Epic Seven Tips and Tricks and Play it on PC

By: Jav Zeb Iqbal.
Last Updated: May 6, 2021.

In this article, you will get to know about the 2021 early game guide of Epic Seven. This game guide is for beginners that are starting to play Epic Seven. 

You will get some useful tips for you to have a pretty decent start to progress more efficiently. 

We will mainly discuss rerolling, the character you should choose and what you should do daily, and some extra tips. This game guide will be similar to others but this is an updated version of 2021. 

Without further ADO let’s get into it.  Here are some of the tips that you should follow.


For people who don’t know what re-rolling is it is basically the act of doing a full restart of the game and story in order to redo the selective Summon?  Now rerolling is much quicker than before because you can reroll on levels 1-4 instead of 1 to 10 which used to take 30 minutes each. 

It is recommended to reroll to have the best pick possible which means having the best characters in the long run. The characters that we are looking for are Sigrid vildred and Kraureit. 

Before moving further let me explain what wiring hunt is.

You will be doing it most again because of the speed sets it offers
which is the best set that you should get because you can upgrade
the base speed of a character.  

The only choice you have is to get that set bonus. Having one of these characters is truly going to make the difference.  Now to briefly explain the vildred are great debuffer that makes insane damage and will help you during hunts. Vildred is the second-best farmer in the game.   

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This is great because farming is the main point in the game. Now move onto the Kraureit which places an insane amount of damage that also makes a huge difference when doing PVP Arena which is the characters but you should look to have during the selective summons.

Don’t take characters that look cool:

The most important thing is not you choose characters that look cool because it’s going to meet you on thinking they are strong which is often not the case important thing to note is that you can only summon a 5-star artifact or character so if you see a Sigrid or vildred during your summons pick them because they are good enough alone. 

Always try to have good side characters with them. The kraut should be picked with four-star DPs because he’s a tank. 

So picking them alone is not a good idea. Let’s talk about the characters that you should choose along with a 5 Star character. It is recommended having Mon monarchy which is a 3 star and should choose be as a healer.

You can get this after completing the Quest on levels 1 to 10. 

This character is the best healer that can be used. Raz is a good tank early game and is also busted after doing his special lady change.  It is also really easy to upgrade so it is a good choice to keep this character around. For the last DPS and position, you can choose any character. 

What you should do daily in the game:

You should use your friendship points in the shop for flags and energy. You should also use your abyss guides.  Don’t forget to use your labyrinth compass. 

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It is sometimes optional but it is recommended a lot. If you still haven’t done with the side stories as they give you good rewards such as Penguin and materials.

The arena:

 The bonus is what you should unlock in the sanctuary in order that now I will tell you. 

  • Forest of souls 0/3/0 (Get Penguins early)
  • Heart of Orbits 2/3/3 (Free sky stones and gold)
  • High Command 1/1/1 (Get ancient coins early) 
  • Steel workshop 3/3/3 
  • Alchemist’s steeple 0/3/3 (Easy Charms) 

Epic Seven on PC:

Epic seven was built for Android devices and for iOS devices but you can play Epic Seven on PC with the help of a powerful Android Emulator.  What Android Emulator does is it will let you play and use any app that is available on Android on your PC

There are many Android emulators that are available over the internet but we have chosen the best Android Emulator for you that are perfectly compatible with Epic seven. 

There are many advantages of playing Epic Seven on PC first you will get the most of your hardware and then you won’t be bothered by disturbing phone calls and ever-draining battery problems of your mobile devices.

LDPlayer is the perfect match for you to play Epic Seven on PC. Here are the reasons LDPlayer should be your go-to gaming buddy.

  • It is easy to download  and install
  • it has a wide range of customization including screen resolution, GPU, and key mapping
  • The interface is simple and unique which is good for beginners.
  • You can install APK files on it.
  • LDPlayer will get the most out of your computer and with your system hardware and the bigger screen better resolutions.
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You conclude it all; all epic seven took the internet by storm with its amazing visuals and graphics. It has gained over million effective users and it’s still growing.

Android emulators have changed Mobile gaming on PC completely and for that LDPlayer fulfills all of these requirements for smooth gameplay of epic seven on PC.


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