5 Online Tools That Will Help You to Solve Math Problems

By: Jav Zeb Iqbal.
Last Updated: December 26, 2020.

Most of the people have very bad experiences that are related to mathematics from school, college, and university days. According to job nature, many people also face math problems again at their workplace.

The complex calculation of mathematics takes too much time when you’re doing calculations by hand. These web tools solve mathematical questions or equations in very less time and give accurate results.

Learning math online is not always an easy task but luckily there are some of the best online tools for the students as well as teachers that help you to solve your math problems virtually.

So, we’ve gathered some amazing online web tools for solving math problems.

Midpoint calculator:

An online midpoint calculator helps to determine the distance and midpoint of a line segment and shows you the step by step procedure of the calculations. Midpoint calculator is a geometrical tool that requires two points in a 2D (two-dimensional) Cartesian plane.

 This online tool for calculating distance and midpoints uses the two
 coordinates of a line segment in the Cartesian coordinates to determine
 the midpoint between the endpoints. 

Rounding calculator:

The rounding calculator helps you to round the numbers up and down to the nearest ones, tenth, hundreds, and thousands.

Using an online rounding calculator allows you to round your desired number up and down in any decimal place. All you need is to select the ones to round to the nearest dollar and select the hundredths to round an amount to the nearest cent.

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Endpoint calculator: 

An online endpoint calculator is used to compute the endpoints of a line segment if the endpoints and midpoints are given. In other words, this calculator finds the missing points and as well as plots the midpoint and endpoints of a line segment.

This online tool also shows the step by step solution by substituting the known values in the standard midpoint formula.

Point Slope Form Calculator:

This online tool for solving math problems will help you find the equation of the line segment from its two coordinate points, and the slope of the line. This point slope form calculator displays the graph of point-slope for the given points and slope.

Point slope form calculators perform calculations according to the POINT-SLOPE formula. If you’re simplifying the equation, then it can be easily found if the values of the coordinates and slope are known.

This online tool for finding the slope helps you to find the slope of a line between two points in the cartesian coordinate system.

Scientific Notation Calculator:

The online scientific notation calculator helps you to add, subtract, multiply, and divide the number in the scientific notation.

This tool is also used as a scientific notation converter that helps you to convert a number in Engineering Notation, E-Notation, and Decimal Notation. Basically, it is a method of writing very large and small values in a convenient way.

Scientific notations are used in the field of engineering, and science and it helps in computing the arithmetic operations.


Computing the mathematical problem is an uphill task for many people. Calculating the math problem is an interesting task for many people but some people have no interest in solving math problems.

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Now, solving the math questions becomes easy with the listed above math calculators.

These tools come up with a user-friendly interface and all types of users can easily operate these online tools without having any kind of issues.

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