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Free download SHAREit for Windows Latest Version 2016 Setup. New SHAREit version is the fastest way to transfer your data across multiple devices.

SHAREit For Windows: Product Review:

SHAREit is a convenient, safer yet a quicker way to share huge files between PC and phones or Tablets. This amazing tool can transfer GB’s of content in any format including images (pictures), Video, Audio, setup files, and documents, with amazingly fast speed and safety. Application is oriented to set to operations without requiring any cable connection or USB drives, further, this tool is a choice of millions across the globe for transferring huge data amongst the mentioned devices, and the best part making it a dominant one is, the operations are many times faster than a Bluetooth connection. The Product is compatible with different Laptops, Personal Computer’s, iOs and Android devices.

The newer version of SHAREit comes with striking features and fixtures for bugs. With the operational application, different devices can be detected automatically over the Wifi and be prompted for direct connections to transfer the data. The availability of free usage for the application is the most interesting part, where its reachable for home users, students and available for commercial purposes as well. At a family gathering, users have found this tool of great significance as there is no restrictions on data transference and files from the device could be found within seconds. But not to be biased, the User Interface is not at all a friendly one, at least not for me, it takes some technicality to get your device searching for directories and data transferred over the signals. So, practicing it twice or thrice would make a better user understanding. Another significant feature to be highlighted here is, the usage where one has to share files between PCs. Yes, it could be a daunting task to share files between two Computers, and now it’s being made easy with this invention by Lenovo.

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“SHAREit for Windows” is a term that signifies the operations of the app on a PC where the connecting device would probably an Android smartphone or Tablet. The QR code scanning is there on an installation of the application for a PC and which could be synchronized with the other device. Another reason to have this tool is, to back up your phone’s data for availability in case of accidental loss. As mentioned before, the expertise is in transferring quickly, regardless of the size of a file, image or video. Another Appreciatable incident is the direct connection between the machines, without saving the precious or sensitive data on the cloud. In a test by our team, the product seems to us an irresistible one which doesn’t drop the connection signals, while the file-sharing operations are underway. One can use the product without any limitations on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 if it’s intended to be used on PC only.

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There are some other things which are to be added to the product’s review above. Check the list below for other outstanding features that you might have missed with an introductory review.

SHAREit for Windows: Product’s Salient Features:

  1. An easy, fastest and the safer way to transfer data amongst the devices.
  2. Remote view to check the files ready for transfer.
  3. ShareIt on the phone makes PowerPoint presentations controllable on the PC.
  4. No max file size restriction.
  5. Devices can be found automatically.
  6. Within the range, devices are prompted to establish a connection.
  7. High transfer speed.
  8. Even 50x faster than a Bluetooth.
  9. Photos could be streamed from the Android.
  10. Much More, Give it a try now…

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SHAREit for Windows: Important Product Details:

  1. Product’s Title: SHAREit for Windows.
  2. Genre: File Sharing.
  3. Updated Here On: 11th of August 2016.
  4. Version Info:
  5. License: Freeware.
  6. File Size: 5 MB.
  7. Setup Type: Offline installer.
  8. Compatibility: XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Now Windows 10.
  9. Developer’s: Lenovo.
  10. Availability for Devices: Android, PC, iOS-iPhone.

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Our Verdict About SHAREit for Windows:

While considering the transference of huge files without any hurdle and with the fastest possible speed, SHAREit is an extremely beneficial tool that could be set for operations just within a minute on installation. A bit of smartness is required to reach out the file on a device, rest is assured that data is to be kept safe, complete and direct, throughout the sharing. From PC to PC or PC to another device, the same sharing speed was being experienced, regardless of the size of the file.

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How to Download SHAREit for Windows:

SHAREit is made available on a click to the download button below. This is the latest version setup v3.5.0.1144, with something new, to be experienced.


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