How To Get Windows 10 Legally For Free In 2017

There are multiple legal ways to get your hands on Windows 10 Home, Pro and Enterprise for free. Download and upgrade to the most secure Windows at no cost.

Upgrading to Windows 10 From Windows 7 or 8 is Still Possible…???

Definitely not. Microsoft’s lucrative promotion “To Upgrade Freely to Windows 10 From Windows 7 or 8” ended last year July, hence under this slot there is no chance to get the said OS deployed on your machine. Experiencing Windows 10 is like “bringing home the bacon” hence the offer went in a great way, which encouraged Windows enthusiasts across the globe to switch to brand new OS, leaving licensed Windows 7 or Windows 8, behind. So what’s now, is there any chance to get this refined and broadly improved OS for your organization’s productivity or for home usage in a legit way and without spending a penny…??? Well..! it might be possible in many of the cases, depending upon the requirement by a consumer, whether a user wants to give a try to this feature-rich operating system or a proper licensing is a notion. Assuming that a machine is loaded with Windows 10, which brings a blended approach from its predecessor operating systems, polished with excellent touch support and a voice oriented “Cortana Assistant” for your digital needs, what an amazing experience it could be. So let’s have a look into how, we may have a revealing experience with the most recent upgrade in the series.

Firstly, a free trial for 90 days, which is actually an evaluation period for three months. This offer is only available at Microsoft’s portal for the “Enterprise Edition” solely. The Enterprise OS is developed with a sophisticated approach by keeping in mind the modern security threats to OS itself and the data processed by it. Further there is being offered a flexible deployment environment, a pretty dependable way to deal with available applications and also the customization options are even better. What our experience says about Windows 10 Enterprise is, the support it has come up with is simply immaculate and is covering a wide array of subjects including those related to deployment, planning and optimization. Product is available in multiple languages including English (USA), English (UK), Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, French, German and Portuguese. Try these Enterprise editions (Version 1703, LTSB 2016, 32 Bit and 64 Bit) for your business or IT oriented needs and all it required is a registration with Microsoft, a little pre-install information and that’ all. Secondly,  Those who have left from getting benefited from 2016’s much-hyped offer by Microsoft for free upgradation, may also be urged to look into the copy of Windows without any cost, if they use “Assistive Technology”. Special accessibility hardware and software like, Magnifiers, Virtual Keyboards and screen readers etc. These technologies are broadly oriented to get an output with lesser input, like an example where a program allows people to type quick, with fewer keystrokes. So if you are using any Assistive Technology compatible with Microsoft’s products, then go to Microsoft Accessibility and upgrade to Windows 10. Consider this Discounted Offer To Buy Windows 10 Pro On a Cheap Price (90% Off).

Thirdly, Windows Insider is an initiative by Microsoft that enables the users to experience the upcoming editions of the OS before releasing it to general public (an accessibility to various builds). The facility is previously only available to developers and programmer’s, but now Windows enthusiasts may get their hands on beta testing phases for the developing software and send their feedback and rating through a specialized app designated for the purpose and leaving a note facility for the development team by Microsoft. There is an insider community to support the IT Professionals and business class and also an opportunity to download Windows 10 Builds for free, using the corporate credentials (Already Licensed). Fourthly, A digital license is also a way to revert back to Windows 10. We are using the term “Reverting Back” because of a one solid reason, that once the machine had an activated Windows 10 License (whether upgraded through previous eligible versions or through proper licensing) and later on the downgrade happened or done. All it required is a Windows 10 Media Creation Tool, Next, make the ISO a bootable created disk or mount it to let the upgrade initiated. Keep your Microsoft account log in, and proceed with the prompts. On completion of the upgradation process, you may confirm the “Digital License to Windows by going to Settings >>> Upgrade & Security >>> Activation.

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Windows 10 is loaded with Tons of new features throughout the OS evolution, that will definitely enhance your experience. In a list below some of the most talked-about particulars concerning Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Home, Pro and Enterprise are listed.

