The Interaction of Teachers, AI and Machine Learning in Education

By: Jav Zeb Iqbal.
Last Updated: May 25, 2021.

The progress is moving forward and education is striving to keep up with the latest trends and technological achievement. It is obvious that with enhancements taking place, the education sphere is soon to be completely different than it is now.

Yet, the role of the teacher will not disappear but become different instead. With AI and ML tools and assistance, teachers will have the opportunity and time to perform better and deliver human services no machine can replace. 

Nowadays, artificial intellect and machine learning tools are mostly used for primitive reasons.

Students search the Internet to get a term paper, teachers present new material with a PowerPoint presentation, parents review potential colleges on the official websites, and more.

As the future changes are coming to the education field, AI and ML
features and strategies will allow getting the most out of the study
process and reach success easier.

Teacher and AI Mix

The main thing which predetermines the success of the educational progress is open-mindedness and readiness to cooperate with AI and ML on the teacher’s part.

If the teacher rejects the opportunity to enhance study quality with the ‘machine invasion’, this is not a teacher who looks forward, but he/she is to be left better behind, not to ruin the chances for future success. 

On the contrary, the teacher who understands the importance of collaboration with AI and ML tools and techniques will bring the enhancement to the classroom, automate processes for perfection and leave more space for ‘human’ interaction.

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Individual Approach

Individual approach and customized teaching are what modern public education lacks. And there is no place for wonder since the teacher can hardly approach each of 30 students individually during a lesson.

This makes it impossible to cooperate individually, adjust tasks to personal interests and hurdles, and track the progress of every student.

Yet, if the AI and ML tools are applied properly, everything above and even more becomes easily doable. There are many ways to individualize study programs now and in the nearest future. Here are some good ideas:

  • Tracking the material comprehension and identifying the gaps;
  • Building up additional personalized tasks and homework assignments based on classroom performance;
  • Using personal devices for personalized tests and tasks during the lesson with instant results;
  • Automatized sharing of classroom and homework materials with students and teachers;
  • and more.

Accessibility with No Limits

Illness, weather, lack of language skills are to be no longer obstacles to efficient studying. As the experience proves students can attend classes not covering big distances personally or in the world pandemic even.

When qualitatively organized online learning has become a perfect solution nowadays. Meanwhile, real-time translation instantly generated subtitles, and other helpful tools are doomed to break any limits and make studying accessible for students with a lack of possibilities or abilities.

This means that properly used AI and ML will break any restrictions and boundaries and make learning and teaching universally accessible for everyone and everywhere. 

Automatized Administering

What takes a lot of time and effort is administration. Although it seems to be less important in the result, teachers are demanded to pay much attention to it, lacking time for personalized and efficient teaching instead. If you’re interested to check online kids coding classes.

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This is where AI and ML tools will do their job. Automatized processes and tools may cover reporting, materials sharing, progress tracking, tests, and homework checking. even personalized assignments generating, and many more.

This will leave more time for personal communication and other ‘human’ approaches, which machines will never replace. 

Out-of-the-Class Learning

How much time does the teacher have to assist students out of the class? Not much or no time at all. But when ML and AI tools come to help, there will be more time for the teacher to help and automatic tools to come at hand.

Sharing materials and tasks online, automatic guidance for homework, chatbots for student’s FAQ, collective assignments to be done online, and so many more options that could be done remotely and then there would be no burden on teachers if some student’s Headphone Not Working or like cases.

This enhances interaction, better guidance from a teacher with no need for physical presence, out-of-the-class, and so on. The possibilities are endless, the digital tools are attainable, the only thing needed is the desire of the teacher, students, parents, and administration. 


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