How to Upload & Edit PDF Forms Online (100% Free)

By: Jav Zeb Iqbal.
Last Updated: May 19, 2021.

PDFs have become an indispensable part of our lives today. From applications to reports and from business files to forms, every industry uses Portable device formats today. The utility of PDF is not just concentrated on working professionals, and even students rely on this format to store data related to their studies.

If you are looking forward to learning how to upload & edit PDF Forms Online, chances are you already use this format in your daily life.

Being a secure and efficient option for the storage and transfer of data, the importance of PDFs is not unknown to anyone today. However, a minor concern arises in users’ minds when flexibility is taken into consideration.

By flexibility, we mean the ease of editing a PDF file. Since you must already know that making changes to a PDF file is quite tricky,  it often seems cumbersome to new users. But there’s nothing to worry about. Today we are going to explore the best way to upload and edit PDF forms online.

CocoDoc PDF editor

Many PDF editors are available in the market, and choosing one among the rest is a difficult task. That’s why I have handpicked the best PDF form editing and uploading software for you.

Being the number 1 choice of millions of users worldwide, CocoDoc’s performance regarding editing a PDF file is impeccable.

If you are seeking out user-friendly online PDF editor ideas, trying CocoDoc for once is a must. It has an amazingly intuitive UI to assist you in any task without hassle.

Editing a scanned image online is considered a big feat as these images
are non-editable, but you can carry out the same with CocoDoc without
needing an additional instrument. 

This cloud-based platform ensures that the security requirements are effectively met if you don’t want to install a third-party app on your device, no issues! CocoDoc will allow you to upload and edit your forms in PDF format free of cost.

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Why use CocoDoc?

Many PDF editors boast of being the most efficient in the market, but upon scrutiny, it’s discovered that they are all about screams and squeals but lack practicality. That’s not the case with this program! Still not able to make up your mind? Here are a few features this PDF editor offers: 

Creation and editing of PDF file

Well, this is one of the essential features that almost all PDF editors offer. What’s different with this application is the ease with which you can create and edit a file. Even the free version offers some great editing tools and if you want advanced instruments, upgrade your account to the paid version with reasonable pricing. 

Uploading PDF file

Uploading a PDF file on CocoDoc is a cakewalk. You can directly upload the desired file from your device, drag and drop it, use Google Drive or Dropbox, and even paste the URL. 

Compressing and slicing a PDF file

You can not only compress and merge multiple PDFs but also split one into different documents. No such operation will affect the quality or format of the file.


As mentioned earlier, CocoDoc uses robust encryption technology to keep your personal and professional data away from any online threat.

Editing forms and e-signatures

Filling a scanned PDF form is a complicated job. You might need multiple tools to edit such a non-fillable form, but thanks to this program, all of it could be done in a blink.

If you want a PDF editor that allows digital signing and insertion of pictures and texts in scanned PDF forms, CocoDoc could be your best choice.  

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How to upload and edit forms online on CocoDoc

Here’s a brief stepwise guide on how you can edit your PDF forms with the help of CocoDoc. Please have a look:

Step 1: Go to the official site.

Firstly you would need to visit the official CocoDoc website. You can access the site on either your phone or desktop, and it is compatible with all web browsers.

Step 2: Upload your file

Simply drag and drop your file, paste the URL, import from google drive, or upload the file from your device.

Step 3: Use the editing tools

Once your PDF form is uploaded to the website, just choose the editing tools you want to use. Edit the text, select font, insert a picture, arrows, etc., to even the scanned, non-editable forms and make the desired changes.

Step 4: Save changes and download

Finally, save the changes you have made and go to the top-right corner to find the download option. Once you download the edited file, it will be available offline as well. Easy right?


PDFs are a great way of sharing and saving essential data. Irrespective of the operating system and type of device, they are capable of preserving your work in the original layout.

I hope this article on how to upload & edit PDF Forms online(100% Free) helps you discover the answers to all your questions. Check out CocoDoc and let us know about your experience. And if you like the tool, share it with your colleagues or batch mates and help them edit PDF forms online for free.

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