Using React Native for Mobile App Development (Advantages and Disadvantages)

By: Jav Zeb Iqbal.
Last Updated: November 09, 2020.

Developing a mobile application for your organization, you need to choose from a series of options. Is it most likely to be a hybrid app, or perhaps a native application for Android and/or iPhone?

If you plan to reach a bigger target audience, you will potentially opt for both Google’s (Android) and also Apple’s (apple iPhone) platforms. Is it much better to create a different app for each one of them? Or a cross-platform application that will cover 2 Operating Systems at the very same time?

To fix this multiple-choice trouble, pick React Js Development Company.

What is React Native?

React is a framework based on JSX (expansion to JavaScript), ES6 based syntax, state, and props. It is a JavaScript structure for writing actual, natively providing mobile apps for systems like iOS and Android. It is based upon React which is Facebook’s JavaScript collection for building user interfaces, yet it targets mobile platforms as opposed to targeting the browser.

The React Native permits the app designer to create a react app for mobiles by utilizing JSX (extension to Javascript), ES6 based syntax.

The basic process of React Native is to put together the UI foundation with the assistance of JavaScript and also React to create a react app for mobiles.

Considering that the procedure is similar to that of creating mobile
applications on iPhone and Android, the completion outcome is a 
function-rich UI of mobile applications. 

The functioning behind the React Native app is practically similar to ReactJS. ‘Discover as soon as and create anywhere’ is the principle to produce React applications and also which is likewise true for React Native Development.

  •  You can create your app fast
  •  Great mobile performance
  •  You can still use native code
  •  It’s community-driven
  •  Big players trust this framework
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Advantages of React Native

  • The mobile application can be built with the help of Web technology which allows any type of web developer to quickly boost his/her skills and create React apps.
  • React Native actually helps in building cross-platform mobile applications.
  • Conserves time as well as the price to develop mobile applications on numerous systems.
  • Building blocks that are made use of in iPhone, as well as Android apps, are additionally used while producing React Native based apps which indicates that React Native is a mobile structure that puts together application elements for native mobile applications in JavaScript.
  • A React Native app makes a certain rate and dexterity for the mobile apps with responsiveness as well as a fantastic native application based individual experience.

A real-world well-known React Native Instance is Instagram. There are many other heavyweights in the business to React Native Instance like Wal-Mart, Facebook Advertisements, Townske,, etc

Disadvantages of React Native

  • The long term commitment with Facebook to React Native is still unclear.
  • The License Legal rights of the system are additionally a little uncertain.
  • Providers that need any sort of Kind A safety and security like Financial apps or Financing administration applications will call for to take a look at additional safety measures.
  • One significant negative aspect of JavaScript is no assistance for decimals. This can cause some serious difficulties for mobile apps that require any kind of calculation.


Finally, we wanted to present you with the benefits of making use of React Native thus the React Native advantages. It’s not to claim that it’s not worth developing an Android or iOS Native mobile app with Java and also Swift/Objective-C.

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These languages confirmed their value and also programmers effectively use them for mobile application advancement worldwide.

In other words, if you intend to speed up the development and create a codebase that can be shared across devices, is very scalable in addition to having wonderful mobile effectiveness, then this JavaScript framework is most definitely worth thinking about.

Overall, organizations have actually started thinking about React Native Development by a good React Js Development Company for creating cross-platform mobile apps, as the system provides lots of advantages which additionally includes substantial expense and time cost savings.

Additionally, it is an Open Resource system that also allows the integration of third-party plugins.


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