EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free 12.0

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Loading... Developed By EaseUS | (Version 12.0) | 11th of September, 2018 | (100% Clean – Tested).

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard combines a peerless UI that becomes practical in any data-loss scenario, where it employs a robust process to recover the deleted data from any media including the hard drive, USB, memory cards and other storage media.

Editor’s Note: The recovery process with the program goes quite ingeniously and is pretty capable of doing what it promises, by delivers in the right manner. With a huge tabulation of support for file formats and compatibility with the storage devices, the application handles the data-recovery tasks quite practically. However, what repels the tech enthusiasts from it, is the free edition, which permits the user to recover a limited amount of data, other than that it does not compromise on the proficiency.

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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard: Product’s Review

   Technical Details.
 . Title: EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.
 . Genre: Data Recovery.
 . Updated On: 11th of September, 2018.
 . Official: EaseUs.Com.
 . Version: 12.0.
 . Compatibility: 32 & 64 Bit.
 . Operating System:  Windows 10/8/7.
 . License: Freeware.
 . Setup Size: 40.1 MB.

EaseUS data recovery wizard is a free cross-platform tool specially formulated to regain the access to the data that has been lost, eliminated intentionally or inadvisedly erased as a result of any virus attack. In conjunction with this, the software is proficient enough to retrieve the files regardless of the fact what is the format; it supports a vast number of file arrangements whether it is a crucial document, a graphical file, video clip, music of any audio, etc., it covers the whole nine yards. This application will win back documents fallen between the cracks through the external devices including, pen drives, SSD cards, Zip Drive and even the music players; it supports a whole enchilada of the storage devices. Wistfully, only a limited amount of data can be recovered, notwithstanding, the users can enhance the limit up to 2GB by introducing the programs to their friends and family via social media including, Google+, Twitter and Facebook.

What’s More?

  • Proficient in Recovering the Lost Data.
  • Preview Before Recovery.
  • Multiple Options for Content Retrieval.
  • A Cross-Platform Application.
  • Also Supports USB & Memory Cards.
  • Recover Up to 2GB for Free.
  •  A Bit Slower Recovery Process.
  •  Limited Recovery With a Free Version.

EaseUS data recovery wizard has two recovery modes, a quick scan method, and the deep scan, the smart scanning scheme is comparatively fast and performs the action expeditiously. The aforestated method may be productive but not as efficient and practical as the deep scan, as the extensive scanning performs the recovery process by approaching the deep-seated nooks of the disks/ hard drives, the reason why it is on the beam. The tech users are permitted to make the selection among the recovered documents, as not all the files retrieved by this program will be required by the user every time, so one can choose the data to retain. The application has been improved recently, and it now contains the enhanced “lost partition recovery function” which recovers the hidden files or the data that has been destroyed or lost from the RAW partition, conjointly, the RAW recovery has been revamped which means the recovery scans will be way more adequate and able from now on.


EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard: Product’s Core Features

  • Retrieve deleted data

Whether the data has been deleted deliberately or accidentally, EaseUS will proficiently recover it.

  • Attain files from the damaged hard drive

If the data has been lost due to the damage encountered by the hard drive or disks, it can be recovered with the help of this tool.

  • Obtain files from the crashed operating system

If the operating system has been crashed or there as some glitches, the data saved on it can be retrieved using this application.

  • Recovers lost data

Often the malicious content damages the data from the computing devices and can cause predicaments. Thus the files lost due to virus attacks can be recovered with this app. Moreover, if the partition has gone missing, it can be recognized efficiently without losing any data.

  • Multiple Scanning Modes

Quick scan as the name denotes itself, performs an immediate action to regain the access to the data with the assistance of basic algorithm.

Deep scanning procedure regains the files from the hard drives by accessing every nook and cranny of the hard drives by extending very far. However, since it performs a deep scan, it takes a bit longer as compared to the quick scan

  • Support for comprehensive file formats

It supports a wide range of file formats whether it is any document, graphical illustration, video clip, audio file, attachments from email, it has got everything covered.

  • Cross Platform

Being a cross-platform application, it competently serves the users on both Windows as well as Mac operating system.

  • Tweaks the data expunged from removable devices
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The software is capable of regaining the access to the data from Flash drives, memory cards, and other external devices.

Download EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

DownloadEaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free
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Program Details
Setup Name Drw.exe
Source Direct Download.
File Size: 40.1 MB (42,130,528 bytes).
Compatibility Windows (32-Bit, 64-Bit).

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