The Best Way to Transfer Files From PC to iPhone

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Developed By Digiarty (Trial Version + Giveaways) – 26th of August, 2017.
(100% Clean – Tested).

Say Goodbye to iTunes and get your files transferred between PC and iPhone, just like copy-paste and within seconds with MediaTrans (An iTunes Alternative).

WinX MediaTrans: Product Review:

  • Amazingly Quick.
  • Undemanding User-Interface.
  • Perpetual DRM Removal.
  • Direct Two Way Transfer.
  • No Quality Loss.
  •  UI Need Improvements.
  •  Connects Without User Permission

Battling with iTunes, while transferring the data including essential files, pictures, videos and other stuff, sometimes proves quite annoying especially when you are in a hurry to get the task done. iTunes doesn’t come up with options to get things more explicit and also one may have it freezing or crashing after an update or on occasions. If you are one amongst those who think iTunes as a big disaster to your iPhone experience and are looking for a reliable program to get you rid of sync knowledge, then it may be a time to switch to some alternative program that doesn’t only bring the desired flexibility but a simplest way to transfer data between the devices. The product to be reviewed is “Media Trans” which brings a simplest yet powerful interface to show iPhone as a file manager where the data could be accessed automatically and ready to get transferred in a glimpse. Transferring media files like videos, images and music files from PC to iPhone and vice versa is to be done quite intelligently, safely and without putting forth some hectic tasks and these traits are being provided by MediaTrans just within a single package. Further, an impressive feature that we’ve experienced in our test with the program is a built-in “DRM removal” utility that is enough to get you rid of “Digital Rights Management” on Apple’s products.

The caveat is regarding the trial version which is subject to some constraints pertaining the number of files moved on daily basis, but It seems like the developer’s intention was to keep the software as simplest as possible to experience an iPhone as a more capacious and limitless in terms of freedom that concerns effortless data transfer between Windows and iOS. Another feature that stood successfully to grab our undivided attention was USB transfer facility that also specializes in backing up the photos and comes up with an impressive way to control iOS media.

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Moving content from iTunes to iPhone usually comes with loads of work to be done and some confusing issues that may get a portion of a significant data like songs and images, deleted for no reason. In fact with MediaTrans mastering any file in a pretty familiar way is quite possible without indulging yourself into definite hardships, especially when you don’t like synchronizing or inexperienced in that. The program brings the simplest platform to get songs and videos played for you with zero-data-loss and without concerning whether or not the media is iTune or non-iTune. For media, conversion needs there is an embedded “Auto-Converter” and “Media File Compressor” to bring you superabundance of YouTube/Netflix videos and piles of books and songs in variant formats compatible with the iPhone device. It’s clear that iTunes purchases are not valid to be played on other devices, but MediaTrans brings innovation in unchaining TV shows, music and other encrypted content on portable devices, tablets, and PCs.

How MediaTrans works, is a very undemanding situation, where everything seems more apparent once the program gets installed and set to operations. What it does is, connects the iPhone to the PC by enabling two-way (direct) transfer just as simple as copy-paste, while there is required no Apple ID or any login credentials. It works just more than an alternative and transfers files quite easily from or to the devices with security and makes sure that the data is transferred in one piece. Although the user interface isn’t much fancy but isn’t required though when the sole intention is to move the data quickly between the devices. The product is oriented to copy and paste the data with high speed and keeps up the availability of music libraries for a particular approach by the user. The safety standards stand as a primary concern while sharing the data across the devices; hence the security of the content without any risk or security leakage is the orientation of the product. The content’s safety concern also stays valid when the huge media file is about to be reduced with zero quality loss, which is also being ensured by Winx MediaTrans. If you’ve forgotten to bring along your USB/Flash Drive and in desperate need of it to migrate some crucial data, the MediaTrans work’s within seconds to make your iPhone as a USB while undertaking a quickest possible way to transfer the required data from Windows to iOS.

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Still, want to know more about managing iPhone music & playlists safely and effortlessly on PC, consider going through some of the outstanding features that this product is equipped with.

WinX MediaTrans: Salient Features:

  1. Quick setup installer, with no errors.
  2. The user interface is easily understandable.
  3. Manage, transfer and get the results within seconds.
  4. Stable two-way transfer.
  5. An impressive way to create and modify playlists.
  6. Embedded media converter to get ready the output in any format.
  7. Non-iTunes songs are playable on your iPhone without any sync requirement.
  8. Edit music info like artists, song name, album, etc. in bath mode.
  9. Built-in DRM removing utility.
  10. Adding and exporting iPhone ringtones and voice memos with fast conversion.
  11. Automatic media conversion under different formats for iPad.
  12. Batch Import/Export videos in HD or even 4k quality between PC and iDevices.
  13. No, iCloud no WiFi connection required.
  14. Even more…

WinX MediaTrans: Important Product Details:

  1. Product’s Nomenclature: Digiarty WinX MediaTrans.
  2. Updated Here on: 26th of August, 2017.
  3. Genre: iTunes Alternatives/File Transfer Utilities.
  4. Uploaded Under: Reviews.
  5. File Size: 27.9 Mb.
  6. Developer’s: Digiarty.Com.
  7. Setup Type: Executable (.exe).
  8. Version: v4.1.
  9. License: Free Trial.
  10. Compatibility: Windows 7, Windows 8 & Windows 10. For iPhone 5/6/7 & 8.

Our Suggestion/Verdict About WinX MediaTrans:

It definitely feel displeased when some media like songs or videos are not easily transferable from PC to iDevice or if they are transferred but are not playable after sync with the iTunes, in such a scenario or on many other occasions where Apple’s default app won’t come up with a solution, all you need is a reliable program to stand out and get the tasks done with simplicity. MediaTrans is not much demanding software, which automatically gets connected with iPhone on opening its user interface and rest is quite easy to handle as there are not many options to get confused with. Just select the media that needed to be transferred and that’s it. As simple as copy and paste. Do give it a try and your feedback is highly relevant to us.

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How to Download WinX MediaTrans:

Get your best iTunes alternative WinX MediaTrans latest version setup installer, just by clicking the download button below.


                                                     Setup Installer MediaTrans

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