Top 5 Academic Tools that Help Students 

By: Jav Zeb Iqbal.
Last Updated: December 20, 2019.

Being a student in recent years has been more relaxed than when our parents or elder siblings studied. This is gratefulness of the influx of smartphones and the support of developers and websites that make student life less complicated by presenting applications and solutions that go beyond Games and social networks.

Numbers of digital learning tools have been created with the intention of giving scholarly liberty to the student, advancing the management of academic manners, strengthening collaboration, and expediting connections between instructors and apprentices.

There are hundreds of tools for educators and pupils to choose from accessible on the demand which can make it complicated to find exactly what you’re scanning for. We’ve encountered some most trustworthy tools for teachers and learners – enjoy!

Here are the 5 most essential academic tools that every student should have
installed on their smartphone. You will find software and web services that
will surely be of high significance and will make you say: Why did I not
experienced them before?

Google Drive

1Google Drive is a file hosting service, where you can also create text documents, PowerPoint presentations, spreadsheets, and forms.

Very useful for teamwork and taking your updated documents anywhere, you can upload any file and have it available on different platforms, so you can forget about the always misplaced USB sticks.

In the latest updates, there is the possibility of editing your files from mobile devices with the Google Documents and Google Sheets applications.

App: Google Drive, Android version: Varies by device, Developer: Google Inc., Price: Free, Category: Productivity


2If you want to organize your timetables at school, Timetable is the most competent application to do it. The completely free tool is an application with visual simplicity that shows users pending agendas from day to day or lets us see them week by week. You also have three additional sections to include homework, exams and holidays.

For each note you enter, we can section it by colour; schedule where our class is and which instructor teaches it. Under each date, we have the pending tasks or exam date and a reminder of the pending ones during the next two weeks.

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App: Timetable, Android version: 4.0 and higher versions, Developer: Gabriel Ittner, Price: Free, Category: Productivity


3ArcNote is designed to take notes using our Android. These can be the classic written notes, audio notes, and photo notes, making use of the camera. Users have an unlimited capacity to generate these notes, which can then be divided into categories so that it is not a mess to find what we are looking for. Also, in the end, they can be exported to PDF.

ArcNote also helps us to edit the photographs by improving the framing, lighting, and stability, giving very good results.

App: ArcNote, Android version: 2.3 and higher versions, Developer: ArcSoft, Inc., Price: Free, Category: Business

Wolfram Alpha

4Imagine having in your smartphone information of infinite topics that are duly updated and easily accessible, as if you had a complete library in your pocket. That is what WolframAlpha offers you.

It is a search engine specialized in different topics, which has information collected from thousands of websites dedicated to research. All this information is filtered and categorized by its modern algorithms.

App: WolframAlpha, Android version: 2.1 and higher versions, Developer: Wolfram Alpha, LLC, Price: $2.99, Category: Books and reference works.


5Evernote is an excellent tool to collect your information, write down ideas, capture notes, separate things you like. It is a personal notebook that is always available and it is also cross-platform. So you will not have to worry if you are not with your smartphone. Your information will always be available on the Evernote website and on the devices where the application is.

One of its most remarkable features is the possibility of sharing your notebook with friends or co-workers. They can also share theirs, which allows teamwork and collaboration very well achievable.

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App: Evernote, Android version: Varies by device, Developer: Evernote Corporation, Price: Free, Category: Productivity

Cram.Com FlashCards

The use of flashcards is a proven method of learning that has worked for students over time. Sometimes studying something can be very complicated or so easy that we leave it to the last of our priorities and in the end, we do not know where to start. 

With Flashcards, this is over. Cram offers a flashcard service available on the network. We can generate our cards with specific themes.

You can create cards of any subject that will help you learn and, in some way, memorize the content, whether for a school exhibition, business presentation or to learn a language.

App: Flashcards, Android version: 4.0 and higher versions, Developer: Cram, LLC., Price: Free, Category: Education

Other web tools worthy of mention


Previously, to scan a document, it was a somewhat complicated and tedious task. You need to have a computer and a scanner within your reach while waiting for the right result. This has changed and now we can have a scanner directly on our smartphone and without paying a penny.

Applications of this type have become a more than accessible tool for scanning documents in seconds, but there is one that stands out for its quality, speed, usability and the formats in which the results can be exported. We are talking about CamScanner, an app that is constantly updated both in its interface and in quality.

App: CamScanner – PDF Creator, Fax, Android version: 2.3 and higher versions, Developer: IntSig Information Co., Ltd, Price: Free, Category: Productivity


Even if it is not a very common task, if sometimes you find yourself in situations where we have to convert units, distances, times or currencies and you do not know the comparison between one and the other, you may be in a problem.

With Flip, you can solve all your unit conversion problems in 12 different categories. With an aesthetically well-managed and intuitive interface, data conversion is a breeze.

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App: Flib , Android version: 4.0 and higher versions, Developer: Ten Days One App, Price: Free, Category: Tools

MyScript Calculator

One of the most used applications in a smartphone is the calculator, this is because we have it at hand and it helps us in simple operations. But if you are one of those who constantly use the calculator and your favourite subject is mathematics; We present you MyScript Calculator, an application that receives operation commands through what’s written on the screen. The application will identify which operation we are entering and will solve it.

The application recognizes your writing on the touch screen, identifies numbers and mathematical symbols, which are quickly solved. 

App: MyScript Calculator, Android version: Varies by device, Developer: Vision Objects, Price: Free, Category: Tools

Essay Yoda

Essay assignments are many students’ greatest problems. Not for laziness, many students are saddled with the responsibility of self-funding their academic needs, while studying. Hence, many individuals study while engaging in several jobs, including other extracurricular activities. 

However, with Essay Yoda, students can buy essay papers online here while just only providing the guidelines for writing such. 

Website: Essay Yoda, Price rate: Varies according to essay type, Company: Essay Yoda


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