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Download Skype Offline For Windows PC (32-Bit, 64-Bit) latest version setup for free. An outright analysis: Skype is an extensive socializing messenger, packed with practical communication peculiarities making it a conversant application that is jammed with extraordinary aspects to take advantage and pal around contently. A software to get in touch with people globally, with Skype the possibilities are unlimited and is entirely compatible with Windows 10, 8, 8.1 and 7. The Program undoubtedly offers a variety of free ways to communicate through video streaming, voice calls, chat with animated characters (emoticons) and plenty of other features souped-up, by the virtue of its effectiveness. Skype endeavors its user to share pictures, multimedia and other documents with their contacts however it does not work without an internet connection but definitely cuts the mustard while online. In addition to it, landline and calls to cellular phones (VOIP) are not free of cost and the data plans are offered to take advantage of this facility. The platform has an appropriately expressive text conversation, one can articulate the reaction and feelings using GIFs, emojis, and stickers as per mood. Actually, the app can be customized using the tint of preference to refrain getting bored of the consistent outlook for an interminable span. Smile big! the program offers its user an amenity of using Skype as a communication medium locally or when on an international tour as well. Skype numbers are feasibly accessible to acquire and the user can be accessed anywhere using this number. To the contrary, the skype number only works in 23 countries around the globe, well! no more roaming hassle.

Without jumping on a bandwagon, Skype possesses an unparalleled feature of screen sharing and voice-over IP. As compared to typical messengers, the user can share the entire or selected part of the screen with the person on the other side. Anyhow the group calls are at one’s disposal, around 25 people can communicate and share content interim and rapidly, further, the screen sharing is enabled on group conversations too. There might be oodles of sources to transfer files, but with Skype, multiple documents can be shared with diversified users at a time. It’s an app contrived for everyone, with an uncomplicated interface which is immensely undemanding and absolutely a plain sailing!.  The program has a translator, to convert the conversations into any language for the ease of users, to contract the verbal distance. For the advanced version of Skype, “Highlights” feature has also been introduced. Larger than life it facilitates the consumer to add and view snapshots, also, they sojourn for seven days. Skype conceptually put forth the professional account to conduct business meetings via the program’s interface and with this enterprise-level account, it is also possible to schedule the business sessions while competently providing the payment means too, however, it currently accommodates English-speaking users only. All in all, Skype is a resourceful intercommunication application, useful for multiple aspects of daily life let it be personal or professional.

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        Download Skype For Windows Latest To Old Versions:

                                 Skype Major Releases (Descending Order)
 Skype Version   (Setup Size: 57.66 MB).
 (Refined UI, Highlights Feature to Share Moments  & Customizable Interface). 
 Skype Version   (Setup Size: 56.50 MB).
 (Share Assorted Reality, Improved Search Options & Update Mood Message). 
 Skype Version   (Setup Size: 20145 KBs Online Installer).
 (Various Bugs Fixed, Improved Interface & Added Emoticons). 
 Skype Version  (Setup Size: 41.84 MB).
(Security Vulnerabilities Fixed, Added Skype Extension & Grouping Up to 25 Users ).
 Skype Version  (Setup Size: 41.7 MB).
(HD Video Streaming, Screen-Sharing & Improved File Sharing).