Windows 10: Salient Features:

  1. Advance level of protection, easy deployment, comprehensive management and easily accessible support options (Specially For Enterprise).
  2. Availability in Ten different languages (All Editions).
  3. Much improved and advance “Action Center” (All Editions).
  4. Presence of a digital assistant “Cortana”.
  5. Better taskbar control and new icons added.
  6. Built-in support for direct “Print to PDF”.
  7. Command prompt keyboard shortcuts included (Ctrl + A, Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V).
  8. Smart Microsoft Edge with a reading mode distraction free, facility.
  9. Extremely “user friendly” interface.
  10. Availability of offline maps to be used without internet connection, hit settings to download maps.
  11. Game play recording facility through Xbox app.
  12. Presence of Windows Ink Workspace.
  13. OneCore improvements are also evident.
  14. Improved battery life.
  15. Un-necessary apps from predecessor editions have been removed.

Windows 10: Pertinent Product Details:

  1. Article Updated Here: 5th of July, 2017.
  2. Product’s Nomenclature: Windows 10.
  3. Editions/Version Available: Enterprise, Pro, Home.
  4. Updated Under: Software-Tutorials.
  5. Developer’s: Microsoft.Com.
  6. Free Edition: Trial/Evaluation.
  7. System Requirements: 1 Ghz, 1 GB RAM, 16 GB (Disk Space for 32-Bit), 20 GB (64-Bit), 800 x 600 Display and Direct X 9.0 or later Graphics Card.
  8. Languages: English (USA), English (UK), Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, French, German and Portuguese.
  9. Windows Insider: Yes, A community to give feedback on latest builds.
  10. Setup Type: ISO Bootable Media.

Our Verdict/Suggestions:

There exist various ways to answer the question “How To Get Windows 10 Legally For Free In 2017…??” and we have tried to share all possible ways to get that done, but never to forget that trial or evaluation always comes up with time constraint and in any way you have to buy a license key as the free GWX won’t work any more. Buying this feature-loaded operating system may be little expensive for home users or for some professionals, hence this article would let them experience the said OS without spending a penny to check whether spending on proper licensing is going to worth the time, money or the efforts made.

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Windows 10 Download, Is of Any Worth…???

Try the different methods provided above and do let us know with the feedback on your experience. Also, if there is another legit way to experience this outstanding OS for free, do inform us in the comment section below, to get this article updated.

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7 thoughts on “How To Get Windows 10 Legally For Free In 2017

  1. Nathan Happy Soars

    - Edit


    Actually if you upgrade any unit that has the windows 8 key embeded into its MB, it will activate legitimately once you upgrade to windows 10 even tho the trial period has finished. Have successfully done this 100% of the time.

    1. I have a legit Windows 8 operating system on my Toshiba Satellite P870 and I want to upgrade to Windows 10. Do you think I can also upgrade without paying for it?

      1. Nathan Happy Soars

        - Edit


        Yeah should be fine. Just download the iso file using the steps the listed above, run the setup while in windows and it will do the rest for you. Windows 8 and onwards should have the key embeded into the mainboard.

  2. I have a Toshiba Satellite P870…. I have Windows 8 loaded from Toshiba so its a legit system…. I want to upgrade to Windows 10 but I am concerned about the updated drivers still not being compatible with Windows 10….. do you think its still worthwhile upgrading to Windows 10? I have used it before I liked it

    1. Justin Williams

      - Edit


      Windows 10 picked up all my drivers on upgrade perfectly. Much better than previous versions, so I don’t think this should stop you upgrading. Still not as slick as Mac OS but windows 10 is much better than any previous versions. Go for it..

  3. I had a windows 7 PC and upgraded for free to windows 10 when it first came out BUT now, I want to do a fresh install and start again. Considering I only have a windows 7 key and the windows 10 upgrade key is hidden in the registry, is it possible to do a fresh install and retain my windows 10 OS?

  4. HumanLongevity Awaken

    - Edit


    My PC came with Win 10. Tried it for a few months. Finally just got sick of it and downgraded back to Win 7 (not even 8) . Seems, to me, that all windows above 7 are just no good, no better, and certainly no faster and 10 is very hard to use (no, not just different, but more like brain disabled), and certainly no faster at all than optimized win 7, and I need none of the “new” win 10 features as all is available on win 7 from MS or other, as 99% are just whiz gang junk meant to impress while doing nothing, certainly nothing one could not already do. So free or not, Win 10 not worth it. It is a step back. That is why MS has had to resort to giving it away. Otherwise few would use it.

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