The Top Free VPN Programs in 2020

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Last Updated: February 09, 2021.

The list of free VPN programs is inexhaustible, but there might not be the lots of such software that would qualify to be downloaded or meet the standards of anonymity and speed, hence consider having a flash of “The Top Free VPN Programs in 2019.”

Online privacy attends as a cornerstone of your online life and a virtual private network also abbreviated as VPN which is based on a tunnelling technology, assists the techies to surf the web with total freedom while barricading the intruder, hence safeguarding the user from social trackers or identity stealers. In essence, VPNs, by routing your network connection through a secure server (by hiding the internet protocol) keeps all your sensitive information safe, sparing you from all the worries concerning the online privacy and other significant details about the outgoing network traffic. According to the internet speed test site, a VPN can also help to improve internet speeds by bypassing your ISP from throttling your traffic.

Besides, by utilising a reliable VPN application you can access all the web pages that are censored in the particular locality, for instance, you are on holiday and don’t want to miss your favourite TV show which is banned in the holiday destination, hence a blessing in disguise. Simply, go undercover and use all the desired web pages without a glitch by connecting with the nearest VPN server.

VPNs have been consistently appreciated in the recent years by a vast majority of the online surfers for the purpose of accessing the restricted sites or bypassing geo-restrictions, hence, it is not suitable if the minors at your house use the system which is encompassed by this tool, as it will allow them to visit anything they might not be heading towards at the certain age.

Moreover, these programs do offer enthusiasts with added connection types and server locations to encrypt the data by hiding the IP address, and that assures the internet security so that the network provider or the trespassers are no longer able to approach the information from your computing device.

While hunting for the best free VPN software you might meet the acumen why they are free? Some suspected programs may sell your personal info to third parties or may cause a lag to the computing device, whilst the unstable connections, delayed interceptions, and slow speeds are the other shortcomings that can’t be ignored. Hence, some shortlisted, precise and equivalently rich programs may be of great significance. 

The Top Free VPN Programs in 2020: Reviewed

1Hotspot Shield VPN: A free VPN service decked out with all requisite set of features to afford steady encryption for the users.

Hotspot Shield by AnchorFree offers a stable connection, cheerful browsing activity, secrecy and the security that you need. All the traffic from your home network router to their servers is encrypted, resultantly prevents anyone from intercepting your data, hence furnishing a resilient platform to bypass the restricted websites while adding an additional layer of security to your naked Wi-Fi network.

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What makes Hotspot Shield earn the first spot in our ranking equation is, easy installation setup, cross-platform nature, OpenVPN protocol based on AES-256 encryption, better bandwidth, and enterprise-grade security. Setting up the application is a child’s play and could be done in a cinch. The costless version boasts some fantastic features like kill-switch, IP leak prevention, switching to a different language, and WiFi hotspot encryption available under the setting tab.

Although there aren’t many potential downsides, notwithstanding, the free version supports loads of ads and a data restriction of 15GB per month, while there could be a single server location available with the USA as a default location. Although the freeware browser extension supports other locations from Germany, Canada, Netherlands and some additional servers including the automated one suiting the best for the network connection.

Hotspot Shield offers a free 7-day trial of the premium version that would let you connect up to 5 devices with hundreds of ultra-fast servers and unlimited data for streaming and social activity. For basic usage, the costless version is on the spot to provide anonymity, privacy, and a way-forward to unblock the restricted portals, while the browser add-on is like a cherry on top. The extension sponsors some brand-new features like “WebRTC”, cookie and ad blocker coupled with something amazing to the mix and that is “the sword” that keeps web trackers updated with the fake online activity while protecting the real one.

2Windscribe: A powerful free VPN software that is easy to install and use. Windscribe offers a no-frills interface with a bunch of features like, a robust firewall, a better amount of data allowance that is 2GB per month with 10 server locations to be opted from, while the simplistic UI is unquestionably plain sailing.

With thorough support for Netflix, torrenting, and streaming servers, Windscribe lets the user bypass geo-restrictions, and for that, the browser and desktop combo is being widely appreciated.

The preferences tab is there to switch between the connection types, protocol, and the port, either manually or in an automated way.

Another stand-out feature is, the app doesn’t store connection logs, IP stamps, and use logs at all, still allows a user to go beyond basic VPN for Windows in terms of protection. The privacy policy by the company is based on zero-logging and is quite obvious while being strictly against the leaking of personal information, further the readily available technical support becomes another edge over the rivals.

Windscribe supports Windows, Mac, iOS, and the browser extension offer compatibility for Chrome, Opera, and Firefox.


