Valorant: 5 Tips For Playing As Skye

By: Jav Zeb Iqbal.
Last Updated: January 27, 2022.

If you have been on Valorant recently, then you must have stumbled upon Skye. Skye is an initiator agent that is better utilized as a team member.

In her team, she serves better in tactical decision-making and reconnaissance. What’s more? Sky has trinkets that allow her to call different creatures to assist during combat.

Read on to know more about Skye’s abilities and learn specific situations where you can maximize them. To add to your Valorant tips, we recommend that you buy Valorant Cheats as you will find them indispensable to your game.

5 Tips for Playing Valorant as Skye

1. Skye doesn’t suit Beginners

Using Skye as your main agent requires a high level of attentiveness and prescription if you must get substantial kills. Although her abilities sound very easy, it will take some time to gain mastery of her abilities, especially as a beginner. Thus, requiring several hours of practice.

Also, Skye has relatively low health stamina, which could be destructive if in the wrong hands. This is further because she cannot heal herself, despite being able to heal all four squadmates. 

Another mistake common with beginners happens when they flash teammates, blinding them in the process. So if you’re a beginner, you should try using Brimstone or Breach instead of Skye.

2. Skye’s Best Combat Role

Since Skye cannot heal herself, the fierce battle associated with the frontline isn’t for her. However, her Trailblazer ability can help the team scout for enemies and as a weapon. In addition, the Trailblazer tiger can be used to concuss enemies on command, thus, serving as a weapon.

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Another good recon ability of Skye is the Seeker. It will help your team to stay out of blind fights. So, the best way to use Skye is to heal wounded teammates and gather information quickly behind the fires. In a nutshell, you shouldn’t use Skye if you’re after kills; instead, use her to coordinate the fights.

3. Communicate With Your Teammates 

If you are playing with Skye, always keep your team members informed about your intentions. This is because some of Skye’s abilities can be harmful to fellow team members, for example, the Guiding light. Despite being originally intended against enemies, your teammates might fall victim.

You may also be in great danger if you venture off alone as Skye, leaving your teammates behind. Skye cannot heal herself, despite being her team’s healer. As a result, you may end up getting killed. This further affects your team since they will be fighting at 4 VS 5 against teams with complete members.

4. Skye’s Regrowth Ability

Regrowth is Skye’s healing ability that enables her to heal her wounded team members. This AOE heals a specific amount of HP in each round but has a setback: her inability to heal herself. This makes it a poor preference, compared to Sage’s Healing Orb.

Another drawback of Skye’s regrowth is that she has to holster her weapons before healing teammates. This can be fatal if an enemy suddenly emerges from a corner; both teammates could get killed. So you must make sure the place is safe before using this ability to avoid making yourself an easy target.

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5. Skye’s Guiding Light

This is one of Skye’s popular abilities, which, when cast, allows her to literally blind enemies for a while. Before casting, she has to equip this ability.

Once casting is initiated, Skye sends out a hawk in the path of her crosshair. This hawk expires and detonates at the lapse of a certain time duration, blinding everyone in its line of sight.

On detonation, it gives a clue that informs you if an enemy was hit during the flash. Helping you or your teammates to rush in and have a kill.

This ability can also blind your teammates if they’re within the detonation radius of the hawk. So always be certain of their positions before flashing, or inform them beforehand.


Skye’s abilities make her a great team member, but not on the front lines. Her healing, recon, and tracking abilities help to put the team on a more balanced scale for the fight. Also, her abilities make it possible for her team to launch coordinated attacks with proper information.

But remember always to keep her protected since she cannot heal herself. If you’re after many kills, don’t lead the fights with Skye. More importantly, you need to spend more time practicing if you’re a beginner that wants Skye as his mains. 


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