Propellerhead Reason 5.0.1

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Loading... Developed By Propellerhead Software (Version 5.0.1) 18th of March, 2018. (100% Clean – Tested). 

Propellerhead Software Reason 5 (setup for Windows PC) is a pragmatic music production platform that utilizes a number of convenient synthesizers, drum designers, line mixers, equalizers, phasers, classes and instrument creation tools.

Editor’s Note: With this spick and span release any initiated project (the user is working on) can be paused to be picked up later on, exactly from the spot where it left off. Further, when a piece of music is saved, it’s like a full-package as the program saves the whole studio setup with the composition for a future redact or identification. The software does not just impress, it inspires! The user can import samples, loops and drum kits for email distribution. Besides, cushy web publishing between two or more users is possible with the effects and instruments comprised of nice characters and attitude.

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Reason 5: Product’s Review:

   Technical Details 
 . Nomenclature: Propellerhead Reason 5.
 . Genre: Audio-Tools.
 . Updated On: 18th Of March, 2018.
 . Official: Propellerheads.Se.
 . Version: 5.0.1.
 . Compatibility: 32 & 64 Bit.
 . Operating System:  Windows 10/8/7.
 . License: Free Trial.
 . Setup Size: 2.48 GB.

As the name connotes, Reason is a digital studio that gives users hundreds of reasons they should gear up the music producer spirit in them. As a music lover, it’s high time you discover your own piece of genius with this bang-up studio and roll out life-filled songs or beats. A professional DJ is made up of plenty of practical, music yielding and composition tools at hand and this is the saying, show me your pertinent software collection in the studio, and I will tell you to know the kind of DJ you are. A mechanical engineer doesn’t want to have only a set of screwdrivers in his tools box and the same thing goes for a music producer because everyone wants to be the big guy at the top in their field or industry and REASON is the KEY to that.  This is a powerful tool developed by Propeller in Stockholm for creating stunning music, and with a garnered experience and excellent performance, the software had inscribed its name on the music generation industry. It is pretty accurate that a superb music production requires some immaculate tools and trust me, Reason is literally loaded with all those handy features to produce music like a pro. However, the software is not specifically geared toward beginners as it has a lot of advanced lineaments that can only be efficiently employed by seasoned music professionals.

  • Many Instruments to Create Sounds.
  • Advanced Loop Player.
  • Supports Rewire.
  • Multiple Phasers.
  • Create Various Sound Effects.
  •  Not Made for Beginners.
  •  Interface Looks a Little Messy.
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Having a sequencer, arpeggiator, groove mixer and a synthesizer made “Reason 5” one of the handiest music production software available for professionals in the music industry. Talking of efficacious digital studio for music generation, Reason is the guy with capable lineaments that can get you extremely impressed with the loaded interface as well as in terms of productivity and hassle-free approach to the built-in utilities. As many as the user computer can accommodate, the program is a limitlessly expandable music workstation on a CD-ROM, having a complete real-time sequencer.  Reason makes users forget about the downsides of producing music, confusing connections or malfunctioning modules.





Reason 5: Product’s Salient Features:

Sure you can’t wait to unwrap the features of this amazing program:

  • Manipulate Samples: Import samples into grain for redacting and reconnoiter the warm and nonfigurative sound of granular synthesis.
  • Synthesize Polysonic: Have a great feel of mixing and matching from over 40years of synth history because the software comes with a semi-modular instrument with efficient synthesis power.
  • Synthesize Analogically: This is like a sound doctor always ready to help the user to synthesize sound efficiently and promptly classically.
  • Drum Machine with Pattern: For the classic folks that love drums sound from the 80s, this is emphatically a great deal to feed your desire for classical music (Country Music).
    • Design Drum: With the 16 different pads full of inspiration, the user can create/design a drum beat to suit their music. Users can employ effects, samples, physical modeling and synthesis to make a drum machine like a pro.
    • Loop player: Become a doctor of music with flexible and nifty loop player that can turn static loops into playable musical instruments.
    • Favorite Instruments: To get a new flavor and another significant dimension of style, employ the sound of world instruments like blown, plucked, strummed or pumped.
    • Add Human Touch: The best music are the ones people can relate to, add a little human touch by using Humana’s selection of choirs and solo voices.
    • Mix Instruments: Users can mix and combine effects layer and instruments to produce quality, enjoyable and performance-friendly sounds.
  • Others are; NN-19, NN-XT, External MIDI Instrument, RPG-8, Matrix, Radical Piano, Real-time audio stretch, Subtractor, and
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Download Reason 5:

Download the offline installer for Propellerhead Reason 5.0.1 (suitable for both 32 and 64-Bit system architectures), here.


                                                                             Reason 5 Setup

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