Best 8-Ball Pool Apps Where You Can Invest and Win in Return

By: Jav Zeb Iqbal.
Last Updated: May 8, 2022.

Earlier people used to meet up and play games with their friends to spend their time but now it has moved to online platforms. People now play online due to the convenience of having the app or the website with them all the time.

Every person today has at least 1 or 2 gaming apps available on their cell phone. There are a lot of pool gaming apps that have drawn gaming enthusiasts’ interest. Also, these apps include cash prizes or even deals that are alluring enough for the user.

In this article, we are going to unleash the top 8 ball pool Paytm cash apps where you can invest and win 10 times more in return. 

Note: Please be noted we do not encourage or support online gambling etc, and we don’t own such portals/websites, please follow your local laws and invest at your own risk. 


GetMega is an online platform for games. It has different gaming stations from carrom to 8 ball pool. GetMega is a highly trusted platform when it comes to 8 ball pool along with Paytm cash.

The makers have successfully made it easier for the user to exchange, receive or transfer money through the Paytm app. It offers instant cash prizes and even better deals.

The money that you win is instantly transferred to your bank account. Also, the platform keeps it interesting by rotating and adding more pool tables to keep the excitement going.

GetMega is very user-friendly. The platform puts up task boards or even weekly tasks for fun according to your comfort level. GetMega also provides a wide range of games like Rummy, Carrom, Dots & Dashes, and others. 

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Gamethon is an application-based service. It can be downloaded anywhere from laptops, desktops, or even phones. It can be installed in Android or IOS systems. It provides various mini-games to the users.

The games could be Carrom, Dot & Boxes, or even Coloured UNO. It is also one of the popular apps that allows you, the player, to earn money while playing 8-ball pool. The app allows you to play with real-life people as well. The app puts up a cash prize of up to 1Lakh sometimes. 

Stick Pool club

Stick Pool club is an online app that allows users to play while earning a little money. The app provides users with a couple of other games such as Live Poker, 3D Poker or even CallBreak.

This gaming app can be downloaded on either Android or iPhone. You, the user, have a choice of choosing to play the game with either real coin/money or virtual money. 


Pooking or the Billiard City is an app that gives you one of the best experiences of playing pool. The graphics of the gaming app are responsible for that. Billard city is recommended to you if you are looking forward to playing a relaxed game of pool while earning a little.

It is an arcade-style-looking app. It can be installed in both the systems, Android and IOS. 


Gamezy is one of the widest range of platforms. It has several fantasy league games. The app was designed while keeping gaming fanatics in mind. The app allows you to earn great rewards or gifts as well.

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These gifts could get you real cash in your Paytm wallet. The app is linked with Paytm so you can withdraw and transfer. Moreover, Gamezy gives Rs 30 after you have signed up for a bonus. It also gives Rs 10 after every referral. 

8 ball blitzy 

8-ball blitzy is a casual billiard game. It is a combination of traditional matches. It has features that allow multiple people to play together. It has different pool area boards and areas where you could enjoy other games aside from an 8-ball pool. If the player wins they are rewarded with upgraded cues, bonuses, and even gifts. 

8 pool ball

8-ball pool is a popular game in billiards. It is rated at the top by Miniclip and is one of the best apps that we could earn money through. The players can receive Rs 15 in Paytm. The app often hosts tournaments between 2 players.

Winning these tournaments also gains your chances of earning more money. The money is always transferred directly to your Paytm wallet. 


MPL is one of the biggest gaming platforms. It allows you to play one-on-one with different players and earn Paytm cash while doing that. You can also win cash rewards without any investments.

This app is made for only Android users. MPL is known for not only 8 balls but an array of games. The games are Rummy, LUDO, Fruit Ninja or Poker. 

The 8-ball pool is a fun and relaxed game. If you are looking for ways to earn money while not having to put too much effort, 8 ball pool is the game. A lot of gaming apps are directly linked with Paytm.

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GetMega is one such online gaming platform. It is favored due to the ray of options they provide for online games. It has games such as Carrom, Rummy, Dots & Dashes, etc.  So, if you want to play 8-ball pool and earn some cash, download the GetMega app now!

Note: Please be noted we do not encourage or support online gambling etc, and we don’t own such portals/websites, please follow your local laws and invest at your own risk. 


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