How Google Voice Works for Windows & Modern Smartphones

By: Jav Zeb Iqbal.
Last Updated: August 10, 2020.

Google voice is not merely a VoIP platform, preferably a program that enables a user to utilize it as a primary phone device. The application was formulated nearly a decade ago, however in the early days it was at one’s disposal as an Invite-only software, but with the time, the tool is now being made accessible free of cost.

Once the user registers with the app, it generates a phone number for the consumer, afterward, it asks to make a selection from the list of access numbers, to select a number of your own choice. Explore the numbers of the desired combination or with the area codes all over the country. Visit Also: Apps such as mSpy for parental control purposes.

The priorly mentioned number is one combination of multiple mobile devices, the user can operate all the machines owned by a single phone number. Often when an individual holds numerous devices for work, house or friends and family, it requires quite a lot of names to run these devices, however, a different number for different devices may cause chaos.

What’s More?

As the commonality cannot carry several devices along all the time, so this program aids the consumer with a single cell number for all the mobile devices; furthermore, there does not stand a chance of missing the essential calls while being on a unique mobile number. 

Welcome calls anywhere regardless of the need of a specific device, no matter if you left the cell phone at home, the application is available on the web, and you may connect to the callers via the Web app.

Over and above, if the user does not want to switch to the new numbers or want to save itself from the hassle of distributing the further contact detail the application allows the user to retain the old number and utilize the app.

With Google Voice, there is scarcely a chance to miss on to the meaningful
telephonic conversations, well, you can't have all in one like Skype or
Whatsapp, however, the application seems to be delivering every possible
service to the consumer.

Unlike your local network provider, Google Voice does not authorize its users to make Emergency calls, conjointly this is not an ideal feature for any situation, you never know what’s ahead. Moreover, it is not conceivable to shuffle off any issues with the network or line while utilizing the telephone or telecommunication apps, whenever we come across such controversies, generally, the first thing is to reach out to service providers to consolidate the matter of contention, or guide further to avoid the concern.

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Withal, there is no support system replenished by this application developers to aid in the dark hours, and there is merely an online forum where the app users answer or ask for guidance from other consumers; hence, there is no unambiguous support for the customers.

Withal, what differentiates it with the local networking companies is that there are free calls to US plus Canada, in conjunction, it offers relatively low international call rates, howbeit, only the US residents can enjoy its functions. To step up a Google Voice account, the application can be initiated with the help of Google account, and Google users can use their existing Google account to put it into effect. Wistfully, the software is only available to be; the tool can be consumed on Android, iPhone, iPad or Computer.

How Does Google Voice Work:

  • Download Google Voice from Google Play store or app store in case of an Apple device, similar to all the apps you download from Play store/App store, Click on the Install button, and the downloading process will begin. The app will be installed on the device after the completion of the download.
  • For Android & iPad or iPhone: Open the app and Sign in using the Google Account, tap Continue to accept the Terms & Conditions.
  • The next step involves in the selection of a Google Voice number, tap Search and chooses the number; you can search by using area code or city, however, just in case if the numbers for specific area or city are not available, check for a proximate town or region.
  • Select the number and proceed as instructed by the app.
  • Furthermore, the setup process is not complicated, similar to the Android or iOS, open the app and Log in using Google Account, Accept terms & conditions, choose a number and adhere to the instructions provided.
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Moreover, the consumer will require connecting another phone number; In conjunction, the tech geeks can add up to six numbers and link them. To accomplish this task follow the instructions mentioned below:

  • Open Google Voice.
  • Click on the Settings from the menu at the top left of the screen.
  • Click New Linked Number under the category of Linked Numbers.
  • Further, act by the instructions provided by the app.

Withal, the application authorizes the user to discard the linked number anytime. The subsequent steps will facilitate you to perform this action.

  • Open the Google Voice app.
  • Approach Settings from the Menu.
  • Click on the Phone Numbers and click Remove beside the linked number.
  • Confirm by clicking on Delete.

Salient features:

Features that Google Voice holds abound. Have a glimpse of what all this communication service is all about.

  • Free calls plus text to US and Canada.
  • Low international call rates.
  • Send and receive free text messages.
  • Familiar interface for Google users.
  • Either retain old or new contact number.
  • Email voice messages directly.
  • Choose to send specific voice messages to particular callers.
  • Send and receive MMS.
  • Group chats enabled.
  • Modernized interface.
  • No fee to utilize the app.
  • Operate by computer or phone.
  • Only available in the US.
  • Google account required.

Final WordsAll in all, where Google Voice is loading its user with the ease of operating all the devices on a single contact number, the user will be saved from the hassle of keeping multiple devices along all the time to refrain from missing important calls. However, the application is not an alternative to the cellular network connection at all; further, it lacks the emergency calling service, and deficiency of customer support is a potential drawback.

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Well, not every individual requires to make calls inside of the US only; the program does not offer support to the call and text services globally. Well, for those who do not require to make international calls often, the app is an ideal utility, and as for right as rain for them, it is a beneficial tool to be utilized within the walls of the US. Also, there is no reason to complain about something that cant be fixed momentarily.


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