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Developed By Cleantouch Software Corporation (Version 7.0) 14th of January, 2018. (100% Clean – Tested). 

Cleantouch English to Urdu dictionary (for Windows PC) is a convenient digital thesaurus platform to convert English vocabulary into Urdu and for translating Urdu Words into English with audio assistance in pronunciation.

Editor’s Note: By the merit of its meticulousness and terseness, this tool is a mammoth source of help and a right hand for all professional, businessmen and individual that are challenged with a dexterous handling of words in their dealings on a daily basis. It performs excellently without an internet connection and the installation is so cushy that it requires none or little registration, however, the user can search for words using the online resource (which requires internet connection anyway)

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Cleantouch English to Urdu Dictionary: Product’s Review:

   Technical Details 
 . Nomenclature: Cleantouch Urdu Dictionary.
 . Genre: Dictionary.
 . Updated On: 14th Of January, 2018.
 . Official: Cleantouch.Com.Pk.
 . Version: 7.0.
 . Compatibility: 32 & 64 Bit.
 . Operating System:  Windows 10/8/7.
 . License: Freeware.
 . Setup Size: 38.2 MB.

The language barrier is one of the global challenges in business and educational fields for hundreds of people. The fact will perhaps forever remain that everyone can’t speak or understand English, even some country doesn’t recognize the most world accepted language (English Language) as something mandatory or vital, but what can be more interesting than having a tool that can translate English words to your native language. Cleantouch Urdu Dictionary is a digital dictionary developed to translate English words to Urdu language and this latest version has been ameliorated, having additional 32,000 new English words with their meaning.
The dictionary now has over 65,000 Words to English and over 80,000 Urdu to English meanings (so that an English Native Speaker can use it to learn Urdu) that are presented in simple sentences and straightforward style to ensure that even a run-of-the-mill reader face no challenges or difficulty in understanding the meaning of a word. Working based on the latest Unicode technology, it’s an efficacious software developed with the popular and effective Microsoft.Net platform. The interface is intuitive and user-friendly, supporting wildcard search and Microsoft Windows keyboard handiness lineaments such as customizing Keyboard layout, On-screen Keyboard etc, and other features identical to Merriam Webster Dictionary.

What Else Has Got Covered?

  • It’s Free.
  • Audio Pronunciation Supported.
  • English Trans.. To Urdu & Vice.V.
  • 80K + Urdu Words.
  • 30,000 Newly Added English Words.
  •  Not Clear In Audio Pronunciation.

For a better communication and understanding in a different language, it is paramount to get the right meaning of each word and how it is used and not just putting it in a sentence you feel or think it should be. This dictionary is fashioned and geared toward those who don’t have the much time for a long form of word’s meaning as the meanings are in shortest form. Yeah, no story! Cleantouch Urdu Dictionary (CUD) has the largest database with latest Urdu and English words time-to-time, you can’t be left behind when it comes to learning latest English words.
It allows the user to tailor-make the dictionary’s fonts and themes which is a conduct pretty similar to Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, hence its functionalities are the ones, making it like standing out of the few amongst other digital dictionaries that can be customized to suit the user’s taste. It’s compatible with various versions of Windows ranging from Windows 7, 8, 8.1, Vista, XP and even on low-end systems. This is a valuable and indeed a handy tool for professionals working in the office, studying in an institution, living or doing business in some environments where switching over from English to Urdu and vice versa is compulsory and paramount. There is a possibility it cause you a huge loss when trading or doing business in an environment you don’t understand their language, you will surely miss out on many deals, hence the product in the discussion could be a worthwhile choice to be considered.

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Cleantouch English To Urdu Dictionary: Product’s Salient Features:

• Look up words both in English and Urdu with a complete and short explanation for a better understanding.
• Intuitive and user-friendly interface that can be tailor-made by the user
• It’s a lightweight software that installs seamlessly and performs excellently
• The user can relish it and shoot up their vocabulary with over 70,000 English words to Urdu and over 80,000 Urdu words to English with a clearer and straightforward explanation style.
• With the latest version, users now have entree to additional new English words (over 30,000) and their definition.
• Users can filter the contents of the dictionary as it can display only the words that begin with a certain alphabet. This is dandy compared to some digital dictionary where you have to scroll down till you see the word you want to check the meaning.
• The spic and span edition supports audio pronunciation, meaning that users can now listen to the right pronunciation of a word and its definition.

Download Cleantouch English To Urdu Dictionary:

For anyone looking for the best English to Urdu or Urdu to English dictionary to ameliorate their communication and vocabulary, Cleantouch Urdu Dictionary is the one with PREMIUM features, having handy lineaments and it’s user-friendly, give it a try by clicking the download button provided below.

                                                              Setup For Cleantouch Dictionary

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