TeamViewer 11 Free Download Latest Setup

TeamViewer 11 Free Download Latest Version Setup for Windows. Enjoy HD quality desktop and file sharing with high speed, using latest TeamViewer 2016.

TeamViewer 11 Product Review:

TeamViewer 11 with more speedy remote access, is here. Yes, version 11 is blessed with 15 times more of the connection speed with HD quality display while adjusting itself quite amazingly with the available bandwidth. Image rendering is enhanced and options are there to set them up as per user’s desire. Application comes with a support for Windows 10, iOS 9, Android platform and old operating systems, even a perfect solution to connect your Windows server remotely. Access control to unattended Android devices has been included and lower amount of data usage is also considered as a remarkable achievement by this brand new release. Plenty of improvements has been made quite intelligently, keeping in mind the users feedback about TeamViewer 10.

TeamViewer 11 Beta was the first release to version 11, before standard edition got unveiled. You may experience all latest advancements for free of cost as long as used for non-commercial purposes. Software is widely appreciated because its addressing the user’s dependability and swiftness requirements. Group sharing and toolbar improvements are quite evident in a glimpse, while Chrome OS support is also made a part of the improvement slug, as well. We have practically experienced that, connection to remote device is quicker and stable in comparison to older versions of TeamViewer, further multi-platform stability is also there to make use of it for the devices you ever wanted to connect through. TeamViewer 11 is also equipped with customer support SOS button, which allows your customers to get support quickly and easily, just by attending support button provided at desktop. This intimates administrator to address the issues for customers and to provide them instant help, which they have requested for.

TeamViewer 11 Free Download Latest Setup

Al it requires a user id and password to connect with the device remotely. TeamViewer 11 is committed to provide faster file transfer as long as both of the devices stay connected. The intuitive interface which can now be experienced in a Browser, is simply an amazing advancement in the series, further in addition to Browser based remote desktop access, edition ensures browser support as well. Broad support for multiple flavors of Windows 10 is what, that has made this universal application to work for millions of PC’s and Tablets across the globe. TeamViewer chat console is also a favorite feature that is now with more control and swift delivery of msgs from one Computer to other. Users can chat and can share important information while they are connected through a session.

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TeamViewer 11 Free Download Latest

TeamViewer 11: Salient Features:

TeamViewer 11 is all about providing a real-time satisfaction to customers and to deliver more connection speed with less bandwidth and CPU cycles consumption, while some other distinctive features are listed below.

  1. Enhanced performance in all terms.
  2. SOS button inclusion to address support requests.
  3. Grouping improvements.
  4. Support for Chrome OS and all operating systems.
  5. Something new for Android devices.
  6. Browser based experienced.
  7. Based on clients need.
  8. 15% boost for file transferring.
  9. Overall 50% speed and connection related improvements.
  10. Much more, give it a try now.

TeamViewer 11 (2)

TeamViewer 11: Important Product Details:

  1. Product Nomenclature: TeamViewer 11.
  2. Class/Category: Remote Access.
  3. Version: 11/2016.
  4. Updated Here on: 27 March 2016.
  5. License: Free (Non-Commercial).
  6. Developers: TeamViewer.
  7. Total Size: 10.7 Mbs.
  8. Setup type: Offline Installer.
  9. Setup Name: TeamViewer_11_Setup.exe.
  10. Compatibility: Windows 10/8/7, Chrome OS, Android. IOS 9.

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Our Suggestion About TeamViewer 11:

you believe or not, there is a big difference between the previous releases and this one, Yes 11th edition is with something more in terms of users reliability, speedy connections and performance optimizations. Performance tweaks have been made as per user’s demand, so version 11 is more likely to be called as user’s edition. Give it a try now.

How to Download TeamViewer 11:

Offline setup installer for TeamViewer 11 is provided below, which is compatible will all OS and for 32 bit and 64 bit systems. Download now with high speed.


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