Top 5 Spy Apps for Reading iPhone Text Messages (Must Read!)

By: Jav Zeb Iqbal.
Last Updated: September 07, 2020.

In today’s world, people have different reasons for spying on someone’s text messages. For instance, parents spy on their kids’ iPhones to make sure they are safe both online and offline. 

iPhone surveillance apps are used by both parents and employers. However, not all iPhone surveillance apps offer a reliable service. For this, you need tried and tested surveillance apps with a reputable past. 

In this post, we highlight the top 5 spy apps you can read text messages
on an iPhone. 

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#1 Spyine – The best iPhone surveillance app

Spyine is one of the best performing iPhone surveillance apps. It is equipped with more than 30 surveillance features besides text messages. With time, its capabilities gained the attention of media houses such as Forbes and PCmag. 

Besides, over a million users across the globe trust Spyine for their surveillance needs. Besides support for iOS devices, Spyine is also compatible with Android devices. 

With Spyine, you can secretly view someone’s text messages on iPhone remotely. Spyine is a comprehensive surveillance app that gives you access to virtually any aspect of the target iPhone. 

Why use Spyine to read someone’s iPhone messages?

Apart from its features, Spyine makes the process of spying on text messages easy. The app is easy to use and doesn’t require technical know-how. Here are some of the things that make Spyine the preferred surveillance app:

  1. Jailbreak-free solution

With Spyine, you won’t need to install the iOS app on the target iPhone. As such, the app doesn’t require jailbreaking the iPhone to install the app. Rather, Spyine uses iCloud backup to spy on someone’s text messages. 

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Spyine is among a handful of iPhone surveillance apps that don’t require jailbreaking the target device. Instead, the app uses the latest surveillance technology to avoid compromising the target iPhone. 

Besides, jailbreaking an iPhone takes skills and time to accomplish. Also, jailbreaking voids the warranty of the target iPhone. 

  1. 100% discreet 

All your text message surveillance activities occur in stealth to avoid detection. Spyine works in the background to ensure it doesn’t interfere with the iPhone performance. Also, Spyine doesn’t use iPhone resources making it hard to detect. 

Best of all, Spyine allows you to read text messages on an iPhone remotely. The app lets you log in to your Spyine dashboard through any web browser. The dashboard gives you access to all features including text messages. 

  1. Safe 

Spyine protects the data privacy of your target by ensuring it doesn’t gather data from third-party apps. This way, it doesn’t save the data on its server. What’s more, you are the only individual who can access your dashboard. 

  1. Virtually unlimited features 

With Spyine, you can spy on virtually any area of the target iPhone besides text messages. The app can spy on social media apps, calls, contacts, and any installed app. 

Also, you get to spy on the iPhone’s location, keystrokes, and SIM card. All these features and much more make Spyine the most comprehensive iPhone spy app available. 

#2 Neatspy 

Another top-rated iPhone surveillance app is Neatspy. With Neatspy, you can spy on text messages, social media apps, and other installed apps on the iPhone. Besides support for iPhone, Neatspy also lets you spy on Android. 

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As a top spy app, Neatspy doesn’t require jailbreaking the target iPhone. Also, you won’t have to install the app on the iPhone since it relies on iCloud backup. 

This ensures your access to the iPhone text messages is undetectable. Also, Neatspy is an online-based surveillance app that lets you spy on your target remotely. 

#3 ClickFree 

ClickFree is among the best, latest surveillance apps. It is equipped with more than 30 features that spy on both iOS and Android devices. As a top-performing app, ClickFree doesn’t require installation on iPhones. 

Besides, it allows you to read someone’s text messages on an iPhone remotely. Best of all, you won’t have to jailbreak the target iPhone for the app to work. Just sign in to your ClickFree dashboard to start spying on the target. 

Thanks to its features, you will have access to almost all the activities on the iPhone. ClickFree can spy on the iPhone location, keystrokes, installed apps, and much more. 

#4 Minspy

Minspy is another latest iPhone surveillance app capable of reading text messages. The app is equipped with multiple features that make spying on Android and iOS devices a lot easier. 

Besides, Minspy is web-based spyware that lets users access the contents on the target iPhone remotely. With Minspy, you won’t need to install the app on the target iPhone to read text messages. 

You just need to provide the iCloud credentials to start accessing everything on the target iPhone. The use of iCloud backup ensures your target iPhone user won’t notice your background activities. 

#5 Spyic 

Spyic has been a leader in the phone surveillance industry for some time. The app is compatible with devices running on iOS and Android. Thanks to its features and capabilities it has a reputation for delivering unmatched service. 

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The app comes with over 35 surveillance features that reach virtually any area of the target device. With Spyic, you can read text messages and access other content on an iPhone. 

Spyic doesn’t require installation or jailbreaking the target iPhone to use it. Also, Spyic is an online-based phone surveillance app that lets you read text messages on an iPhone remotely. 


The best way you can read text messages on an iPhone is through a surveillance app. However, choosing a reliable app today is a challenge. Fortunately, we have come across reliable apps, check them out. 


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