How to Find Someone’s Location by Phone Number?

By: Jav Zeb Iqbal.
Last Updated: May 28, 2020.

The world can be a harsh place. It can be a massive bonus to keep track of your kids or loved ones whereabouts in this era. What they do on their phones and where they are at any point of time.

It can also be important to know the whereabouts or location of your partner, as this can eliminate distrust and also be used as a tool to keep them safe. So long story short we aim to guide you in the process to learn about finding someone’s location?

Can it even be done and if so, how? Luckily for us, there are a vast number of apps both for androids and iOS devices in the market today. Such apps have grown in popularity over the years as they not only allow users to keep track of their partners, kids or loved ones but can also be used to avoid getting cheated on or even catch them.

Luckily for use, we have a solution for such conundrums in the shape of Minspy. Minspy is one of the most well-renowned apps for such purposes. It has also gained approval worldwide from renowned platforms such as PC World and TechRadar. The Minspy review, on all platforms, has been very trustworthy and it has thousands to millions of satisfied users worldwide. It has many exceptional features but none greater than ensuring your peace of mind and allowing you to keep track.

So be assured to monitor your children activities so they don’t get in any
trouble or even catch your better half in the process of cheating, this 100%
legal app will do you justice.

Minspy is one of the safest ways to find someone’s location by the number out there today. You can find it on

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Minspy offers the very top of the line consumer-focused features to ensure your satisfaction. The app is extremely straightforward to use and it requires absolutely no rooting and also no jailbreaking either. You can control the app from your browser and keep track of most of what they do online. Minspy is also very easy to use and can be used without any real tech skills. The main features offered are:

  •         Location Tracking: Track the location via GPS of the device, where it goes or where it has been.
  •         Call Logs: View call history, including contacts and regularity of calls.
  •         Browser history: View Sites visited via the browsers.
  •         Message history: You can view the messaging history of the device.
  •         Even social media: Facebook, Snapchat monitoring.
  •         Works in stealth: The app can hide from the target device.
  •         And much more such as keylogging and geofence alerts.

Note: All of the features offered rely on the target device’s connectivity to the internet. If the device is online, only then can you track it.

How to Find Someone’s location by number?

Before we begin to learn how to find someone’s location we must do some very routine tasks.

Step 1

Setup a Minspy account on the Minspy website. You will enter all the necessary details and will have to pay the amount as per your schedule or demands of features. Set up an account on a browser via any device. You can set it up as a singular device account or a family device account for multiple devices.

Step 2

  •         For Android Devices
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 After setting up an account you will have to download a very small 2MB file on the target android device. No spyware app in the world can work on Androids remotely. Don’t worry as the app is too small to be noticed, especially with the stealth feature where it can hide from the target device.

  •         For Apple iOS devices

After setting up an account you can install or activate the spyware remotely. You will just have to connect your Minspy account to the target iOS devices cloud storage. So, naturally, you will need the target devices to cloud storage credentials.

On both kinds of devices, the app works perfectly offering you all the information you will need or want to monitor. The app lets you choose the update frequency rate and many other features to suit your needs. Note the updates require the target devices connectivity to the internet. The app can also be removed very easily through 1 Click via the dashboard of your Minspy account in the control panel or from the target android device itself. It does not take any substantial battery power either so it can refrain from exposing itself quite efficiently.

Step 3

Now you can just access the devices information remotely via any browser you log in your Minspy account from. Tracking the location of any device just got so much easier and hassle-free. You will know where the person who carries the phone has been, at all times and all this without breaking your anonymity.


There are many such apps out there in the market today for finding out someone’s phone location from their number. Other options include Spyier, Spyine, Spyic and Cocospy. All these apps offer similar features but we believe Minspy is the best-rounded app amongst them.

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The ability to Spy on people to protect one’s own self-interest and self-esteem as well in most cases is absolutely crucial. You can monitor your kids; you can monitor your partner as well and keep yourself updated without alerting others as well. Catch your partner red-handed or save your kids from the horrors of the world.

The best part about all this is that unlike other less effective apps you don’t have to root or jailbreak your target device, meaning you don’t mess with the warranty of your device either. Minspy is no wonder the best app to find out someone’s location by phone number. All around the app store for android and iOS Minspy reviews have been extremely positive. We hope this brief Minspy Review will have helped you to learn about finding someone’s location by number.


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