Why It’s Worth Trying Text To Speech Technology

By: Jav Zeb Iqbal.
Last Updated: March 24, 2020.

Text-to-speech (TTS) is a prototype of assistive voice technology that translates digital text audibly. It’s additionally acknowledged as called “read aloud” technology. Merely within a click of the button or tap of a finger, TTS can catch words on a computer or other digital medium and transform them into audio.

TTS gives access to your content to a bigger population, such as those with learning difficulties, comprehending disabilities, lessened vision and those acquiring language skills. It also unrolls ways to anyone else seeking for more straightforward ways to reach the digital content.

Over time, the computers have managed to learn and recognise language from experience, thanks to unbelievable up-to-date progress in artificial intelligence and machine-learning. But sign processing is what gets it all achievable.

TTS is extremely accommodating for kids who strive with reading. But it can also assist kids with writing and adjusting, and even concentrating.

How text-to-speech works TTS works

If you are searching for a text to voice website then you have come to the right place. Below I am going to explain why notevibes are the best text to speech online converter. And you won’t have to find any other website now that you have come across us. User satisfaction is what we look forward to.

With approximately each and individual digital medium, including computers, smartphones, and tablets. All sorts of text records can be read audibly, including Word Pages and documents. Moreover, online web pages can be expressed aloud.

The voice in Text to Speech Technology is computer-generated, and training
speed can usually be expedited up or decreased down. Voice tone and quality
changes, but some voices seem human. There are also computer-generated sounds
and voices that sound like children talking.

Currently, Notevibes supports 18 languages which are English (US, UK, AU, IN), Spanish, German, Dutch, French, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Hindi, Vietnamese, Korean, Indonesian, Arabic, Mandarin Chinese. In addition to this, there are 157 premium natural sounding voices. You won’t get these many options with any other platform.

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The packages are also not that expensive with the personal set costing only $9 per month. Whereas if you want to use the platform for commercial uses then it costs $90 per month.

You also get the option of distributing your audio files on other platforms and websites. You are a hundred percent owner of your files with this package. Whereas with the personal pack you can’t distribute your files on other websites.

Now let’s talk about the features. There are so many specialities that this blog would be too small to list. But the main features are realistic voice generator, files history which is saved for up to 14 days, an advanced editor which lets you customize your speech with pitch and voice speed controls, ability to add background music using the systematic speech markup language, YouTube video voice over, exclusive access to wavenet voices from the deep mind, IVR voice generator.

What’s More?

You can visit our website and check the samples of text to speech voices to understand how realistic and natural they sound. with the speech synthesis markup language, you could use special tags for customizing your audio. You can also create voicemail greetings in different languages with tones and intonations. You also get the option to save your audio in two file formats.

And since TTS lets children understand and discover text when reading, it produces a multisensory reading proficiency. Researchers have affirmed that the combination of seeing and hearing text when reading:

  • Progresses word recognition
  • Strengthens the capability to pay attention and master data while reading
  • Enables kids to concentrate on understanding instead of sounding out words
  • Boosts kids’ staying power for reading homework
  • Helps kids understand and fix mistakes in their writing pieces
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Notevibes also offers an affiliate program in which they pay a 20% commission on sales generated by you. They also have a 30-day cookie window in case your referral doesn’t buy instantly but decides to buy later on. you can find additional information on our affiliate page. Also, the 20% commission is for a lifetime and as long as your referral is subscribed you will be getting paid.

We accept Paypal and all the major card companies around the world for payments. We also accept cryptocurrencies. Although you could start with the free pack and get your hands dirty. Once you are comfortable switch over to the premium packages. If you liked the free pack then you would definitely be very happy with the premium packages as they allow you to do almost anything.

User-friendliness and their satisfaction is something that we are always working towards. Their feedback is really important to us and no user goes unhappy from our platform. We also accept requests for custom plans and packages if you have any specific requirements.


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