3TunnelBear: A straightforward VPN service that has rarely disappointed when it comes to user experience. This cross-platform program features in terms of stability, privacy, vigilance about untrusted networks, and an ability to make encrypted data look like regular outgoing traffic. 

With 20+ server locations and connections up to 5 devices, the TunnelBear is a feature-rich and practical VPN service that is hard to beat. The program offers some exclusive peculiarities like the “TCP Override” which is intended to improve the performance on less stable connections i-e where the network is being throttled or blocking the UDP traffic even in the scenario where the ISP is facing any technical difficulty. 

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TunnelBear is engineered to ensure privacy and anonymity by considering every nook and corner of your network, and its connectivity might.

The “VigilentBear” is there to assist you in the very brief seconds while the VPN gets reconnected as soon as the internet is being detected while facing a disconnection. Further, the “GhostBear” is oriented to make the network traffic more hardened to be detected by the governments and the concerned authorities, though, turning to this feature would make your connection quite sluggish at times.

The catch is, you won’t be able to use the TunnelBear free VPN for long as there is a data restriction of 500MB per month and that will force you to switch to any of the paid plans, further the Netflix, torrenting forums and streaming sites won’t work as the geo-restrictions can’t be bypassed with the free version. Apart from that, the program supports Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and the add-on for Firefox, Chrome, and Opera, hence is worth a look. Yet another free VPN client that is stacked with copious features returning some potential advantages. The costless version allows 2GB data consumption while establishing P2P connection to multiple server locations that are limited to Canada, Netherlands, and Singapore.

Making use of the split-tunnel option there is a freedom to choose or restrict certain apps from using the VPN. Further, the kill-switch operates quite effectively to block the network traffic during a brief second disconnection and is being supported in the free edition as well. The UI allows you to set up a temporary DNS in the network adaptor to avoid any potential leaks supports torrenting sites but it doesn’t welcome Netflix. Probably one might want to test this service if the objective is not to bypass the restricted sites all over the world, as it lacks UK and USA servers. Freeware hands-on requires a valid user-registration. To prevent the WebRTC leaks the browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox are also available for download.

They bear an astounding log-policy where nothing could be saved for disclosure. In brief, the VPN boasts an impressive UI, self-explanatory setup process, strong encryption and multiple protocols (i-e IKEv2, OpenVPN, SoftEtherVPN, and SSTP) to ensure your online secrecy and anonymity.

The app supports Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS and Android.

5ProtonVPN: Another service provider that is committed to secure your network traffic through an encrypted VPN tunnel, so your confidential data and privacy and freedom to explore the internet remain unharmed. 

ProtonVPN is a Swiss-based service, hence affords the world’s strongest privacy laws so is equitably suitable for journalists, activists and whistleblowers all around the globe. Further, there is no bandwidth limitation which seems quite generous on the part of the developer. It could be your choice for daily usage as there are no constraints regarding the usage and 20+ servers are ever ready to be connected to.

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The main gripe with the service is, non-availability of P2P with the free edition, which might disappoint the users interested in torrenting, further, at times the connection speed becomes sluggish. Other than that, it worth trying. The out-going traffic passes through a “secure core network” hence minimizes the apprehension of VPN servers being compromised.

In our tests, the ProtonVPN asked a user-registration with the mobile number instead of the email verification system, That seems a little skeptical and unnecessary, and we hope that they would reinstate the email verification soon.

ProtonVPN has all the good points like the ones mentioned above, as the kill switch, DNS leak protection, secure protocol switching and split tunneling etc., further the installation and setting it up is not challenging at all; hence, it has got your back in the online world.

ProtonVPN supports Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android.

Editor’s Note

Free VPN always claims to have all the security bells and whistles, genuinely, they come with some strengths and weaknesses, but to encrypt your online communication, such service becomes a necessity at times. While choosing a free VPN, one must consider a few points i-e the service provider should not log the user activity, and that should be clearly mentioned in their privacy policy, secondly, if you are a torrenting enthusiast, do have a check for P2P support with the specific service.

The constraints on the free VPNs are obvious, and one can’t avoid them. The bandwidth allocation is another check, which you should take into consideration while opting for a regular service provider.

Most of the costless programs come along with a bandwidth cap, and that is the most significant downside of the freebies. Nonetheless, almost every service comes with a free trial to check whether it’s worth buying or not.

The rest of the points i-e, the interface, speeds, and the service stability are some other points that should be in your checklist, but still, if you feel a bit of the letdown or sense dissatisfaction with the freeware, switch to the paid tiers. Though the services listed above are being thoroughly tested for loads of basic and advanced features, and they indeed qualified to be “The Top Free VPN Programs in 2020.”

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