Ultimate Guide On Kodi and Kodi Addons for Your Devices

By: Jav Zeb Iqbal.
Last Updated: January 28, 2021.

The tech world has developed digital tools that are compatible with the existing entertainment gadgets in our homes.   Today you can enjoy the home theater system right at your home with simple digital devices.

Thanks to the exclusive Kodi media player, free open-source designed to work on a wide range of devices such as PC (Windows, Mac, and Linux), Amazon Fire TV, Firestick, Android, iPhone, USB flash drive, and more.

Kodi works with local and streaming media. You can enjoy videos, music, and photos through your platform. However, the media requires extra features, namely Kodi addons, to function fully.  

Addons are special third party programs for your Kodi software. They provide more features that improve the functionality of Lodi on your device.  Selecting the best Kodi addons is challenging since they are at risk of shutting down. The majority of Kodi addons software defile the legal boundaries set by the government or certain programs. 

The majority of online stream programs such as Netflix, Hulu, and others have strict copyright policies. The governments and ISP monitor every activity conducted by the Kodi addons.

Some of the third-party software surpasses the laws and stream prohibited
programs. This can lead to the closure of your account and more serious
actions from the authority. 

To have unlimited streaming user is advised to invest in best VPN. The VPN service will help hide your identity and cover any government and ISP surveillance activities. It will also access all the geo-blocked programs and clear buffering problems. 

The tech industry has free and paid VPNs compatible with Kodi. Once you get the best VPN now, you install your addons and enjoy free music, videos, live sports, and kids’ entertainment. 

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However, every Kodi addon has different features and channels. You can install the latest versions, which contain different channels.  Ensure to search and view what others think about the Kodi addon before implementing it on your Kodi program.  It’s also advisable not to tamper with the legal stuff to keep out of trouble.  

This article is intended for educational purposes only, and we highly discourage illegitimate usage of any copyrighted official program/platform and we are not the developers of any such program or VPN.

Best Kodi addons 2021

Though landing on the best Kodi addons is difficult, the internet still has some unique addons. You can select 2-3 or more according to preference.  Ensure they deliver the best quality online streams. There are new versions and part of the old version which work best. 

Best Kodi addons for Movies and TV shows 

The Magic Dragon 

The magic dragon is an incredible addon while it contains a library of TV shows. The software provides a great entertainment experience. The Majority of Kodi users and movie fans prefer the magic dragon.

The addons have a nice user interface, easy to use, and current and latest movies and shows.  The Magic Dragon is established and managed by the best teams in the tech industry. 

The addon has the best packaging and features, which are easy to access, even for beginners. This Kodi addon covers all channels starting with movies, TV shows, documentaries, kids’ stuff, music, and live sport.  The installation process is easy and possible from different builds repository. 

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Exodus Redux

The favorite addon for many Kodi users, it’s the latest (October 2018). Exodus Redux’s features and capabilities surpass other Kodi addons in the market.  It ranks among the best addons for movie and TV shows.

The software has a great interface that is simple to use, fast, and manage.  The Exodus Redux addon has no buffering issues and works best. When integrated with Real-Debrid to get incredible quality. Users get the privilege of Full HD playback features. 


The Venom addon will operate to its full potential when integrated with Real-Debrid. The user needs to sign with the Real-Debrid account. It’s very new in the market but with the best quality, thus earning the top five Kodi addons.  

It offers different categories of movies and TV shows. However, the addon doesn’t have any different category in the entertainment field. Venom is the best for current and past movies and shows. The add-on uses the venom scrappers, which is developed by a great team of developers.  


GAIA is another great Kodi addon that provides all varieties of movies and TV shows.  The layout is quite simple. It’s easy to use and provides more categories such as documentaries, kids’ entertainment, sports, movies, and TV shows. 

However, GAIA was shut down for some time, but it’s working again. It has more features and capabilities than before.  The GAIA version four has better features and is compatible with Real-Debrid


The Tempest Kodi addon is among the best addons working with Kodi 18. The addon has a huge library of movies and TV shows. You can enjoy the latest movies, episodes and also get different old content. 

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The Tempest addon has proven its capabilities by providing quality live streams.  However, Tempest works best on Real-Debrid. It also supports Trakt integration for better features. 


The internet creates an array of Kodi addons, some limited to certain categories and others open to all channels. However, the user needs to learn the security policies and other features. Before installing the addon.

Some of these addons temper with policies and regulations. However, investing in a good VPN will do the trick. 


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