How to Track an iPhone by Phone Number

By: Jav Zeb Iqbal.
Last Updated: May 01, 2020.

We all are familiar with the popularity of an iPhone, you would be surprised to know that there are more than 700 million active iPhone users in the World. Most of us know that the iPhone is more secure than Android and most people prefer the iPhone because of its security and elegant style.

All of us must have wished to track the iPhone of our friends or any family member but we can’t. We know that there is a lot of technical and difficult stuff involved in intruding any iPhone.

What if you can truly track an iPhone without learning any hacking skills or techniques? Yes, it is possible to spy on any iPhone device easily by using any phone spying app.

Some of you might be hearing about the spying app for the first time. These types of apps are particularly designed in order to spy on any phone device not only iPhone but android as well.

There are many phone spy apps available online but you would have to choose one for yourself by doing proper research. Using any low-quality phone spy app can cause you to lose your precious data so let’s have a look at the best spy app.

Spyier- An Innovative Spy App

Spyier is one of the well-established and renowned spying apps in the World right now. Millions of users are getting facilitated by the services of this phone tracking app. People are using this app on a daily basis for performing personal or business tracking tasks.

Parents are using this platform for tracking their kids’ activities to keep an eye on them. The use of this app is versatile, almost every person using this amazing app for different purposes. Going through a review for Spyier will let you know more about this app and how you can use this app for your 

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The issue that people face with some spy apps is that they have to jailbreak their iPhone or Root an Android device in order to perform phone tracking. The best thing about the Spyier app is that it runs on stealth mode which means no one can detect you spying on an iPhone device. 

Using phone number to track someone’s iPhone is allowed through Spyier without any issues or problems. So there are no risks involved in using the Spyier phone monitoring app for tracking a phone device.

There are many spy features that are being offered and all these features
added according to users’ requirements. Now, it's time to check out how can
we track an iPhone by phone number.

Track an iPhone by Phone Number

Tracking an iPhone can be done by using spy features ‘Track Location’ and ‘Track SIM Location’. Both features of Spyier can be used for tracking any iPhone device based on GPS, WiFi, or SIM as per the user’s preferences. Let’s check out what can be done in phone tracking by using these main tracking features.

Phone Location Tracker

  • This feature allows you to track the location of an iPhone based on GPS or WiFi.
  • Viewing the address coordinates of an iPhone is possible.
  • 3D street view is also supported.

SIM Card Tracker

  • Using this feature, you can find out the carrier of that iPhone device you are spying on.
  • Grab the IMEI number of the target iPhone.
  • Grab different SIM related details.

Besides these phone tracking features, there are many other spying functions that you can use in order to track the whole iPhone device. Call tracker feature allows you to track the complete record of calls either incoming, outgoing, or missed. By the way, you can also read text messages of an iPhone device you want to spy. Anyway, from calls to messages and social media apps to web-browser history, everything can be tracked by using this brilliant Spyier app.

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Now its time to let you know the complete procedure of setting up this app and how can you use this app to start tracking any iPhone device as you want to. 

How to Track an iPhone using Spyier

Using the Spyier app is straightforward and manageable, you don’t need any skills to use this app for tracking an iPhone. All you have to do is to follow simple steps and then you would be able to spy on an iPhone device right from your Spyier’s dashboard screen. 

Step 1

First, just open your web browser on any device either PC or phone. Visit the official site of Spyier, click on the Sign-Up button, and proceed further by entering Email & Password.

Step 2

Now you would be given two options to choose from Android and iOS. You have to select iOS because you are going to monitor an iPhone device.

Step 3

After selecting an iOS, you would have to enter the iCloud account credentials of an iPhone you are looking for tracking.

Step 4

After putting iCloud login details, the system will take some time to verify that iCloud account and after that, you are done with creating the Spyier account.

Congratulations, you have finally created an account on Spyier. Now all you have to do is to log in to your the account on any web browser and you would be able to use Observing features listed on the left side of your Spyier’s dashboard screen.

By the way, you can also try out the Demo version of the program by clicking on the ‘Demo’ tab right on the official website of Spyier. Remember that Spyier is a web-based app that can be used on any web browser no matter which device. 

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Final Thoughts

After going through the Spyier app, it would be not wrong to say that this is one of the best phone spying apps in the World. Almost every type of iPhone tracking can be done using this application without getting detected.

Another good thing about the Spyier app is that you would not have to Jailbreak or Root your phone device for spying on any phone device. So, if you want to track an iPhone device professionally without getting detected, you must try the Spyier phone monitoring app.


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