ReclaiMe File Recovery Software

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Developed By ReclaiMe | (Version Build 3546) | 11th of February, 2018 | (100% Clean – Tested). 

ReclaiMe File Recovery Software 2018 build 3546 (setup for Windows PC) is an industrious program, empowered to recover the lost/deleted data on the storage devices while you lean-back. The application supports FAT, exFAT, NTFS, XFS and other filesystems.

Editor’s Note: NAS Data Recovery: ReclaiMe File Recovery software is popularly known as one of the best file recovering tools, why? It has NAS Data Recovery that’s seamlessly integrated into it which works efficaciously to reclaim any deleted data on the user’s PC, no data recovery skills or background required to employ these operations and it’s  quite easy to use. It works with various NAS devices such as Seagate BlackArmor, Thecus, Synology, Buffalo, LaCie and more.

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ReclaiMe File Recovery Software: Product’s Review:

   Technical Details 
 . Nomenclature: ReclaiMe File Recovery.
 . Genre: Data Recovery Programs.
 . Updated On: 11th Of February, 2018.
 . Official: ReclaiMe.Com.
 . Version: Build 3546.
 . Compatibility: 32 & 64 Bit.
 . Operating System:  Windows 10/8/7.
 . License: Freeware.
 . Setup Size: 1.09 MBs.

Why cry over a lost file when there is a revivification program that can recuperate deleted files? To create more space on our PC, we kick away a lot of data but alas some gets eliminated circumstantially, and regret is what takes place afterward. Even though PC builders made Recycling Bin to minimize the disastrous effect of deleting a file by mistake but the fact remains that, some data can’t convalesce and that’s where ReclaiMe File Recovery is a SAVIOUR. The program is more like a purposely developed platform for PC users to make them evade the agony of losing or deleting a file inadvertently. This apps functions as a tool to reclaim as the name connotes lost data from memory cards, USB and hard drives and even folders saved on Multidisk NAS devices and RAID arrays. This powerful tool can also invert formatting just in case the user formatted their hard disk or drive not deliberately, Reclaim File Recovery will seamlessly reverse the formatting, including the deleted files and folders. Geared towards Windows PC, the apps can help retrieve pictures as well as deleted files (audio, text, video, etc.) and folders, recover Raw system files, recover data from boot failure and more. It is very cushy to employ as it requires users with no prior-knowledge or any technical skills. Launch the software with a tap, wait for it to skim the system while it lists all the available drives and un-mounted partitions, select where the data/file is stockpiled, percuss on the start button and watch as all the files are recuperated.

About The Recovery Scan:

  • Well-Grounded Interface.
  • Easy to Use.
  • Supports NAS Devices.
  • Un-Format Drives.
  • Preview of Recovered Content.
  •  Recovery Process is Lethargic.
  •  Expensive Licensing Options.
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However, the software can be extremely slow so the user will have to chill for few minutes and moreover, scrupulousness is vital when employing reclamation tools and even the user doesn’t inevitably have to wait till the scanning gets finished. As the skimming process is on the go, the software gives a dynamic detail report so that the user can browse or employ a valuable search tool with NAS Data Recovery feature to descry their lost or missing files. Tapping on a record gives users a finicky preview, and once they decide it’s the lost data, it can be recovered with a couple of percusses. ReclaiMe is ground-breaking and versatile file recovery apps but it’s a little bit big-ticket, and that’s precisely where the problem comes in. Nonetheless, if the price is overlooked, ReclaiMe File Recovery Standard can handle all the files type on a PC running Windows while recovering data from Mac and Linux file systems will cost more by purchasing ReclaiMe File Recovery Ultimate.





ReclaiMe File Recovery Software: Product’s Salient Features:

  • Undelete Files

Mistakes sometimes seem inevitable, that’s why the app is developed to save the day. Undelete single files with a few percusses and even a multiple files or a folder. No more regrets for the accidentally terminated data.

  • Recover Photos

Users can now retrieve any of their pictures stored on memory cards used by mobile phones, digital camera, iPod, Tablets, and PDAs.

  • Un-format drive

This is one of the essential contours of the tool, it’s a standard thing to format a drive (hard drive, USB drive, Flash drive, etc.) maybe because of virus or trying to create space and by doing that, a lot of vital files get formatted with the drive. ReclaiMe File Recovery is a reverser and an excellent retriever to reverse the process and ensure all your essential data are retrieved.

  • Recover lost data due to boot failure
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Computers offer a gigantic help, but they can also disappoint users, save a creepy moment that can be caused by boot failure.

  • NAS Data Recovery

Network Attached Storage (NAS) data recovery is that efficient tool that capacitates users to recover the entire contents of their broken NAS in New York Time. NAS Data Recovery is a handy-dandy tool on its own that works efficiently, with it:

  • Users can now copy files and folders from one disk to another.
  • Recover deleted data in a twinkle of an eye.
  • It is compatible with all EXT and XFS formatted single drive.
  • During the scanning process, preview recoverable data with minutia.
  • NAS supports RAIDs (RAID-0, RAID-1, and RAID-5) stations from producers like DLink, Buffalo, Iomega, Western Digital and so on.
  • Carry out an all-embracing search for lost/deleted, recoverable files and folders.
  • It has a File Viewer that give entree to the details of a file.

Download ReclaiMe File Recovery Software:

Download the offline setup-installer for “ReclaiMe File Recovery Software” (suitable for both 32 and 64-Bit system architectures), below.


                                                                          Setup For ReclaiMe

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