AVG Antivirus Free Download Version (17.7.3032) Setup

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Developed By AVG Technologies (Version 17.7.3032)6th of November, 2017. (100% Clean – Tested).

Download AVG latest (v17.5.53021) that protects efficiently and seamlessly against all sort of spyware, spam links, unsafe downloads and other kinds of malware.

AVG Antivirus (v17.5.3032): Product’s Review:

   Technical Details 
 . Nomenclature: AVG Free Antivirus.
 . Genre: Antivirus Solution.
 . Updated On: 6th Of November, 2017.
 . Developer: AVG.Com.
 . Version: 17.7.3032.
 . Compatibility: 32 & 64 Bit.
 . Operating System:  Windows 10/8/7.
 . License: Freeware.
 . Setup Size: 275 & 284 MB.

We’ve recently listed AVG Free Antivirus as our best-loved product under the “The Ten Best Free Antivirus Programs For Windows PC, ” and that comparison did not mean to highlight a choice of mine. Instead, some comprehensive tests were there to shortlist the topper. AVG stands out as a top-end program that brings many necessary and essential features with an extensive malware scanning package, browsing surveillance and spam detection. The product tends to be more oriented in visiting the unsafe links whether they are being visited through a browser or an Email. Over the time, many independent malware testing labs have declared this free utility as a recommended option for those who strive to get a free light-weight program for scanning the PC performance issues, real-time protection against spyware and other malware. With its enormous qualities, the program is a choice for millions across the globe and is usually praised for the customizable interface, top-notch virus protection against the rogue files, and periodic updates. The latest version seems a bit different and is blessed with some new technologies that are even smarter to keep your machine noticeably faster while going through the scanning process. Although, AVG lacks in quick scanning that doesn’t mean to be lacking in something that is mandatory at all. The last year AVG got acquired by AVAST, but the merger wasn’t expected to integrate the products instead a separate line of business is still intact for both programs. This amalgamation brings a single parent company with two large products, which specializes in different fields. AVG free version concentrates is what is being offered for free and the dashboard is listed along with many other features that require an upgrade to be enjoyed. Fortunately, the product comes with a passive mode, which means it could be used as an optional program without pulling down the antivirus program, you already having on the device.

What’s Got Covered With AVG Free Antivirus:

  • Simple & Easy To Go.
  • File Shredder.
  • Customizable.
  • A Full Antimalware Utility.
  • Scheduling.
  •  No Cart Protection.
  •  Lacking In Android Support.
  •  Scans May Take More Time.
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The color contrast seems quite prepossessing, and AVG seems committed to rolling back that classy interface which did seem a bit complicated to handle in previous versions. Now after getting done with the installation procedure, a dashboard with only five options will be furnished straightaway, comprising, Computer, Web and Email protection always on the go, while the advanced options like payments processing protection are not available without spending some bucks for upgrading the program. If you are suspecting that a viral program might get drilled into your PC and is residing there, need not agonize about it and let AVG handle the situation by its “Deep Computer Scan” option. The multiple scan options are there to deal with the savage that has crippled your computer from working efficiently, and these variant scanning types are including a comprehensive Computer scan for hidden threats, more fast malware scan, performance, and USB scan. Opportunely, AVG does come up with scheduled scans, which are worthwhile to set up for the time when you usually leave the PC on finishing the routine work. One may feel providential when a malicious link gets visited and sees a prompt notifying the type of script contained and blocking it subsequently from running the same. While considering the offsets or drawbacks, one may ramble mainly when it comes to speeding up the machine up to the considerable level; Yes AVG free version isn’t good at all in boosting up the PC’s performance concerning speed, in fact, no such option is there within the dashboard. Nonetheless, considering the pros, users with free AVG badge are still enjoying numberless the premium features without spending a penny.

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AVG Antivirus (v17.5.3032): Product’s Salient Features:

AVG free antivirus is intended to provides some extraordinary features with a familiar and straightforward interface, let’s have a glimpse of what else this program is equipped with.

  1. Scanning options to opt from.
  2. Doesn’t hog too much PC resources.
  3. Up to the mark surfing protection.
  4. Works perfectly with Mac and latest flavors of Windows.
  5. A file shredder to erase specific file or folder.
  6. Negligible false-positives rate.
  7. Refreshingly cool in look.
  8. Provides a comprehensive security for Emails and life on the web.
  9. Aced high scores in independent labs tests.
  10. Auto-fix for alerts that prompt on browsing.
  11. Automatic updates for virus definitions.
  12. Even more.

Our Suggestions &Verdict About AVG Antivirus (v17.5.3032):

Even with what AVG has got, it could be compared with some highly rated premium programs that give shut up call to modern malware. Sometimes it seems extremely hard to tell or remember, that where did you get infected at first? AVG with its simple yet powerful interface brings many types of scanning options to bring PC back to life. System impact is also negligible, and that’s being counted as one of the hottest features developed by AVG over the time. Upgrading to the paid version would undoubtedly bring some accessory benefits and is worthwhile to choose for, but for the necessary PC protection, the free version is enough to go with. So do consider this product which tends to be better than it’s closest competitors with fewer features.

Where to Download AVG Antivirus (v17.5.30.32):

Both 32 and 64 Bit versions of AVG free Antivirus latest are listed below, choose the one suiting the system architecture and let the download begin.

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                                                                 32 Bit Setup


                                                                 64 Bit Setup

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