sure. WPC SMS is an impressive platform to cope with all the school management issues, bid farewell to the paperwork and giant sized registers. It peerlessly permits the school authorities to maintain the record using the computing devices, with the natural and intuitively designed interface the users will be able to manage significant details about the progress of institution as well as the individuals taking advantage. Honestly speaking, no one has time for manual work momentarily, time is money, and very few are willing to spend it here and there unless it is of any leverage. With this tool, school management authorities will be able to keep track of the fee payments and the amounts due, though the parents and guardians will be informed manually via text or email regarding the fee payments and any changes in the structure or schedule. Often, when the calamities or emergencies strike out of nowhere, it gets onerous to get in touch with every student’s family, thus in such scenario, this program will efficiently stand up and helps the management to search the student profile quite comfortably to stay in touch with the pupil’s family.

What’s More?

  • Facile In Usage.
  • An Offline Application (Local DB).
  • Multiple User Login.
  • Efficiently Finds the Records.
  • For Teachers, Admin & Accountants.
  •  No SMS & Fee Reminders to Parents.
  •  Lacking Event Management Portal.

Who knew that after a decade one would be able to monitor the progress of their children without moving an inch and weekly, monthly and annual student reports can be prepared, just by accessing the student’s portal. WPC SMS is a blessing in disguise, conceptualize losing entire record days before the session ends or at any point, nightmare right? Thus, with this application one will not only be able to save data virtually but also, it facilitates multiple users to operate this tool as well. Not only this, the school administration is the in charge of the software entirely, it can be protected using a password; thus the higher management authorities can control what the lower level teams are capable of doing with this app. For instance, the teachers will be able to add attendance, manage result records, make changes to schedules/timetables, send out the progress details and issue any emails or text regarding parent-teacher meetings. On the other hand, the top jurisdiction stays with the head of the institution; they can control the specifics regarding the employees and the accountants can deal with the calculation of fees and salaries. Being on the ball, it will accommodate every single individual within the premises of school and will simplify the management process.

Important Note: For adding the records, for example In student portal, one has to fill all the entries coupled with a profile picture. (Support Email: [email protected]). Next Hit “Insert” Or choose “Edit”and “Update” to Improve the record.

WPC School Management System 1.1.0: Product’s Salient Features

  • Calculate & maintain Result Details

Unlike old times, with this software, the school administration and teaching faculty will not encounter the hindrance of entering the data manually and calculate percentages or positions for the result. It will calculate them once after total and the actual marks secured have been entered.

  • Student’s information

It enables the users to save the information about every single pupil getting the education in the school along with the picture and contact.

  • Attendance

Teachers and administration are free of any hard work of keeping track of attendance sheets, attendance details for every class can be recorded in the software, and it will automatically calculate the days attended or missed by the students.

  • Class scheduling

All the timetables can be saved and created using this application, it will inform about any changes made to the class schedules via email.

  • Teacher and administration details

Along with the students’ details, it is proficient enough to keep the details of teachers and administration, all the significant information about salary/wages as well as the day off can be saved in this program.

  • Multiple users

Multiple people can use it; the application is not confined to be used by a single user.

  • Performance monitor

The leading edge technology of this program permits it to keep an eye on the performance of the institution as well as every individual; it records the test and exams details which are then shared with the parents and guardians via text or email.

  • Search option
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Utilizing this feature, every WPC SMS user can quickly search about the timetables, results, attendance and fee details rather than going through the piles of papers.

  • Password protection

It is a competent tool to serve multiple users, but every school has supreme authority; thus the top management can preserve various details and sections using the password and allow the lower management to utilize the essential features and refrain from making significant changes.

Download WPC School Management System 1.1.0

DownloadWPC SMS 1.1.0 Beta
Direct WPC Download

Program Details
Setup Name WPC-SMS110.zip
Source Direct Download.
File Size: 148. 61 MB (155912765.44 Bytes).
Compatibility Windows.

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