Windows 8 Vs 8.1 Revealed Features & Reasons To Update

Windows 8 Vs 8.1 would reveal some convincing reasons for you to upgrade straight away to an updated version and experience the all new features by Microsoft.

Windows 8 Vs 8.1: A Comparison:

What are the dominant difference between Windows 8 and 8.1…??? And is there any need to upgrade to Windows 8.1 while you are satisfied enough without opting for an update…??? to answer these questions a comprehensive comparison is about to be unfolded here. Well, first of all, it’s to be noted here that, Windows 8.1 is not at all a separate release by the Microsoft, rather it’s an upgrade for user’s to experience some noticeable changes. Improvements or enhancements to the baseline are not much pertinent or mandatory to be considered anyway, but still there are existing to gain some attention by the OS enthusiasts.

Windows 8.1 has officially appeared on 17th of October 2013 and went well with huge user appreciation but over the time it’s being realized that an update was just intended to deliver a set’s of modified applications, start screen improvements, Inclusion of start button, less disc space consumption and an intelligently designed multi-tasking interface to control related functionalities with ease and less CPU cycles consumption. Eye catching thing was the availability of this upgrade for free to customers who had Windows 8.0. Operating systems are based on the improvements from the predecessor releases, specially Microsoft has retained this custom by fixing up the unpopular experimentations that they ever did to Win 8. On a shorter note an update is solely designed to deliver what Microsoft’s had promised to deliver with the passage of time to their customers, especially making it a choice for those who demanded the availability of OneDrive integration, Boot to Desktop option and the inclusion of more advanced apps on the click of a desktop.


Windows 8.1 Can be Done Automatically & Free of Charge:

Yes, the package can be made available just within 30-45 minutes after a click on a prompt box that would probably annoy you to upgrade. It’s absolutely free and doesn’t require a manual search at Windows stores to ensure the availability of an update. Time for the update is just an assumption but it merely depend’s upon your internet connection speed. We have experienced that, an update would probably consume the time period mentioned aforesaid with around 1.5 GB of data to be downloaded and merged.

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Reduction of Disk Space Usage:

Windows 8 assumed to carry more disk space in comparison to it’s update and that is one of the most signification reasons to switch to Windows 8.1 without any hesitation. In SSD regime 8.1 is a good choice to have it on, as it’s intended to consume less disk space, as multiple programs within the OS are trimmed to perform with standard swiftness but putting up the lighter burden on the system’s disk space consumption.

Advance Apps On The Taskbar:

Availability and integration with dragging and dropping acrobat, for some never seen applications to the taskbar’s fold is also an appreciatable discovery by the updated version. Applications like store app could be made available to the taskbar line and can be accessed just by having a single click on that, further a better view for the desktop’s ongoing activity can be experienced by hovering over the cursor to the program that is already opened by the user. These enhancements were although not a demand from the users but they are included to take Windows 8 to the newer and a coherent look.


Live Tiles Arrangement and Availability:

Some of the Live gadgets were badly missing the Windows 8, but they are shown with an upgrade. No matter, live tiles are larger or smaller in size, they are always accessible on the comfort of a single click and are adjusted more intelligently to fit the screen as per their significance and demand’s by the users.

Boot To The Desktop Feature:

This might be the most dependable feature for that you want to experience by spending your precious time over an up gradation Microsoft’s thinking has got changed a bit and they have taken some serious steps to ensure the availability of Boot to desktop. That shows the awareness of an operating system to detect whether it’s running on a desktop PC, Laptop or a tablet device. In a former case it boots to the desktop, still making sure the operational start screen for the user. Apps are still there and accessible while OS is performing booting actions.

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Enchanted Search Experience:

Whether it’s about convenience in searching your favorite application out of the slugs or making your search an effective way to pass keywords through the world wide web with most relevant results, 8.1 dominantly show’s some advanced level expertise in that. Just make sure that you have typed an appropriate keyword or phrase at taskbar and have a comprehensive and the most relevant stuff at your disposal. One may get amongst the better results with details, official pages and with an organized settings to opt from what you desire. Search is powered by Bing by default but it’s equipped with a powerful engine to trace the web efficiently and by presenting the most relevant links.

Automated Application Updates:

I never have had experienced any prompt for the applications that are living their in my Apps directory. Yes, they will be automatically fixed for the most recent releases. Keep the apps on disposal, updated with latest version carries away the job that was required to be done on a user’s part. Similarly and multi-tasking is another feature that is hardly being experienced with its base version.


In addition to the comparison review above, there are some other compelling features that you may want to know before the upgrade, and they are listed below to have an idea.

Striking Features & Domination of Windows 8.1 over 8.0:

  1. Lock screen is now dynamic and with beautiful images to be shown in slides.
  2. Enhanced support for multi-monitor system.
  3. SkyDrive Integration is now more convenient to be done.
  4. Inclusion of official application’s for social media like Facebook.
  5. Appearance of desktop background at start screen.
  6. More sizes for live tiles.
  7. Mouse tactics are improved.
  8. Internet explorer 11.
  9. Support for GUI up to 200 percent.
  10. Support for multiple un-installation wizards.
  11. Could be regarded as a professional version to Windows 8.
  12. More variant adjustment of start screen.
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In A Nutshell:

Upgradtion to Windows 8.1 can be done in a fully automated way to get you the more committed OS that promises the fixtures and the availability of some modern features. Customization with 8.1 is getting smarter and search experience is also an imporved one. Above all and update won’t cost you a penny still it would definitely worth and will bring some features that would be making your OS and workspace a more comfortable platform to work with, an example of which is, multiple un-install shield wizards, less disk space usage and  appearance of more applications.

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