OP Auto Clicker: Is It Worth The HYPE?  (TRUTH)

By: Jav Zeb Iqbal.
Last Updated: March 28, 2021.

Are you looking for a reliable and easy-to-use auto clicker? If yes, you are at the right place. Here in this post, we have reviewed OP Auto Clicker.

You will get to know the OP Auto Clickers’ features, installation process, and some more basic information. By the end of the article, you will get to know whether to go with OP AutoClick or look elsewhere. 

What is OP Auto Clicker?

Before jumping onto the features and other details about the Auto Clicker, you must first understand what exactly OP Auto Clicker is.

OP Auto Clicker is an automatic clicking software that helps you to do frequent automated clicks per second on your screen at any specified time intervals without using the mouse or keyboard again and again. 

You can set the no. of times you want auto clicks and time duration. It is as easy to operate as the software that controls the mouse and keyboard clicking.

This Auto Clicker can be set off to initiate already recorded input or
input generated from many recent settings. 

It is a completely established program and it has two functions of auto-clicking: at a predetermined location or the location of your active cursor.

Features of OP Auto Clicker Software

  • It automates both keyboard clicks and mouse clicks.
  • It can type down many-lined text-related content easily.
  • You can choose whether you want to click on a definite location or are willing to go along with your cursor.
  • You have options to select among single, double, and triple-clicking.
  • You can fix the no. of time you want the software to click (it can be limitless).
  • You can switch between hotkeys as well.
  • The hotkeys operate even when the software is in the backdrop.
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More Features

  • The OP Auto Clicker is an open and free source software.
  • It has a clear user interface.
  • The operation of the CPU is low.
  • The settings in this software get saved involving the latest ascertain location.
  • The software doesn’t have any malware or any advertisement.
  • This Auto Clicker is transportable as it is light in weight.
  • The most impressive feature is free of any virus, unlike other auto-clicking software.

Is OP Auto Clicker Safe to Operate?

The OP auto-clicking software is completely safe and virus-free. You can scan any item, and you will get zero threats. You can easily install this software on your smartphones and computers without posing an abundant load on your device’s CPU.

How to Install OP Auto Clicker?

The following steps will help you to install the OP Auto Clicker –

Step – 1: Click on the link: https://autoclicker.io . The link will take you to the official website of the software.

Step – 2: On the website, you’ll find an option of ‘Download’; click on it.

Step – 3: The downloading will automatically start. Wait for the download process to end.

Step – 4: After that, a folder tab will be shown on your device’s screen, which will give you an option to save the Auto Clicker there.

Step – 5:  Ensure the folder you are saving and click ‘save.’ Now, the program’s installation will start, which you can see at the corner of the screen.

Step – 6: Now run the software.

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Step – 7:  You may or may not see a notification that gives 2 options: 1. Get apps from the store, 2. Install anyway. Click on ‘Install anyway.’

In case you don’t get this notification, your program will automatically get installed.

After following the above-mentioned steps, you can install the OP Auto Clicker.


The OP Auto Clicker is a reliable program to automate frequent mouse or keyboard clicking. It is safe to operate and easy to use. You can control the no. of times you want the repeated clicking.

It is lightweight and thus portable. You can install the software by simply following the above-mentioned steps. 

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Q.1. What does Auto Clicker mean?

Ans- It is an easy-to-operate software to automate keyboard or mouse clicking for a specified time (which you determine). This Auto Clicker can be set off to initiate already recorded input or input generated from many recent settings. You can set the no. of times you want auto clicks and time duration.

Q.2. Is the OP Auto clicking software free of viruses?

Ans- Yes, the OP Auto clicking software is free. It does not have any virus. You don’t need to worry about malware as it is absolutely virus-free. But make sure to download OP AutoCliker from the official source.

Q.3. Is it safe to use the OP Auto Clicker?

Ans- Yes, the OP Auto Clicker is absolutely safe in its operation. It is free of any virus. Also, it is one of the most trustable autos clicking software. You don’t need to think a lot to install it. 

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